Saturday, September 29, 2007

Friends with a new baby?

My friend Sarah's husband had surgery today to reverse his vasectomy. Sarah is the best mom and wanted another baby. For month's we had waited for the upcoming surgery...and suddenly today, it was here. The surgery went well, and they have a really good chance of having a new Doyle in their family. I have prayed every day for them for the longest time. God being ever faithful, provided a successful surgery. God answers prayers. Congratulations Shane and Sarah!!
Hope my next "Doyle" update will be Doyle X 5 !!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Sure wish I had a picture for this one!

Tonight as I pulled in the driveway, it was a little (ok a lot) evident that my car desperately needed it does faithfully about once a week. Of course Kevin was in the driveway cooking on the grill, and could hear the rather dry engine sound from afar. "Turn it off!" he said, "Before it blows up!" Gee and I thought just my girls were dramatic...anyway...this that and the other thing, he asks, "Have you put oil in that lately?" "OIL!?!?!" said I..."well no, remember the other day when you had to bring a gas can to put gas in my car, so I could make it home, because really with the whole working 75 hours a week, I didn't have time to get gas, no debit card (lost it), no cash, no shell card, no gas, yada yada yada, mostly because I forgot to get gas?" NO, I had not put oil in the car. I said, I think there's some in the trunk...please take care of that. So, I went to open the trunk for him and discovered that latch was broken...again. The trunk latch works for about 2 times after it's fixed and then it breaks again. Why don't we use "the key" you ask? Well, the key hasn't worked in the lock since we got the car. So that's not an option. Anyway, I don't really sweat the fact that my trunk doesn't really open though because my back seats fold down and I can access the trunk that way. It's a little inconvenient when kids are sitting in the back seat, but I've learned to live with it. Anyway, Kevin decided to fix the trunk right then (I guess) I saw him crawling in the trunk through the back seat and assumed he was crawling in there to get the oil. So, I gathered my things and headed in the house. I went back out to talk to Kevin about dinner and there he was...most of his "self" was totally in the trunk (through the backseat) with his feet sticking up and out of the car. Evidently, he decided to fix the trunk (from the inside, through the backseat, in the driveway, while grilling chicken) and was yelling to me for assistance....Things like, "Ok, try it now! Can you get me a screwdriver? Are you there? Ok, try it again..." Funny thing was, I wasn't there. However, my neighbors were out in their front yard working, right across the street. I pondered, should I stroll over there and explain what that yelling was coming from my trunk? Nah, we'll just let 'em wonder. It's all part of the 'total experience' living across the street from 'The Ruchus' !

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Where'd that little girl go?

Here it is...the first day of driver's ed for my daughter...notice the ear to ear grin on her face? I let my internship know that I couldn't make it tonight, since after all, it was my daughter's first night of driver's ed!! So, after work, I took Kristina to the dentist for a cleaning....did you get that....a cleaning? By the time we left, she had had a tooth pulled, two air abrasions, and some sealants replaced that were lifting. OK, anyway, we ate some pizza quick and were off to Driver's Ed. As I'm walking out the door, Kevin says, "Do you have the camera?" :) OF COURSE I HAVE THE CAMERA!!!! We were off to the Drive Right place, because I surely don't want her to learn to drive wrong, (bad joke I know) as we got out of the car, I said, OK, go stand by the sign so I can take your picture...The look of mortification that appeared on her face would scare even the bravest of mom's! "Stand in front of the sign! In front of everybody? MOOOOOOOMMMMM!" I guess that was a no go in her book. (Somebody raised her to believe she has choices. I have no idea who that could have been) So, we stealthily moved over to the "Drive Right" car in the back of the building to sneak a quick picture, so that all of the other pubescent kids would not know that Stephanie's mother had to take a picture of her at her first Driver's Ed class! By the time we moved to the front of the building my overbearing Mom power took over. Just stand there quick I said! (As 25 other kids were trying to get by) so I can take your picture. She stopped for a nano second, but the camera suddenly had to show me the "favorites" (no idea how this happens or how to get rid of it) so, the picture by the sign was lost! I dropped her off...(no kiss or hug in front of others--that's a high school rule too) and I was on my way home. Hmmmmm...not quite sure how I felt about that. Excited, yet a bit sad...where did the last 15 years go? Only 3 more years and she'll be off to college. More on that topic, MUCH later...She'll actually start DRIVING in two weeks! She came home and showed me her work and declared that she already knew all of that. High Schooler know A LOT you know. She was off to her pile of homework. By the way...her midterm came yesterday....All A's in her honors courses and 1 B in choir!!! Needless to say, she was a bit miffed. I just told her she was obviously too smart for choir! Until next time...

