Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Too busy to blog?!?

Hard to believe that I could possible be too busy to blog, but alas...tis true! I'm gonna take a quick minute to cram in some pics from Stephanie's day in Chicago over the weekend, and tonight, I will get on the update from Halloween. Just wanted to share the all important message of "Don't Blink" with you today. Last night I picked Stephanie up from school at 9:00. One comes to realize how old their child is getting when practices at school last until 9...shouldn't she be in bed by 9? Oh...I guess that was a few years ago. I took my place in the passenger seat and asked her if she wanted to drive. "Sure!" (I mean, what else would she say?) She just began driving on roads other than the neighborhood roads yesterday and I thought I'd push my luck and have her drive at night too. Of course she did a wonderful job and I really wasn't scared at all. However, when we were coming down perryville, the song "Don't Blink" came on and the tears started to flow. Perhaps it's all catching up with me. Who knows, but I do know that my time at home with her seems so fleeting, and although she is very smart, it seems I still have so much left to teach her before she's on her own. She's 'too old' to trick or treat this year and instead will be taking my great nephew trick or treating. And then I think...this time next year I won't even have to pick her up...she'll be driving herself. You may find me in the fetal position next Oct. 26th. Good thing I have a year to prepare. "Don't Blink..." Steph at the American Girl Cafe for Brunch White Chocolate Mousse for Dessert! Stephanie and Devin @ Ed's
Stephanie and Devin at the Hershey Factory Stephanie picking out her hairstyle for Michelle

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Let's do it all again...

Sunday night and I am wiped out...some from cooking at work last week (and doing the dishes two days) because really cooking and doing dishes for 200 is not my idea of a good time, some from the crazy schedule, some from the weekend, some from the lack of sleep I got last night. The neighbor's car startled me awake at 2:30 AM-- really must muffler's be that loud? Then, the tennis elbow and the carpal tunnel syndrome did it's trick and after tossing and turning for 4 hours, I finally got up to get ready for our big day in Chicago. This weekend feels like it has been about 5 days. Of course, there is all the activity from yesterday...last night my niece, her new husband, Aubrey, us, Ms. Shannon and Devin had bday cake for Steph as noted on the previous entry. My niece brought her honeymoon pics from Jamaica for us to see. SOOOO beautiful. So happy they had a good time. What a great couple they are and I'm so glad to have him "officially" in our family. As strange as we all are I wonder if he's happy about that!?! Anyway, I digress...again! We headed for brunch at the American Girl Cafe...will post those super cute photos tomorrow, then shopped at bit at the AG store. Off to the Hershey factory, then shopping at Water tower. I could stay there all day and then some! Drove down by the lake to check out the views, had dinner at Ed's, and then stopped to see Poppy on our way home and drop off his winter clothes. Did I mention 2 hours of homework and 2 loads of laundry? A great way to round out a perfect day! My cook is off sick, so tomorrow, I can begin to do it all again...

Saturday, October 27, 2007

DMV Here we come!

