Friday, August 31, 2007

The Joy of Husbands! (and electronics)

First, let me preface by describing my alarm clock for you. My alarm clock must be about 15 years old. It has recently reached the point where it needs to be replaced. The time is about 25 minutes slow and cannot be adjusted. The LCD display does not work quite properly and so I never really know if it's 5 AM or 6 AM, 8 AM or 9 AM. Since I am supposed to be at work at 6 AM, the 5 or 6 problem has caused me quite a bit of anxiety. Why haven't I bought a new clock you ask? A trip to Disney Land instead, that's why! (One must have their priorities in order!!) Anyway, my primary purpose today (payday) is to secure a new alarm clock with numbers that work as they should and a time dispay that can be set! Joy of Joys! How does this relate to my husband you ask? Well, let me tell you...

Yesterday, upon wakening I discovered that I was indeed running late! (Due to the inability to tell a 5 from a 6 on the alarm clock) -- Anyway, I was up and running, hurried to wake up my high schooler and my middle schooler, who were both less than enthused about being woke up late, took a quick shower, dressed and was in the process of taking 5 necessary minutes to dry my hair. Ok, so my hair dryer is also about 15 years old (it seems to be the magic number in my house) because 15 years ago I didn't have children and could still afford to buy things for me :) In the midst of drying, the blow dryer started cutting out...finally it turned off. Using all of my electrical knowledge I determined the GFI must have popped off in the other bathroom. I left my bathroom and ran to the other bathroom to reset the GFI. I resumed drying my hair. I was successful for about a minute until the dryer shut off again. Darn it! Off I ran to reset the GFI again-- remember I'm running late and at this rate I might arrive at work about noon! Finally, I resumed the drying process again. Once again the dryer turned off. I went to run through my bedroom to get to the other bathroom again, only to find my husband desperately trying to get back in bed, after nearly wetting his pants from laughing so hard, after turning off the GFI for the 3rd time!!!!!!!! What Joy he was having at my lateness! What Joy I was having with him for a husband! After 17 years it's just too late to turn back now! I explained calmly and lovingly to him (ok maybe not so calmly or so lovingly) -- how much I appreciated his humor, how I was late, and how I am now leaving for work with wet hair!! "Love you!!!! See you tonight" he replied.... Ahhhh, the Joy of husbands!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Who Knew?

Who knew creating a blog would be so easy? Who knew I would have the greatest kids on Earth? Who knew there'd be time in the day to add a blog to my schedule? I did :)

I just wanted to share a comment about Stephanie (my oldest) who just started High School. She came home, excited to tell me about the supplies she needed for the days ahead. She said, "Mom, I need a graphing calculator...a Texas Hold'em TI-85." I replied, "Honey, unless you have a gambling problem, I think you need a Texas Instruments TI-85!" :D