God's Glory

This is going to be my first attempt to load multiple photos, so bear with me if the typed message ends up crazy!
First of all, Brennan and I were in the car the other night, actually driving WAY out on Auburn to take my husband gas, because yes he was test driving a car and it SURELY ran out of gas!! I was so excited that Brennan wanted to go with because I haven't seen him much lately. School has been quite overwhelming for him which means he sleeps most of the time that I'm home. (More on that later) So, as we pull out of the driveway Brennan says, "Look Mom, God's Glory...Nice work God!" As my children have grown I have tried to teach them to appreciate the beauty of nature and the magnificent works that God creates for our enjoyment. So, there out of the front seat comes a result from my years of teaching an often inattentive and restless boy. (Good to know it wasn't all for naught :)) Luckily I had my camera with me and could capture it to share. So we

were off to rescue Kevin. His words of wisdom were, "The next time I test drive after 5:00 I'll drive toward the house!" I suggested he just makes sure the car has gas in it! Anyway, these other photos are the strangest thing. I believe that we are in the middle of a migrating bird pattern or something. This is the intersection of Mulford and Riverside, in Loves Park. EVERY night between 5 and 7 there are MILLIONS of birds there. The electric wires are covered, the mounting wires for the Radio Antennas are covered, and the sky is covered. I don't know what type of birds these are, but is fascinating to watch them! On this night, as the birds were flying in, Brennan and I could not see the end of the flock. For as far as you could see down Riverside, there were flocks of birds! Amazing! Last fall, they landed in our neighborhood and it looked as if we all had black lawns! We drove through a bunch that had landed in the street (ever so slowly of course) and I couldn't even see, the birds were so dense! Anyway, if you're out and about that way between 5 and 7 check it out. I don't know how long they'll be here, but it's worth seeing. The closer you are to 7 the more birds there are. Odd, isn't it?

Monday, September 24, 2007

No Sense of Humor!!

The story goes like this...When I called Kevin at work the other day, he said he was home changing his pants....hmmmmmm. "What Happened?" I asked. "Weeeelllll" he said, "I was towing a car and after I got it hooked up, I thought maybe my zipper was down, because it felt a bit breezy. I looked down to discover I had ripped the whole crotch out of my pants!!" After I stopped laughing hysterically, I said..."Oh my gosh! I have GOT to put THAT on the blog. Would you mind posing for a picture?" "Absolutely not!" was the response. So, here are the pants...minus Kevin :) Some people just have no sense of humor!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Light the night - Sandi Johnson

Our Harlem School Board President has may have heard it in the news. Not a little cancer, but 3 kinds, stage 4. She's in for the fight of her life...literally. I want to encourage my readers to pray for Sandi personally, and to add her to your prayer lists at church. She is a participant in tonight's Light the Night walk at Davis Park. It's not too late to register to walk. Or you can make a donation at Sandi is a brave lady who has fought the good fight for our schools and is now fighting for her life. There is a link to the right on my blog to visit her caring bridge sight. Have your Kleenex ready. She is an amazing woman. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts...until next time...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Internship Week #2

I'm moving along in my internship...met with my supervisor last night and I will begin shadowing another social worker next week so I can see how it's done. Also, my teen boys group starts next week and so I will be attending and helping out with that group for the next 7 weeks. So far the biggest challenge has been what to wear....those of you that know me, know that I own a wide array of jeans and T-shirts, none of which can be worn at the internship :). I wore the three dress up outfits that I own, (summer ones) the first the clothes selection was monotonous at best! So, last to Kohl's! Caught up with my Mom on the cell while I was shopping and got some good deals. Gotta love their clearance racks! Of course I had to pick up a few things for the kids, and I stalked some super cute shoes that I think I'll have to go back tonight to get. If I buy anything over $20 I have to wait a day to be sure I really want it :) AND, since I wear shoes until they are long past attractive, it's a "relationship" I'm entering into with these new shoes and that can't be taken lightly! Tonight I am taking the kids to buy them each a pair of jeans; they grow like weeds! And....perhaps some new shoes for me.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Where'd that weekend go?

