Saturday, September 29, 2007

Friends with a new baby?

My friend Sarah's husband had surgery today to reverse his vasectomy. Sarah is the best mom and wanted another baby. For month's we had waited for the upcoming surgery...and suddenly today, it was here. The surgery went well, and they have a really good chance of having a new Doyle in their family. I have prayed every day for them for the longest time. God being ever faithful, provided a successful surgery. God answers prayers. Congratulations Shane and Sarah!!
Hope my next "Doyle" update will be Doyle X 5 !!


Candi said...

soooo exciting :) so happy for the 2 of them!!!!

Sarah said...

I just want you to know that I didn't get your voice mail Saturday but wish I had.. you called at a time when I sure needed a friend's voice. Thank you for thinking of me all day and calling to check on us! It seems like ages ago we would say "aubree Grace, someday..." Someday is not too far away! Thank you for EVERYTHING. This post means alot to me. Love, Sarah