Friday, September 7, 2007


Today, my son's teacher sent him to the nurse to address his sleepiness. Here's the conversation..."Mrs. Ruch, your son is falling asleep throughout the day. Is he taking medication that makes him sleepy?" "No", I curiously replied..."he has a sleep disorder". "How long has he had that?" She said. I said, "Since birth really which would make it 13 years now. (First of all, I knew this conversation was coming, since Brennan told me his teachers are threatening to give him detention for sleeping) -- Anyway, I went on to discuss with the nurse his various issues. She responded..."I think we're going to need his medical records". I asked...."Did you or his teacher bother to read his IEP? Because really, it's all in there". "Uh, hem, haw, well, no...." was the nurses response. "I figured as much" I told her. "You might want to start there"....and so begins another school year.

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