Wow, what a busy weekend. It started off with school, of course...I headed home from Lake Geneva to grab a quick 30 minute nap, then I was off for my haircut. It's not exactly to my liking but it will do. Might be time to have John cut it again....(Larry for short haircuts, John for long :) ) After the haircut I was off to see my friend Sarah at the Alley Walk. The Alley Walk...not so great this year, but Sarah's booth was too cute. Had to buy a few things there. Even though I can make them myself, it's hard to resist when they are sitting there already done :). Bought some super cute composition books for the girls. After that, we were off to the mall, (which I've already addressed in a previous post), dropped Kristina off at Caroline's for her surprise party, and left there to go to the craft store with my's hard to describe that experience...picture my mechanic husband holding up little flowers and picking out stones that he thought should go in the candles I made. It doesn't fit his character but it was sweet none the less...left there went to Lone Star and blew my diet...but man was it tasty. Finally, time for bed. Up bright and early at 6 to go to Walmart...made all the food for my nieces shower, made the game prizes, and was off to the shower (only 1 hour late of course) I wasn't late for the shower, just for the set up. My super cute Aubrey was there, trying hard to be a walker...(pictures will follow as my husband needed the camera)...I had a terrific time at the shower. Nice to see my niece, sister n law, and other family. We played some fun games, and got to catch up and laugh a lot. Didn't get home from the shower until 5:30!! Grabbed a quick nap, 2 hours, maybe not so quick?...went to panera to pick up the bread for work, grabbed some taco bell for dinner (tasty!) read the newspaper, did 2 loads of laundry, and was in bed by 10:00. What a beautiful sleeping night it was. If every night could be 55 degrees, I'd be in heaven. I had the window wide open last night and it was great! I woke up at 3 and was grateful that I had two hours before I had to get up. So....was up at 5, and off on week #2 of my internship, AND back on the diet... :) Have a great week!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bar Fly? Wall Flower?

I'm struggling to post this from home again, on the ever so sticky keyboard. Hey, when I finally buy that new alarm clock (no haven't done it yet) - I think I'll buy the kids a new keyboard!! What a thought! Yesterday we bought fall jackets, school clothes, and school shoes. Trips to the mall are becoming more frequent for me, since they just don't sell that Hollister stuff at Kohl's you know! The funny part was, I sure know my way around the mall better than my teenage daughters...what is odd about that? When I was 14, I was more familiar with the mall than my back yard :) Oh how times change. Got the kids some super cute clothes yesterday. And for a moment lets talk about how loud the music is in the Hollister store. Why does the clerk have to yell my change amount to me? Maybe to be able to hear him above blaring music.

Anyway, the real gist of this post is my crazy husband! Stephanie went to her first UB (Upward Bound) mini conference yesterday. None of us knew what to expect or what to do there. Kevin dropped her off and then stalked her a while through the window to see what went on there. (It's all OK Daddy, really) Anyway, they talked about health and relaxation and did Tai Chi and meditation which Stephanie really loved. I'm not sure how to spell Tai Chi, but my daughter is doing it! I digress (again) So, Kevin was talking to her in the car last night about what friends she has there and blah di blah and he was asking her why she didn't interact much and sat off to the side like a BAR FLY!!!! Ummmmmmm, after I quit laughing hysterically I said Do you mean Wall flower!?! Um, Oh! Yeah, I meant wallflower!! OMG! I said, could you please refrain from calling her a bar fly!? We had quite a good laugh over that one. The UB program is great, and she's learning so much about college. She told me yesterday, even though you still think I'm little, I'm actually pretty big. Yes my dear, I am painfully aware of how big you are. (Driving just around the corner, and all this talk about college) AND the wonderful straight A's she brought home in all of her classes are a constant reminder that my days as a Mom to the most wonderful teenage daughter are numbered. So, in the meantime you'll find me living every day to the fullest with her. And loving it too! When we were talking about college I said, you have to be within a one day drive so I can see you whenever I need to, and you'll need to call me every day. Think it'll really be like that? Time will tell.

I have to leave for Shana's wedding shower in 2 1/2 hours and still have to cook the food and make the game prizes. Probably should get on that.

Food for thought...No body is at the Walmart at 6:30 Sunday morning...I was there today and that is for sure my new grocery shopping time.

Until next time...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Love doesn't make the world go 'round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.

Internship week #1 is far this week my husband made 3 dinners, taxi'd children to and fro, supervised house cleaning and homework, provided a listening ear (and let me tell you there is a lot of chatter!), gave kisses and hugs and a round of love. How did I get to be so lucky? I just wanted to send out a thank you to the best dad and husband a girl could hope for. Even though they don't realize it...I have very lucky kids. Someday down the road I hope they know that they were loved with our whole hearts as they grew up...Ok, only 8 months and 3 weeks to go!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

First Day of School and other things

I downloaded some photos today to share with you. The first ones are my kids first day of school. Stephanie and Brennan were a bit apprehensive with the first day of Jr. High and High School. Kristina however, one word describes her....confident.

