Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bar Fly? Wall Flower?

I'm struggling to post this from home again, on the ever so sticky keyboard. Hey, when I finally buy that new alarm clock (no haven't done it yet) - I think I'll buy the kids a new keyboard!! What a thought! Yesterday we bought fall jackets, school clothes, and school shoes. Trips to the mall are becoming more frequent for me, since they just don't sell that Hollister stuff at Kohl's you know! The funny part was, I sure know my way around the mall better than my teenage daughters...what is odd about that? When I was 14, I was more familiar with the mall than my back yard :) Oh how times change. Got the kids some super cute clothes yesterday. And for a moment lets talk about how loud the music is in the Hollister store. Why does the clerk have to yell my change amount to me? Maybe to be able to hear him above blaring music.

Anyway, the real gist of this post is my crazy husband! Stephanie went to her first UB (Upward Bound) mini conference yesterday. None of us knew what to expect or what to do there. Kevin dropped her off and then stalked her a while through the window to see what went on there. (It's all OK Daddy, really) Anyway, they talked about health and relaxation and did Tai Chi and meditation which Stephanie really loved. I'm not sure how to spell Tai Chi, but my daughter is doing it! I digress (again) So, Kevin was talking to her in the car last night about what friends she has there and blah di blah and he was asking her why she didn't interact much and sat off to the side like a BAR FLY!!!! Ummmmmmm, after I quit laughing hysterically I said Do you mean Wall flower!?! Um, Oh! Yeah, I meant wallflower!! OMG! I said, could you please refrain from calling her a bar fly!? We had quite a good laugh over that one. The UB program is great, and she's learning so much about college. She told me yesterday, even though you still think I'm little, I'm actually pretty big. Yes my dear, I am painfully aware of how big you are. (Driving just around the corner, and all this talk about college) AND the wonderful straight A's she brought home in all of her classes are a constant reminder that my days as a Mom to the most wonderful teenage daughter are numbered. So, in the meantime you'll find me living every day to the fullest with her. And loving it too! When we were talking about college I said, you have to be within a one day drive so I can see you whenever I need to, and you'll need to call me every day. Think it'll really be like that? Time will tell.

I have to leave for Shana's wedding shower in 2 1/2 hours and still have to cook the food and make the game prizes. Probably should get on that.

Food for thought...No body is at the Walmart at 6:30 Sunday morning...I was there today and that is for sure my new grocery shopping time.

Until next time...

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Candi said...

j...i so agree about the hollister store! i love my loud music but come on....when you are shopping and talking to the clerks.....that store is way loud, u can hear the music a couple stores away!!! lol