Thursday, September 6, 2007

Free Entertainment Provided at Walmart

Last night, I had to make a trip to the dreaded WalMart. Really the dogs needed to eat...they appreciate food on a daily basis you know. So, 8:00 at night Stephanie and I are off to WalMart to buy the 3 food, milk, and coke. While I was perusing the dog food, trying to select just the right kind that wouldn't break the bank, my phone rings, and it's my boss who proceeds to keep me on the phone for the entire WalMart adventure. So, Stephanie and I go through the dog food selection process without speaking to each other, and I hand her the food to carry. Of course the dog food and milk are at opposite ends of the store, so while still on the cell phone, we head over for milk. Recall that during the flood I hurt my arm, and still can't really lift more than about 6 ounces with my left arm. So, I get the coke, tuck that under my right arm, (the same one where my purse is hanging) and then carry the milk with my right hand. (The left hand must be free to hold the cell phone) Ugggghhhh! We're heading to the checkout lanes where I proceed to run into Stephanie and stub my toe on her sandals, nearly ripping a portion of the toenail off. I let out a scream of course, which directs everyone that is waiting in the check out lines to look my way. Stephanie immediately acts like she has never seen me before in her life and quickly walks away. (Remember, the milk, the pop, the purse, and the cell phone...So, there is no way I can tend to the injury at this moment)-- I continue limping on, check out and go home. My daughter then is telling my husband about the afore mentioned entertaining event at the WalMart. She imitates me screaming loudly, bending over and holding my chest (which I don't recall happening). After completing her imitation of me she adds, "Geez Mom, just imagine what that must have looked like from the back!!"

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