These photos are my little friends Jason and Zoe. Mostly I just thought these were beautiful photos of beautiful children and the love they share as twins. It is such a wonderful relationship to watch.

And of course, the cutest chubbiest baby ever, with all of her new teeth. Gotta love her!

Hamster Ball Derby Champions!!

1st place prizes -- Awarded to Chloe
Chloe won extension pieces for her ham track, a treat bag, ribbon, trophy, and a new bed for her cage.
3rd place prizes ---Awarded to Bailey
Bailey won apple orchard treat sticks, a treat bag, ribbon, a new bed for her cage and a hamster frame.

The race is on!!! Chloe and Bailey warming up!
Proud Winner Chloe and her even
prouder owner Kristina
The hamster ball derby was quite the local event with over 20 participants. Brennan raced Bailey on behalf of Stephanie who was babysitting. They had a great time. We had a hard time appreciating the little girls with the mice but a good time was had by all.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kenny's Poets and Pirates

For all you Kenny fans out there (none of which are bigger fans than me of course!!) The long awaited Poets and Pirates is available in stores today and on Napster if you want to listen for free :) Interested in my favorites? I love, "Don't Blink" of course that talks about how quickly life passes you by if you're not living it. Also, I love "Better as a Memory" which talks about how some people we really love are better off a memory than being in our lives. There have been some hard choices I have had to make throughout my life to weed out the really unhealthy relationships. Kenny sings... "Goodbyes are like a roulette wheel, never know where they're gonna land. First you're spinnin' then your standin still, left holdin' a losin hand. One day your gonna find someone, right away you'll know it's true, that all of your seekin's done. It was just a part of the passin' through. Right there in that moment, you'll finally understand, that I was better as a memory than as your man." I'm so grateful that twice in my life I spun the roulette wheel and ended two unhealthy relationships. That road led me to the wonderful man I am married to today.

God grant me the patience to deal with my blessings

So, today my husband asked me, exactly how many hours are you working each week? I added it up (big mistake by the way), only to discover I am now working 71 hours per week. Does it make me tired? Not anymore than usual. Do I love it? Absolutely! I told Kevin, this is the test that makes fine steel. If we get through these 9 months, the rest will be a piece of cake. Here is what is important to know...I love my family no matter what...they are first. The end goal has them in sight as well as me. I have an abundance of blessings: husband, children, friends, job, home, pets, school, nature, music, family, extended family...and guess what! Not all of them are perfect every day, but I love them with my whole heart regardless. A few years ago when I was feeling down about my job, it motivated me to go school to move on to something bigger and better. That would be what we are in the middle of right now...on the way to bigger and better. At least that's what I keep telling myself. The folks at my internship are terrific and so far I love the work. I can't wait to dig in and learn and learn and learn...there are so many children out there that need help. What a blessing to be a part of that! I believe when I get tired I get philosophical so watch for a more sappy blog heading your way! Many of you have asked me about the Hamster Ball Derby results. I PROMISE to have the results and pics posted tomorrow, for your viewing pleasure. And so you can mark your calendars...Kristina has already begun preparation of the dogs' Halloween costumes for the upcoming contest at the local PetCo. I'm not sure the dogs are really excited, but maybe they'll come around. Oh, new to my blog this week...a terrific video of Kevin and I doing the disco-- scroll to the bottom to check it out. I've also added a list of my favs and friends. If you have a blog that I don't know about, email me and I'll add it to my list. (It makes it so much easier for me to do my day to day blogging with a link right there :) ) Thanks Sarah D and Candi for the great idea. (One must give credit where credit is due) Lastly, if you'd like, you can now post comments on my blog. Evidently it was restricted before, through no choice of mine. But I think I have fixed it and am looking forward to your comments.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Do you really need a g to spell blogggggggggggggggggggggger?

