Sunday, October 7, 2007

Ready for another Monday?

As the weekend draws to a close, thought I'd post "the weekend in review"...Saturday morning, driver's ed for Stephanie and then she got a perm. It looks really cute, but then she told me I made her "wreck" it by washing her hair. I told her that a permanent is permanent and washing her hair wouldn't hurt it, otherwise they would call it a "temporary":)(Been to beauty school you know, 5 careers ago)...after that, I stopped by Cider & Cinnamon to see Sarah's booth. Although it was crazy 90 degrees, people showed up in droves. As always her booth looked terrific and she had a great spot! I picked up my little friends Jason and Zoe, as their Mom and Dad were busy painting their new house :D After a quick nap, I dropped them off at home, and whipped up dinner for my family and my brother and sister n law...see previous post about jelly beans in nose! Finally hit the bed about 12:30am. Up at 8-- read the paper and headed to church. Kev insisted in sitting in a seat other than the one I have sat in for the past 15 years, which I had a hard time appreciating! The service was very moving and I was glad to be there. It has been a terrifically challenging week with the kids needing to constantly fight and insult each other. We've had to dole out much more discipline this week than seems reasonable for as old as they are. They are busy now trying to renegotiate their various "groundings"! We went to breakfast as a family and then we were off to visit Poppy. Poppy, was doing well physically, but didn't know who we were. He didn't remember his birthday or that his brother from Connecticut had recently visited. When I visit I can look into his blue eyes and usually tell if he's still "there". Today he wasn't. That is hard for all of us. We didn't stay long, as he came and went from his room as if we weren't there. He is very comfortable in his surroundings now and that is good to see. We gave him hugs and kisses when we left, even if they were from strangers.

We left there and ventured to the grand opening of Cabelas in Hoffman Estates...what an amazing place! There are fish tanks and many nature displays including tons of taxidermied animals. It has a diner and a shooting range! They also had many cool boats for us to dream about! Left there and headed home to eat at the Old Country Buffet...watched a quick tear jerking episode of Extreme Makeover home edition and went to pick up the bread at Panera. It's 9:00 now, and I'm going to try to get 2 loads of laundry done and a bit of work for my internship and then off to bed...I have a pain in the a%$% head cold I could truly do without! Talked to my mom today too about my Aunt Ruth. They have taken her home to spend her last days...she is resting peacefully waiting to go Home. I pray for a peaceful passing for her will be here soon and her work here will be done. She has touched many people in her life, we will all miss her. Until next time...

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