Sunday, September 27, 2009

The computers are winning again...


Computer Issues.

Our current status includes the following...

One computer out for repair...needs a hard drive scrub, but has hundreds of pictures on it I need to remove first.

One computer has my beautiful new camera software but no internet.

One computer has no software but internet

One computer is a laptop and is doing the best it can.


Still no pictures.

I'm trying to figure out a go-fight-win song, so that I, for a change, can win against the computers. That day is not today...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's windy, can you feel it?

The winds of change are a blowin here at the's time to buckle down, and get some stuff done. In just a few weeks I hope to have photos for you of my scrap room's amazing transformation, from a relativly useless storage space, to MY space. My space to contemplate and to create. I can't wait! Among other things...I have decided October 3rd, is diet day for me...back to Weight is SO time. I've been working ever so slightly on changes in my life and have decided it is time to kick it into full gear. It is becoming evident to me how much growing my kids have done and what a short period of time I have left with them. It is important to utilize every day to the fullest!

My fabulous boss is helping me with one of my primary weaknesses...organization. Everyone marvels at how much I accomplish, but it is usually at a price to me. I have not been sleeping well lately, often waking up throughout the night with the never ending to do list on my mind. My work load is astounding, add to that household responsibilities, a second job, aging parents, grad school, three super busy teenagers and a marriage and wow! Organization is really the key to keeping it all together. As you know from previous posts, I was hit with quite a sever bout of depression recently. For whatever reason it seems to be lifting and the clouds are being replaced with sunny hopeful skies. Thanks for everyone's love and support.

I have some fabulous pictures to share, but I'm still having a few computer issues. I have camera software on one computer but not internet, and internet on the other computer but not software! As soon as we become resynchronized around here computer wise, I'm sure you'll be wowed!

We are super busy preparing for homecoming, fall, the family reunion, and three birthdays the month of October. I've also put together a committee to plan my class reunion yet this year, since no one else stepped up, and it's our 25th! Brennan has his x-rays on Wednesday, has been cleared to wear a shoe, but still isn't able to walk on his foot. Hopefully Wednesday's x-rays will give him the all clear to begin physical therapy and he can begin to move on with the recovery process.

We have had to make some rather painful decisions around here regarding our pets. I have an older dog that has begun having potty issues and I'm pretty sure I cannot deal with that. We've tried doggie diapers but that seems to be humiliating to him and frustrating to time will tell. He has joint issues and is getting quite old. I'm thinking before the weather gets really cold, which is really hard on him...perhaps it will be time...what a great sadness. His beautiful eyes and gentle ways will be so missed. He has been my napping companion for the past 8 years. When I'm really stressed and can't sleep, I call him up onto the bed and with his warm self and snuggles, I almost instantly fall asleep. This decision leaves a definite ache in my heart. I hope by beginning the process now, I'll be able to work through the sadness and send him to heaven in November. (sighs heavily)

It also seems I need to begin letting go of my big girl. With dance, working, social life, and academics, she hardly has time to be helping around the house. Is it time to remove her from the chore list? I'm not sure. PSAE's are coming, ACT's, class rank, college! Where has the time gone? As she transitions out of high school, my precious one begins. I absolutely love that my children are so close together and treasure the time when they will all be in high school together. I think the most special part is because I am on the school board, I'll be able to hand them their diplomas when they graduate. Many tissues will be required on those days!

So, you're a little caught up now with all things Ruchus...oh wait...I was in Arizona last week caring for my mama after her most recent surgery. I am so grateful everyday that I have a wonderful job that need time off? Go! guilt, no questions, just support. When I return there are genuine questions of concern about my mom. Even from our CEO! I know I've said it before, but I am SO truly blessed with the amazing job I have and with the amazing people I work with. When I was praying last year...God was listening and he surely went above and beyond my wildest dreams when I landed this job. God is so good!

The Ruchus is wishing everyone a bountiful fall. Enjoy the crisp air, the beautiful leaves, and try to take a moment to relish in all things wonderful. If you know someone who's suffering (and I know far too many people right now) lend a hand...say a prayer...let them know you care.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A funk so low even Arby's can't fix it...

Yes, I'll have...well, let me see...that, that, that, that, let's just say one of everything on the left side of the a chocolate shake. What's that you say? $402? Let me rethink that a minute...small rootbeer, fabulous turkey sandwich, no onion, no mustard, no cheese, cheese sticks...yes I know I ordered no cheese on the sandwich and oh of those dreamy chocolate shakes with the chocolate syrup stuck on the sides.

42,812 calories later...I'm still in a funk. It may be time to call in the professionals.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Congratulations, I have officially become a firefighter

Have you ever had one of those days, weeks,spans of time, careers or something else where you discover you have officially gained your self a red truck and an unattractive hat? Welcome to the world of firefighting...let me tell you those California wildfires got nothin on me (Before you get your panties in a bunch, it's just an expression, I'm not downplaying the seriousness of the fires) Now. Seriously. You've heard the expression the best defense is a good offense? Meet me...on the offensive. Tomorrow begins a new day. A day of planning, prodding, and purposeful actions to regain the work, in life, at home. It. Is. Time. There will be a terrific fire fighting party at 8AM sharp. Bring your hoses.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Surgical Update

My sonshine had his surgery 9 days ago. In laymans terms, he had about a 1 inch piece of bone removed across the top of his foot that had grown across and fused with other bones that prohibited the moving of his foot from side to side. Add this to his incredible flat footedness and he was in pretty constant pain. He got throught the surgery fine and missed about a week of school. He returned for 1/2 day last Wednesday, then went all day on Thursday and Friday. Friday afternoon we went to the Dr., where they removed his initial packing. He has about 0 range of motion right now and couldn't even move his toes. This week his assignment is to be able to write the letters a, b and c before his next appointment on Friday...we'll keep you posted.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

We interrupt this autumn to schedule a few more events...

My calendar overfloweth...literaly. I am convinced I cannot schedule one more thing without consulting my calendar. How did it get so full? The terrific part of my calendar is that besides being full with two jobs, three teenagers, a master's program, and being on the school board, it's also filled with A LOT of upcoming fun things. seems the majority of fun things all want to happen on the same weekend. How can it be? Obtober 10th and 11th seems to be the weekend for all things awesome to be happening. I'm already booked to be at a scrap book retreat that weekend that I am SO excited about. I went to the same retreat last year on the river at a bed n breakfast, but it was January and it was ungodly cold. I am so looking forward to unloading all my goodies in the crisp fall air, not the subzero January air. The problem with that niece goes back to work that weekend, so I'm scheduled to care for my two great favorite craft show of the entire world is that big girl THOUGHT she was having her birthday party that weekend, Miley Cyrus concert is that weekend, Taylor Swift concert is that weekend...and...well, I'm not sure what many things can happen in one weekend? So's what I have managed to accomodate...I will go to the scrap retreat, but sleep at home...I will take a 4 hour break to hurry through the best craft show of all big girl will care for my oldest great niece and I will take the baby with me for lots of extra attention from crazy scrapbooking women! The big girl will take the oldest great niece to the apple orchard (oh yeah, forgot to mention we had planned that the same weekend) for her pony ride...and perhaps somewhere in between the madness, I'll get some scrapbooking done.

We have determined that my husband's 30th reunion is the same weekend as homecoming...more finagling there...and I'm assuming my birthday and the big girl's birthday will be the same weeekend as our family reunion. Is there some kind of cloning machine I can use...just for the month of October? Anyone?