We were up at 7 am today to get to the DMV before the really long lines form. Stephanie had her last driver's ed class at 10:00 today so we didn't have a lot of time to spend there. Yesterday, we stopped at the SS administration to order a duplicate social security card. They gave us a letter stating that it was ordered. I sure hoped that would work. As I was sitting on Stephanie's bed [wondering if she would really get a permit without her SS card] when I asked her...."Where did you see it last?" She said, "In the cabinet in my desk." So I looked in there one last time. Drats! No luck, I said, "The only thing in here is this reader's digest fund raising envelope". And I threw it on the bed. Stephanie looked in the envelope and said, "Here it is!" I looked at her in amazement with her new found card in her hand. "That is nothing by God" I said! We found ourselves with renewed enthusiasm now that I knew we had ALL of the pieced needed for a Driver's Permit. "Oh wait...what about that form they gave me 6 weeks ago from Drive Right?" Stephanie said. "I thought you had it" I said. To which Stephanie replied, "No, I gave it to you so I wouldn't lose it." I said, "Well that was absolutely not the right thing to do...I lose everything!" Upstairs to my room I went to look for it and lo and behold there it was. OK, now we were really set. We were off, and it was 5 'til 8. The line shouldn't be very long when we get there :) We checked in at information and the lady said we had everything we needed! Hooray. She gave us this...Number 231. Shouldn't be long now! Finally they called our number...I was a bit nervous as the guy checked in all of her paperwork. "Do you have something with her name and address?" Uh....Ummmm...Well....Uh, No. He paused as I nervously looked through my purse. Steph said, "Hey, what about that letter we got yesterday at Social Security?" I told you she was a smart girl! "You're exactly right!" I said. Sure enough, there was the letter in my purse with her name and address on it....Perfect! Ok...step down to the cashier...$20 and she was on her way to take her test. She finished with a 97% cuz of course she's a genius :D As she was waiting in line...I heard...."Jacque!" and turned around to see my friend Angie standing there. Who knew? I sure just talked to her last night and we didn't realize each other was being there. She exclaimed how she couldn't tolerate how Stephanie was getting so old (that's a general consensus among my friends lately)-- and just then....Stephanie walked over with her brand new permit! :) She was done...simple as that. Of course, you know, she has never driven we were home about 5 minutes when she said, "How about we drive around the block?" I am sensing I'll be doing this quite frequently for the next few weeks...Ok, I said, let's go. Stephanie ran out to the car and began to get in the passenger side. "Ummm, you gonna drive from over there?" I asked. Oh! In the driver's seat she got. Really, she could not be any more excited than she was! As she got in the car she said..."Um, Mom, there's only one pedal." OMG, this is going to be tougher than I thought! "Stephanie, there are truly two pedals, the gas pedal is on the right hand side." "Oh, there it is!" She replied. Her first drive around the block wasn't really too bad. Next, we had to drive to Devin's to brag about, I mean to show her the new permit :) Driving to Devin's was another story...but not bad for her first time. After that we were on streets with a 45 mph speed limit AND traffic, so it was my turn to drive. Whew. Did I mention her Dad went with us? This is him in the back seat... Of course, that's a conversation for another day. After running several errands we finally arrived home for Stephanie's birthday dinner...mac N cheese, broccoli, sausage and cake!Yummy ice cream cake from A La Mode ice cream! It was very tasty. Then, Stephanie was off to the trail of screams with Ms. Shannon and Devin...Are those the cutest girls or what? That was about 3 hours ago, and they're still not home. Long lines...Tomorrow...Brunch at the American Girl Store (for my all American Girl), shopping on Michigan Avenue...and dinner at Ed's. My mom leave Monday, and the kids are already down in the mouth about that...But for tomorrow...we will celebrate! Until next time...

Friday, October 26, 2007

Happy Sweet 15, Stephanie Joy

Today, my first baby is 15. (Sarah, wait til they are 15!!!) We will rush to get a copy of her lost social security card today in hopes that she can get her driver's permit tomorrow! Stephanie has been such a joy her entire life...ok, maybe not her entire life :) 3 was a rough age for her, but that was such a long time ago that who can really remember the fact that she would never go to bed, would scream she hated me and pound her head on the wall if she didn't get her way? Stephanie? NO! That's what everyone that knew her would say. Well, she has more than made up for it since she has been the easiest child to parent perhaps in history! It has been a fabulous road, and the older she gets, the more I burst with pride at her accomplishments. Now that she is a freshman, and attending the same high school I attended, I am so excited to share with her all the terrific things that high school brings. I relish in the comments I receive from my friends, when they boast of her intelligence and responsibility, her willingness to help the less fortunate, and her integrity. Stephanie, you are my joy in every sense of the word and I love you with my whole heart. Mom

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Couldn't be more proud

There were a few more wedding pictures that I wanted to they are...The reason these pictures are so important is that they are all my greats :) Great niece and great nephews. What I was especially proud of at the wedding is the exceptional parents that my nieces and nephew have grown up to be. They are trying their hardest to "break the cycle" by raising their children in loving, competent, functional homes. Robby, my nephew, and his bright eyed, baby Dylan, and then there is Gabe, son of my niece Cassie, and then of course additional information required! Of all the jobs on Earth, there is none more important than parenting. I am so happy that my nieces and nephew take their responsibility seriously...for that I couldn't be more proud.

