Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Precious Baby

It's been quite a while since our family had a baby to spoil. I should preface that by saying a local baby, as baby's are much harder to spoil when they are at least 1000 miles away. Anyway...the last local baby would have been mine and she is now 11. So...back to the baby. I have a beautiful great niece Aubrey-- who is a sparkling joy in my life. I try to keep my photo count under 100 when she comes to visit me, for fear of inducing seizures from all the flashing! So, during the cook out, of course we got to see the precious ones. For those of you who live a 1000 miles away here's the latest....She can say: mama, dada, bug, duck, hi, bye, and a few others. She can say 12,000 words in babyese that only she can understand. She no longer crys when she sees my husband (way to score points Aubrey!) AND, she is a champion crawler. Yesterday, while we were performing the coke and mentos experiment outside, Aubrey was convinced she did not appreciate the feel of the prickly grass on her leg and chose to sit holding her little leg up high ;D. Did I mention she pulls her self up and moves along the furniture....a budding baby genius!!

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