Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Nyquil Anyone?

What happens when you take NyQuil too late, you ask? Weeellll, you sleep until 5:35 when you are supposed to be at work at 6 am, then you get up and want to wear really grungy clothes, because the head cold that goes along with the NyQuil is still kicking your butt, but then you remember, no, I cannot wear grungy clothes today, because I have a client appointment with my supervisor at my internship at 4:00 and probably should try to make a good impression....(that remains to be seen) -- Anyway, I open the patio door to let the dogs out this morning and does my enormous Bluey wait for me to open the screen? No, he runs through it full speed ahead, knocks the door out and stand there shaking his head and looking at me, like I did that on purpose!! (He did this very same thing about 4 days ago...and now refuses to go out the door without a nudge when the screen is open) -- today...no nudge needed, just ran right into it ....again. What a dork! I finally pulled his 90 lb. self through the door so he could use the facilities, and hurried to get ready. Ok, so maybe I have grungy clothes on, khaki's and a green shirt with my matching birki sandals, but it''ll due for today. I HAD to wear sandals today, because tomorrow? BRRRRRRRRRR that's all I can say! I was sick to death of the 80's and 90's in October, and it'll be a pleasant change. I just don't want it too cold, too fast. Stephanie's party is coming up in downtown Chicago in a few weeks, and I'd like to not be freezing while we are walking downtown! It's the one week countdown until my family begins arriving for my niece's wedding, and I'm very excited about that. We are having a family photo taken while everyone's here. It is scheduled to be outside, so I hope the leaves begin to change soon. My family is supposed to wear brown. Ummmmmmm, ok, perhaps it's time to do some shopping. I know what Brennan's wearing but that's about it. Ok, so I think the NyQuil ramblings have gone on long enough....have a good day!

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