Really my homework was due Saturday....really I had intended to do it Friday night, but forgot the laptop at home. So, I asked for an extension....Gee, hello Dr. Zastrow, mind if I email you my homework tomorrow....Sure no problem he said. However there was a problem. I sat down at my kids' computer (the only one with email access at my house to email my assignment) and began typing. Here would be the problem. The #*$^#@%^ letter G. You see, my children achieve tremendous joy from eating and drinking at the computer desk, and evidently they don't mind a sticky keyboard. I however disagree. You see, a few years ago Santa brought them a computer. My husband and I don't own one, but they have a lovely species, of course. Anyway, I think the last beverage spill about did the keyboard in. There are 3 VERY sticky keys....mainly the G, the space bar, and the caps lock. So really, without considerable effort, my typing usually looks like this...M ychil dRENO Wn the ggggggggggggggggggggggggoeeyist comPUTER IN T OWN. So tell me that isn't a bit hard to read? To add insult to injury, I then punish myself by posting to my blog from home!!! Crazy, yet still loving every minute of it! Hmmmm...10:20 finally finished my homework, updated the blogggg, must cover up the children, kiss them, take a shower, throw in some laundry, and hope to get some sleep before my first 14 hour day tomorrow!

Friday, September 7, 2007


Today, my son's teacher sent him to the nurse to address his sleepiness. Here's the conversation..."Mrs. Ruch, your son is falling asleep throughout the day. Is he taking medication that makes him sleepy?" "No", I curiously replied..."he has a sleep disorder". "How long has he had that?" She said. I said, "Since birth really which would make it 13 years now. (First of all, I knew this conversation was coming, since Brennan told me his teachers are threatening to give him detention for sleeping) -- Anyway, I went on to discuss with the nurse his various issues. She responded..."I think we're going to need his medical records". I asked...."Did you or his teacher bother to read his IEP? Because really, it's all in there". "Uh, hem, haw, well, no...." was the nurses response. "I figured as much" I told her. "You might want to start there"....and so begins another school year.

Did you notice the fire trucks?

Here's my version of sleep deprivation at its finest. Wednesday night, I slept through the fire, and drove by the house Thursday morning and surely didn't notice anything different. Evidently, our neighbors house (just 3 doors down) caught fire the other night! My children tell me that cars were lined up down the block after the big event. The rather alarming part it is I slept soundly throughout the night. Now, one might think that 3 or 4 large fire engines a few houses away might wake up a person. Especially a person with two neurotic dogs. Not so! Got one of the best 5 hour nights of sleep I'd had in some time. My husband said, oh yeah, the dogs woke me up at 1:30 to go out, and they were whining and sniffing the air....hmmmmmm, maybe cause there was a fire 3 houses away!!!!! (We tend to live in our own little world, but that's OK, they know us here!) Rumor has it, that either they left their grill on, or it was still too hot when they sat it next to their house and went to bed. Of course the heat rising started an attic fire which proceeded to burn about a third of the house. (New people had bought the house of course and they'd done quite a bit of work to the place...) Everyone got out OK, and repairs are under way already. Good to know I don't have to worry about any sort of disruption to my limited sleep schedule. Grateful to know nobody was hurt.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Free Entertainment Provided at Walmart

Last night, I had to make a trip to the dreaded WalMart. Really the dogs needed to eat...they appreciate food on a daily basis you know. So, 8:00 at night Stephanie and I are off to WalMart to buy the 3 food, milk, and coke. While I was perusing the dog food, trying to select just the right kind that wouldn't break the bank, my phone rings, and it's my boss who proceeds to keep me on the phone for the entire WalMart adventure. So, Stephanie and I go through the dog food selection process without speaking to each other, and I hand her the food to carry. Of course the dog food and milk are at opposite ends of the store, so while still on the cell phone, we head over for milk. Recall that during the flood I hurt my arm, and still can't really lift more than about 6 ounces with my left arm. So, I get the coke, tuck that under my right arm, (the same one where my purse is hanging) and then carry the milk with my right hand. (The left hand must be free to hold the cell phone) Ugggghhhh! We're heading to the checkout lanes where I proceed to run into Stephanie and stub my toe on her sandals, nearly ripping a portion of the toenail off. I let out a scream of course, which directs everyone that is waiting in the check out lines to look my way. Stephanie immediately acts like she has never seen me before in her life and quickly walks away. (Remember, the milk, the pop, the purse, and the cell phone...So, there is no way I can tend to the injury at this moment)-- I continue limping on, check out and go home. My daughter then is telling my husband about the afore mentioned entertaining event at the WalMart. She imitates me screaming loudly, bending over and holding my chest (which I don't recall happening). After completing her imitation of me she adds, "Geez Mom, just imagine what that must have looked like from the back!!"

Who Needs Sleep ?