41 and Having Fun!

I had quite an enjoyable "homespun" birthday. We hung out at home and watched dancing with the stars and spelling bee. I took time to read some scrapbook magazines. My Mom and Kevin took care of the chauffeuring so that I could lounge around in my pajamas all night...really the greatest gift! My mom made me German Chocolate cake, and chipped beef on toast by request. Man was it tasty! I will soon be the proud owner of my new Tivo, compliments of my husband, I got some great 3-D cookie cutters, flowers and Halloween decor from Kristina, a card from Stephanie and some money from my Mom, Mother-n-law, & birthday club with which I will purchase my new Vera bag, the books I wanted and a new under the counter CD player. The most interesting part of my birthday, was when I went to blow out my candles...and it was time to make a wish.I took so long that Kevin said, "It's not a prayer, it's a wish!" Funny thing was...there really wasn't anything I wanted to wish for, nothing that I needed, or really wanted, besides what I already have. What a satisfying place to be in my life. :) So...I wished for .... shhhhhh! I can't tell, right?!?

The funniest thing however, was the card that I got from my Mom. I noticed that it had postage on it. Odd. Then I noticed the postage was from 2000. Ever buy a card for someone and give it to them several years later? Well, I do too and so does my Mom! I said, Mom, did you buy this in 2000 and forget to give it to me for seven years? Sure she did! Cracked me up!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Fritz

To all my faithful bloggers who have emailed me to inquire about the wedding they are for your viewing pleasure :)

Monday, October 22, 2007


This morning, I'm taking a breath of reflection. The past 'crazy' week ended up being anything but crazy. Amidst all of the chaos it seems the only thing we forgot was to take Stephanie to driver's ed on Saturday. Not bad...all things considered ;D We got through the wedding, which was more like the Chicago Marathon (for me at least). Even though my nieces wedding dress would not have been my first choice (that was my original opinion) when coupled with the tuxes and the bride maids' dresses, everything was beautiful...simply beautiful. We had many glitches along the way, misplaced tux bags, missing bridal slippers, missing boutonnieres, (Debra saved the day on that one!) late bridesmaids, altered picture schedule, and believe it or not...the wedding was flawless, everything came together, and not one detail was overlooked. Simply Gorgeous! Those of you that know me well, also know that I took about 100 pictures...(mostly of Aubrey...just kidding!) When I catch my breath tomorrow, I'll have a slide show up on the blog for your viewing pleasure. Last night when I went to bed, I had to put chap stick on my eye....(chap stick, the magic cure for everything) because my eye was so chapped from crying. (My niece in her innocence said to me, "Did you cry auntie?" It was such a bittersweet time, without Gramma Bee, Aunt Ruth, and Poppy...yet a joyous time as Shana and Ryan start their new life together. There were a lot of happy tears, sad tears, and tears from explosive laughter of course! Shana and Ryan are in Jamaica today, the baby is with Danae; Larry, Cassie and Gabe have all caught their respective flights home and today, everyone gets a chance to exhale...

