Thursday, September 6, 2007

Who Needs Sleep ?

Ok, So....Yesterday I began my internship. I am convinced I am doomed to a life of no sleep for the next 9 months....sounds a bit similar to being pregnant but with a much different outcome! Anyway...I will work 6-3 Monday - Friday of course, but in addition I will now work 3:30 - 9 Pm Mon, Tue, Wed, I'll collapse on Thursday, (I homework) I'll go to class Friday night, and Saturday day, and then spend Sunday reminding my family who I that we can play the same game again on Monday! Do I hear volunteers for dinner cooking, laundry, chauffeuring, mowing, or anything else you'd like to offer. Over the next nine months, if you come to my house to visit me, come anytime (or really only on Sunday) -- However, if you come to see my house, PLEEEEASE don't come until after May of '08 cuz I can virtually guarantee a certain lack of cleanliness about the place!

New Topic: The children's life at school. (Thought I'd forewarn you of a topic husband always appreciates it, thought you might too.) Kristina is enjoying 6th grade, although she is convinced that her math teacher is not very smart and has requested that I call to change her to a new math class complete with a competent teacher. (Although she wants to be a teacher when she grows up, perhaps she should consider being a principal since she is already well versed at teacher evaluation!) I should mention that she requested I call the school to change her teacher but also requested that I not tell them her name. I haven't quite determined how I'm going to accomplish changing her class anonymously, but time will tell I guess. She also started band yesterday, with her trombone...and earned the spot of 1st chair, since evidently she is quite the talented trombone player. I guess sitting through lessons every Tuesday all summer long was worth it! She was a bit surprised that she was the only girl trombone player :D....hmmmmmmm.

Brennan is doing well with his school work, but is the constant target of harassment at school. When making a collage of himself, he cut out the sad circle from the Prozac ad in the magazine. You know, the one with the dark cloud over his head? He told me that's how he feels at school.
:( Sooooooooo.....being the ferocious mama that I am, I surely was on the phone bright and early this morning to his counselor seeking a remedy for that situation. It appears that no teachers have taken the time to read his IEP. Although he has bonded with his Social Studies teacher it appears, so one out of six is a start. He was home sick Tuesday and missed the making of the Yo Yo in wood shop, which was a big disappointment and seems to be a big motivator to forgo missing any more days of school!

Stephanie, well she has hours of homework every night but is taking it all in stride. She is in all advanced placement classes this year. There is a lot to keep up with in High school, and she missed the try outs for the Voices Choir. So, table that idea till next year and learn to listen more closely to the announcements. Since the start of school was delayed by the teacher strike, it seems that we've all started in a whirlwind and are trying to catch up. Stephanie starts driver's ed in 2 weeks. I'll be working most nights which leaves her dad to take her. :D I am anticipating more gray hair for him, and none for me! Think of the savings at the beauty shop....what will I spend that on!? Oh yes, new school shoes....will their feet every quite growing?

As the above mentioned schedule stated this is Thursday, which means there is about 3 days of homework to do all crammed into one so I better get started!

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