Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I'm starting with the man in the mirror

My most recent title was lifted from one of my favorite Glee episodes. I have to agree with Mrs. G of Derfwad Manor that New Year's resolutions aren't really my kind of thing. I do believe whole-heartedly in goal setting and the power of I AM statements. I believe so much so that I have almost found myself a little bit afraid to create my new I AM statements for fear of what I might really accomplish. Is that odd? I'm not sure...I know I have some lofty goals for this year and some of those are things I wasn't sure were entirely possible but at this point, it seems they may in fact be and so now is the time to set my sights high! Mrs. G spoke in her New Year's post about setting goalettes and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the comments which included many peoples' goalettes. This year...I'm trying to worry less. Really...LESS...is the goal. I set a renewed goal to take a picture every day to document for future generations my ever changing family and life as we know it. I'm going to write more scholarships for the joyous one...and continue to be the best parent I can be. Those goals, in themselves, are lofty. My I AM statements are known only to me and my trusty Covey planner :). I AM going to report my success in reaching those goals at the beginning of 2013. Be blessed and remember, change starts with you...the man in the mirror.