Friday, October 19, 2007

The weather god's were smiling :)

You heard the forecast right? 70% chance of showers and severe weather...wind, hail, and thunderstorms, with the greatest chance of storms between 12 - 5. Of course, our family photos were scheduled for outside at 4:00. After much stress during the day, and arranging an alternate location 'just in case' 4:00 came and the weather could not have been more beautiful. Sun, breeze, fall, it was so perfect! As my husband said, "the best thing that could have happened was that they predict rain...then you have a pretty safe bet it won't!" (Bless him!) Anyway, we had over an hour of photos, with every combination of the 14 of us together. Since they were taken digitally, the proofs are ready already, although I won't get to see them probably until Sunday. Before the professional photographer arrived, I had the chance to take these shots...

of my beebas. I took about 30 photos (with an almost dead battery of course!) and am really pleased at how they turned out. I can't wait to see the real ones! The little ones, Gabe and Aubrey did their very best to cooperate for over an hour, and really, my mother was the most difficult to photograph, cuz she kept looking at the babies! Mom!!! P-L-E-A-S-E look at the camera! It was a great time, and I was so grateful that everyone was there together. My brother Bill couldn't make it, which was a bummer...but my mom's bio kids were all in the pics, along with spouses, grandkids, and greatgrandkids. You can watch for them here, as soon as I get them! My compliments to the weather gods!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Safe Arrivals

This week we have many people traveling in for Shana & Ryan's wedding. Yesterday, my Mom, Larry, Cassie, and Gabe all arrived safely :) (With little assistance from United Airlines...but that's a story for another day...DO NOT FLY UNITED) Anyway, we were so excited to be together, Shana picked everyone up at O'hare and headed to our house. Bluey was so excited to see my Mom, he had to welcome her with this... My Mom, in her infinite wisdom, did attempt to fix the situation. Hmmmmm....So then, I had to leave to take Stephanie to the "Bowling" meeting and found this... Just so you know...I didn't really appreciate the whole flat tire thing. It's mostly because I have those super cute rims, that are real finicky and tend to leak occasionally. My faithful hubby ran right out and aired it up enough for me to get to the gas station and we were on our far so good. After the bowling meeting, we were off to Monical's...our current favorite pizza place. It was nice to get together before all of the wedding chaos begins. Gabriel enjoyed sitting on his papa's lap. Even though Gabe was feeling a bit under the weather, he was such a good boy! My baby Aubrey could not have been any cuter and quite enjoyed the crackers, the salad, the milk, the pasta, the water, the macaroni and cheese and really whatever else was offered to her. Today of course in the pouring rain, we are to have our outdoor family pictures taken. I have booked the studio as a back up (just in case) but REALLY hope to be able to take them outside. Until next time....

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My little friend Jason

This morning my little friend Jason made this for me...
He said, "I don't know how to write my other name" (meaning his last name) but isn't his first name the cutest thing ever?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My birthday wish list

I just wouldn't be me if I didn't post my wish list. In the 40 years before the blog, this list always ended up on the fridge, but now in the post blog days...I've decided it can go here! So, here it is...Books I would love...Look me in the eye by John Elder Robison, Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs, Freaks, Geeks & Asperger Syndrome by Luke Jackson, (and the time to read them), scrap book gift cards :), an under the counter CD player to replace my broken one (last time I checked they were on clearance at target for $15), and a new alarm clock with the weather radio. What will I be purchasing for myself? Tivo! (and a new "Vera" bag with my birthday money from work!) Gotta love it! Of course, I love any kind of gift, and today, I got So many gifts for bosses day! How nice was that!?

My butt's small in a different way

I cracked up today and had to share with you my new saying. I have suffered from super flat butt syndrome my whole life. Not much I can do about it, my mom has it, I have it and Steph has it...we all just have flat butts. So today, I went into the kitchen at work to get lunch, when another girl I work with bumped butts with me by accident. I said to her jokingly, "That always happens because my butt's so small!" She replied, "My butt's small in a different way!" Which cracked my up, because she is a big girl! 6 feet tall! I told her, "That's it! That's my new saying, when my husband comments about my butt, I'll just say, My butt's small in a different way!"

Monday, October 15, 2007

Is this my daughter ?