Ok, So....Yesterday I began my internship. I am convinced I am doomed to a life of no sleep for the next 9 months....sounds a bit similar to being pregnant but with a much different outcome! Anyway...I will work 6-3 Monday - Friday of course, but in addition I will now work 3:30 - 9 Pm Mon, Tue, Wed, I'll collapse on Thursday, (I homework) I'll go to class Friday night, and Saturday day, and then spend Sunday reminding my family who I that we can play the same game again on Monday! Do I hear volunteers for dinner cooking, laundry, chauffeuring, mowing, or anything else you'd like to offer. Over the next nine months, if you come to my house to visit me, come anytime (or really only on Sunday) -- However, if you come to see my house, PLEEEEASE don't come until after May of '08 cuz I can virtually guarantee a certain lack of cleanliness about the place!

New Topic: The children's life at school. (Thought I'd forewarn you of a topic husband always appreciates it, thought you might too.) Kristina is enjoying 6th grade, although she is convinced that her math teacher is not very smart and has requested that I call to change her to a new math class complete with a competent teacher. (Although she wants to be a teacher when she grows up, perhaps she should consider being a principal since she is already well versed at teacher evaluation!) I should mention that she requested I call the school to change her teacher but also requested that I not tell them her name. I haven't quite determined how I'm going to accomplish changing her class anonymously, but time will tell I guess. She also started band yesterday, with her trombone...and earned the spot of 1st chair, since evidently she is quite the talented trombone player. I guess sitting through lessons every Tuesday all summer long was worth it! She was a bit surprised that she was the only girl trombone player :D....hmmmmmmm.

Brennan is doing well with his school work, but is the constant target of harassment at school. When making a collage of himself, he cut out the sad circle from the Prozac ad in the magazine. You know, the one with the dark cloud over his head? He told me that's how he feels at school.
:( Sooooooooo.....being the ferocious mama that I am, I surely was on the phone bright and early this morning to his counselor seeking a remedy for that situation. It appears that no teachers have taken the time to read his IEP. Although he has bonded with his Social Studies teacher it appears, so one out of six is a start. He was home sick Tuesday and missed the making of the Yo Yo in wood shop, which was a big disappointment and seems to be a big motivator to forgo missing any more days of school!

Stephanie, well she has hours of homework every night but is taking it all in stride. She is in all advanced placement classes this year. There is a lot to keep up with in High school, and she missed the try outs for the Voices Choir. So, table that idea till next year and learn to listen more closely to the announcements. Since the start of school was delayed by the teacher strike, it seems that we've all started in a whirlwind and are trying to catch up. Stephanie starts driver's ed in 2 weeks. I'll be working most nights which leaves her dad to take her. :D I am anticipating more gray hair for him, and none for me! Think of the savings at the beauty shop....what will I spend that on!? Oh yes, new school shoes....will their feet every quite growing?

As the above mentioned schedule stated this is Thursday, which means there is about 3 days of homework to do all crammed into one so I better get started!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Precious Baby

It's been quite a while since our family had a baby to spoil. I should preface that by saying a local baby, as baby's are much harder to spoil when they are at least 1000 miles away. Anyway...the last local baby would have been mine and she is now 11. So...back to the baby. I have a beautiful great niece Aubrey-- who is a sparkling joy in my life. I try to keep my photo count under 100 when she comes to visit me, for fear of inducing seizures from all the flashing! So, during the cook out, of course we got to see the precious ones. For those of you who live a 1000 miles away here's the latest....She can say: mama, dada, bug, duck, hi, bye, and a few others. She can say 12,000 words in babyese that only she can understand. She no longer crys when she sees my husband (way to score points Aubrey!) AND, she is a champion crawler. Yesterday, while we were performing the coke and mentos experiment outside, Aubrey was convinced she did not appreciate the feel of the prickly grass on her leg and chose to sit holding her little leg up high ;D. Did I mention she pulls her self up and moves along the furniture....a budding baby genius!!

Monday, September 3, 2007

In Honor of LABOR Day!! honor of a glorious 3 day weekend to honor all the working people out there...we have completed the following labors this weekend :D Mowed the lawn, weeded the flower beds, trimmed the bushes, cleaned ALL of the children's bedrooms (Quite an amazing feat in itself!!), finished installing the youngest's bedroom and closet floor, began installing the modular closet units, cleaned the house, cooked for 15 and had a cook out!! Thank God I can go to work tomorrow and rest !! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend...Not a cloud in the sky here with temps in the 70's. It don't get no better than this!