Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dare I, Shall I, Might I?

You know the old adage, the names have been changed to protect the innocent? I'm contemplating it; let me tell you why...whenever I tell a story, not just any story, but an honest to God, truthful story of some of the craziness that has occurred throughout my lifetime, or even today, let's say...I am often should write a book, or how did you turn out remotely sane, or you've got to be kidding me, or sometimes there's swearing involved, hysterics, blah blah blah, you get the picture. But here's the glitch...seriously many of these things are worth sharing...however...there's the public life, the job, the other job, the third job, the professional reputation, the public servant duties which shall remain nameless, let's just say...many things at stake if I were to cough up and put into print such truthful craziness. So, I have contemplated an anonymous blog...something that says I live in Australia say, and my name is Sally Jo May, and the other people I know...well let's just say they would be anonymous too and I could finally have my say....get it?

I am REALLY feeling it today. I think I'll add it to my to do list. Perhaps you'll find the alter ego me, somewhere...feigning residency in Australia...and letting it rip! Good'ay Mate!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

December Daily - December 25th

I did it! I did it! I actually completed a daily photography project! AND I already made the scrap book. So once I finish this post, I just have to print my pictures and voila! I am so excited! When I was scrapbooking the other day, I say a tote bag that said, "Queen of unfinished projects" and I pondered how perfect that was for me. Usually...but not this time! No sirreeee! This here project is complete. And now for the final December Daily...

Christmas morning has always included our kids opening gifts at our house and then we head over to Grandma's. Grandma's house is the same every year. Kids, presents, stockings, breakfast, hugs, naps, dinner, naps, then home to play with our new toys. I am truly blessed with THE most amazing mother - in - law in the world. As always at the grandmas...a good time was had by all! Merry Christmas.

December Daily - December 24th

As is the tradition, my famiy celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve. We have usually had a big dinner at our house, but in the past few years, I have found that this makes it difficult for me to enjoy the evening and also leaves me with a huge post holiday mess. This year we broke from tradition and went to JMK Nippon for dinner. It was a little different because we had to arrange our budget to afford it, as well as our celebration was cut a bit short since no one showed up for hors d'ovres, but instead all met at the restaurant. I'm hoping next year to move up the gathering time so we can all spend more time together before dinner. Stephanie and Kristina weren't sure they liked the change, but everyone else responded positively. Perhaps we'll try it again next year and see if it will become a new Ruchus tradition!

December Daily - December 23rd

Delivery day is by far our favorite. Due to some of our usual recipients being on vacation and making our cookies later than usual this year, we had a small delivery list. I love how bubbly and excited my girls are when we deliver our cookie trays. The oohs and aahs as people sample our cookies make all the effort and time well worth it. We love to bring joy to others at Christmas! This tray went to our friends at Circles of Learning. I love that a few weeks before Christmas, the staff there started asking on Facebook wether they would be getting cookies this year :) That warms a person's heart I tell ya!

December Daily - December 22nd

The best part of our cookie baking tradition is how much my daughter's look forward to the baking and how much the cookie recipients look forward to the eating! We got a little smart this year and started with the most difficult (the roll and cut cookies) first this year. It's always a good idea to bake the ones that require the most patience first right? After trying different cut out recipes and spritz recipes, I returned to the original tried and true cut out cookies recipe from when my kids were little and the cookies turned out fabulously! I made butter and powdered sugar frosting with sprinkles and all of them turned out so cute. I also purchased a set of medium sized cutters so we had more cookies than if we used the large wilton ones. Much better this year!

December Daily - December 21st

Our main family tradition at Christmas time, revolves around our cookie baking extravaganza. I took this picture to demonstrate that I do, in fact, have the smallest kitchen ever that has created hundreds of dozens of cookies! Our baking is usually a 5 day process. Day one planning cookies and recipies and making the shopping list. Day! Day 3 and 4 baking, Day 5 decorating and then our favorite :) This year we added peanut butter cup cookies and they were fabulous! They will definitely become part of the annual list which includes sugar cut out cookies, cranberry cookies, strawberry sandwich cookies, thumbprint cookies, russian tea cakes, peanut butter blossoms, peanut butter balls, peanut butter cup cookies, corn flake wreaths, and carrot cake cookies.