So, my super responsible 9th grader, who never has late work and is more eternally organized than I ever dreamed of being, was surely crying last night at 10:00---yes 10:00 pm when I have to be up at 5, that she couldn't find her gym shirt and had I washed it? Washed it? No, Seen it? No, Know where it is now? No...that did not bode well for her. She laid in bed and told me in her very best whiny voice, but Mooooomm I'll get a 'no dress' without my shirt tomorrow. (I'm not exactly sure what that is, but it is evidently devastating) So, up she gets on the search for a shirt. Of course the little sister got blamed for 'losing' it because as you know, she is always cleaning and can't leave things where she finds them! {Mostly because she doesn't appreciate dirty gym shirts in a bag on the dining room floor!} So, the search began. Yes the shirt was found, in its bag, under, yes under the scrap booking desk. I mean were else would it be? So, I threw in a load at 10:15 pm, threw it in the dryer this morning at 5:00 am, and am once again Mom of the Year! Did I mention she didn't get her homework done? Crazy! (In her defense, she sits and does about 2 hours of algebra every night, none of which I can help her with, because in 9th grade she has passed me in my math knowledge.) We all have those moments and the great thing about Steph is, I know she'll take care of it. Because that is my daughter!

Fall Diddley

A terrific time was had by all at the fall diddley. My friend Carlene couldn't make it which was a bummer, but Stephanie, Kristina, Aubrey and I made the trek to the Boone County Fairgrounds in the pouring rain and was it MUDDY! {Really Carlene missing the mud was not a bad thing!} There were about 350 vendors. I didn't get to all of the buildings because I can only do about 3 hours of a craft show before I'm pooped. I was able to purchase these terrific buys: The witch hat with a tag that says "don't forget your hat" {Too cute}
Another witch hat that Kristina bought me for my birthday. (She's keeps surprises about as good as I do! She had to give it to me right away when we got home!)
I like the hat in the pot...the girls do not. Good thing it's my pot!
Had to have this super cute snowman ornament and one for Sarah too! You can't really tell in the picture but it is tea stained with glitter! Love it! And it will look sooo cute on my snowman tree!

Ok, gotta run! Have a great day!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Top o the morning to you!

Yes, I was up at 8...yes I went to bed at 2, but it was all worth it! (Actually that's more sleep than I get on weeknights) We had an impromptu scrap night last night at Sarah's house. It was so fun! I feel like I nearly lost my voice from chatting so much, but we had so much catching up to do! There was only 4 of us, which was really great, we each had a LOT of room on the table (which us sloppy scrappers appreciate), we each had a LOT of chocolate, and a LOT of laughs. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time and it was so nice to not have to be anywhere, and to just relax. In 6 hours I only made 3 pages {really} and one I made wrong :) Thanks, so much Sarah for having us over. I got to see the catalog for her upcoming UCL party (check out the link to the right to view this great wall art). I was disheartened that the party is only one paycheck away for me, so I'll have to be selective, but I love so many things there, being the quote person that I am.

I realized I forget to tape Men in Trees last night, so if anyone has it let me sure was the season premier and I sure missed it. I don't really appreciate if being on on Friday now.

By popular request, I have had to include some photos that I have been remiss in adding, mostly of Stephanie's hair. I have some others to add, but haven't taken them, here is Stephanie's new hair-- and some crazy pics she took of herself last night. All part of being almost 15 I guess! She is at the run walk wheel this morning at RVC. She is the face painter in the children's area. Then Kristina is off to the eye Dr. REALLY another child with glasses, how will my budget do that? Then, I believe it's nap time.....ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Until next time...
Hey Candi, when I put the pics on today, they were pics, not garbles words...who knows!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Upcoming Events

Remember that crazy October calendar I posted earlier...well, this next week is the crazy one...Here's what's on the agenda...10/15 my dad turns 76, 10/17 my mom, Larry, Cassie, and Gabe fly in, 10/19 rehearsal dinner, 10/20 Shana & Ryan's wedding :), 10/23 my birthday {41}(only 10 shopping days left!), 10/26 Stephanie turns 15, 10/27 Stephanie gets her driver's permit, 10/28 Stephanie's birthday party in Chicago, 10/29 Mom leaves to go home, 10/31 Halloween! Did I mention the 70 hours a week to work also?!? The good news is my cold is gone, the migraine has passed and I'm feeling good as new! Going to Sarah's tonight to scrapbook, which is l-o-n-g overdue! Have a great weekend!

Happy Birthday Baby Aubrey

Happy Birthday to my Baby Aubrey! She is a precious one year old, and I am so lucky I get to have her over on Sunday. She visits early on Sunday, usually about 7AM. We have breakfast, play a bit, and then she is always ready for an early morning nap :) After that, this week we will head to the Boone County Fairgrounds for Fall Diddly. I'm taking Aubrey, the girls, and meeting my friend Carlene from "Chicago" there :) The weather is supposed to be gorgeous and I can't wait to see what precious baby girl things will be there. Four of my favorite people and fair food, too? It just doesn't get any better than that! I feel so lucky to spend a few weekends a month caring for Aubrey while her Mom and Dad work. She is just the most precious baby! Happy #1 Aubrey

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The latest questionnaire, complete with answers

Why does one that's working 71 hours a week take the time to fill out questionnaire's and to read other's responses to them? I don't know either. But here's the latest...

Well, I think my dad, since his name is Jack...and Joy comes after my cousin Deborah Joy

Several, always mine and usually a few others

Maybe, maybe not...depends, is it a good day or a cranky day? Do I have any time to spend with you? If so, then ok...I guess


Last time I checked...although my snoring would not be so obnoxious if I didn't!

Only if it's from 5 feet off the ground or less.

Something really healthy like....lucky charms!

I only own slip on shoes...some tie, but there would be no reason to untie them, since they have no backs, unless I just had time to blow!

Mentally or physically? Never mind. 40 put the kabosh on that right away!

Whatever is in the fridge if we're lucky enough to have some. Otherwise, white chocolate from TCBY (is that ice cream?) or New York Cheesecake from BR if I'm not on WW

Usually not something good unfortunately, I tend to tune right into way annoys me, AND I am certainly the fashion police when it comes to people on TV. I mean, everyone can't wear jeans and tshirts and no makeup like me, right?

red or pink what?? Valentines, jelly beans, scrapbook paper, clothes, I simply don't have enough info to answer here.

Gramma Bee


Thank god I'm not at home or the answer would be none! Blue and Black

milk...oh does that count as eating? if not, blueberry muffins

The vent in my office rattling...anyone got something to throw at that?

I could never be thin enough to be a crayon so why dream?

Yankee candle fall scents
my kids right out of the shower
my husband (most of the time)
clean laundry
clean house
clean anything

Stephanie, with the update from the bus stop

Well, it came from one of my favorite bloggers, whom I don't personally, you decide

Does dancing with the stars count? Otherwise, it'd be cheerleading, football, gymnastics, ice skating, fast pitch softball, or baseball or golf when I need a nap.

reddish brown with about 8 strands of pure white! ARRRRRGH


Cheese, really cheese, mostly only yellow cheese, but New York Hercimur Cheddar is my all time favorite, served along side a frosty root beer.

Nothing scary, ever

Can't sitcoms count as movies? Oh, I went to a movie in Arizona...I remember the beautiful double rainbow I saw when I came out of the theater, but I sure can't remember the movie!


neither...spring or fall

Hugs, the white chocolate kind and the kind that happen around your knees from small children, and the kind that come from your husband just because, and the kind your kids give you each night before bed.

too many to list

currently reading about 4, none of which are exciting. But, the very most recent started last night is Beyond Consequences, Logic, and Control...'nuf said

Kenny Chesney on the beach of course!

Some Gory show where the guy got scalped by some crazy car. Really I was reading, and my husband was watching the gory.

Wind on an ocean beach


The Bahamas

Not losing my mind when working 70 hours a week, raising children, running a household, maintaining a marriage, and still finding some time for myself.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Nyquil Anyone?

What happens when you take NyQuil too late, you ask? Weeellll, you sleep until 5:35 when you are supposed to be at work at 6 am, then you get up and want to wear really grungy clothes, because the head cold that goes along with the NyQuil is still kicking your butt, but then you remember, no, I cannot wear grungy clothes today, because I have a client appointment with my supervisor at my internship at 4:00 and probably should try to make a good impression....(that remains to be seen) -- Anyway, I open the patio door to let the dogs out this morning and does my enormous Bluey wait for me to open the screen? No, he runs through it full speed ahead, knocks the door out and stand there shaking his head and looking at me, like I did that on purpose!! (He did this very same thing about 4 days ago...and now refuses to go out the door without a nudge when the screen is open) -- nudge needed, just ran right into it ....again. What a dork! I finally pulled his 90 lb. self through the door so he could use the facilities, and hurried to get ready. Ok, so maybe I have grungy clothes on, khaki's and a green shirt with my matching birki sandals, but it''ll due for today. I HAD to wear sandals today, because tomorrow? BRRRRRRRRRR that's all I can say! I was sick to death of the 80's and 90's in October, and it'll be a pleasant change. I just don't want it too cold, too fast. Stephanie's party is coming up in downtown Chicago in a few weeks, and I'd like to not be freezing while we are walking downtown! It's the one week countdown until my family begins arriving for my niece's wedding, and I'm very excited about that. We are having a family photo taken while everyone's here. It is scheduled to be outside, so I hope the leaves begin to change soon. My family is supposed to wear brown. Ummmmmmm, ok, perhaps it's time to do some shopping. I know what Brennan's wearing but that's about it. Ok, so I think the NyQuil ramblings have gone on long enough....have a good day!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Until we meet again...

My Aunt Ruth passed away this morning at 2:22 Cottonwood, AZ time. The phone rang here at 4:38 our time. It's one of those calls I had been expecting for days now. My cousin Kim sounded shaky and tired, when she calmly stated..."Mom died at 2:22 this morning". She was at home, and her husband and children were there with her. Brain cancer...another soul lost to the "C" word. I will miss my Aunt Ruth (and Godmother) so very much. Her home was such a safe haven to me as a child. I loved to be there in the summer and experience the carefree days. Girl scouting, typing on the typewriter, summer camp, pulling weeds, swinging on the tree swing, baking cakes, going to the farm stands, getting chiggers and itch weed, learning everything there was to learn about "Pekin" Illinois, and getting to know the latest pets...and there were many...Misty, Gretchen, the rabbits, the chickens, and many schipperkes (small black dogs with bright eyes and no tails)--I was fortunate enough to be able to buy my aunt her last schipperke, which they still have today. At least there will be some "one" to keep my Uncle Leo company. To Deb, Kim, Kerry, had a great Mom, cherish the memories. To Brandon, Kimberly, Craig Patrick, Katie, Krishana, Cassie, Robbie and Sarah...your grandma loved you so very much. Know that you will see her again some day. To Dylan, Aubrey and Gabe, you aren't old enough to have memories of Auntie Ree...but we will help you to remember by the stories we share, and all the photos we keep the memory of this great lady with us...until we meet again, on the other side...God Speed Aunt Ruth.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Ready for another Monday?

As the weekend draws to a close, thought I'd post "the weekend in review"...Saturday morning, driver's ed for Stephanie and then she got a perm. It looks really cute, but then she told me I made her "wreck" it by washing her hair. I told her that a permanent is permanent and washing her hair wouldn't hurt it, otherwise they would call it a "temporary":)(Been to beauty school you know, 5 careers ago)...after that, I stopped by Cider & Cinnamon to see Sarah's booth. Although it was crazy 90 degrees, people showed up in droves. As always her booth looked terrific and she had a great spot! I picked up my little friends Jason and Zoe, as their Mom and Dad were busy painting their new house :D After a quick nap, I dropped them off at home, and whipped up dinner for my family and my brother and sister n law...see previous post about jelly beans in nose! Finally hit the bed about 12:30am. Up at 8-- read the paper and headed to church. Kev insisted in sitting in a seat other than the one I have sat in for the past 15 years, which I had a hard time appreciating! The service was very moving and I was glad to be there. It has been a terrifically challenging week with the kids needing to constantly fight and insult each other. We've had to dole out much more discipline this week than seems reasonable for as old as they are. They are busy now trying to renegotiate their various "groundings"! We went to breakfast as a family and then we were off to visit Poppy. Poppy, was doing well physically, but didn't know who we were. He didn't remember his birthday or that his brother from Connecticut had recently visited. When I visit I can look into his blue eyes and usually tell if he's still "there". Today he wasn't. That is hard for all of us. We didn't stay long, as he came and went from his room as if we weren't there. He is very comfortable in his surroundings now and that is good to see. We gave him hugs and kisses when we left, even if they were from strangers.

We left there and ventured to the grand opening of Cabelas in Hoffman Estates...what an amazing place! There are fish tanks and many nature displays including tons of taxidermied animals. It has a diner and a shooting range! They also had many cool boats for us to dream about! Left there and headed home to eat at the Old Country Buffet...watched a quick tear jerking episode of Extreme Makeover home edition and went to pick up the bread at Panera. It's 9:00 now, and I'm going to try to get 2 loads of laundry done and a bit of work for my internship and then off to bed...I have a pain in the a%$% head cold I could truly do without! Talked to my mom today too about my Aunt Ruth. They have taken her home to spend her last days...she is resting peacefully waiting to go Home. I pray for a peaceful passing for her will be here soon and her work here will be done. She has touched many people in her life, we will all miss her. Until next time...

Saturday, October 6, 2007

The long road ahead...

This is what I see at night when I drive home from school. At this point, this little puddle jumper I'm driving has 170k on it and still going strong...

I have to interject I sit here, we just finished dinner with my brother and his wife...Kevin asked...what are you doing? I said, posting on my which my brother replied...well, at least there's no hole in my pants, but the night is still young! Laughter erupted in the room...only faithful bloggers will get that remember the big hole in Kevin's pants right? (my 40 something brother is now sitting with green jelly beans up his nose...)

Anyway, so Friday I was driving home and it was one of those perfect nights where the temperature neither feels hot nor cold and there was no wind. It didn't even seem as if my sun roof was open. I looked up to check it. The sky was a beautiful navy blue and the stars were very sparkly. There were intermittent small gray clouds that looked as if they had been hand painted. If only I had a camera that would photograph that and save it for posterity. I had on the new Kenny CD, and had to look up and admire God's handiwork at least 10 times....(while driving 80 on I-43) probably not the best decision ever, but I'm still safe:) It was such a serene moment. I was grateful to have had a nap that day and wasn't even feeling exceptionally tired. The road ahead seems long at this point...wrought with a lot of changes...a new job, another new internship, licensure, etc. I get through it a week at a time and so far so good. I love the learning, I love the work. It's hard to believe I'm just about half way done. If the second half goes as fast as the first half, it won't really be a long road at all.

A good time was had by all...

Friday was my last class for two weeks....plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is! We started the tradition a few classes ago, of having a bon fire on campus at the end of the last class, which results in a bon fire about every 7 weeks. At this point we are quite proficient! We've had the pleasure of having the same professor for our last 4 classes and have become quite the tight knit group. Only bonfire participants will appreciate the picture of Deb holding her shirt she wasn't flashing Chuck!! What she is actually doing, well...we can't tell ya, or we'd have to kill ya! (That picture is for the cover of the "yearbook" for sure.)
We have all commented that after 3 years of spending 40 weekends a year together it will be rather odd, to be apart. Just imagine the reunions!! Anyway...just a note to thank you my classmates and Chuck for being the best people! You are a big part of why this journey has been so great! Until next time...