Friday, May 30, 2008

All Wired Up!

My baby girl got her braces yesterday...she was a bit nervous, but she got through it ok. I was a bit nervous about taking on more debt...but I got through it ok too. I was more nervous that my baby girl would be in pain last night, but I put on my best brave mommy face :) Before
Getting ready

Yes she was in quite a bit of pain last night and when I asked her...should we take them off? She replied...yes! Oh, uh, well, we can't do that honey pot, but they'll quit hurting in a few days. She made herself mashed potatoes for dinner and got through 2 hours of ball practice last night. What a trooper! I can't wait for her to have a beautiful straight smile! Of course she picked orange, pink and green for her bands. She is quite colorful!

My baby girl is all wired up!

Happy Birthday Ryan

You wanna kiss? It's my birthday!
Baby Lizzy...just too tired to sing Happy Birthday!
Yummy cake!
Fun toys!
Big Smiles :) My great nephew Ryan turned two on Wednesday. My mother-n-law made super yummy barbecue ribs. sliced up some cantaloupe and I made some hash browns with cheese, peppers and onions....yummmmmy! We got Ryan a super cute outfit with big brown Hawaiian flowers and khaki shorts, and a tug boat to play with in the tub. Kristina got him a little tykes end loader and gramma got him some crazy toy that you put balls in and they are forced out by the air. He loved all his gifts, but mostly he loved his cake....

and his family.....

Happy birthday baby RyRy!

Until next time...

Lost your best friend?

Me eldest has had the unfortunate experience of her first failed cell phone this week. My personal belief is the phone was just overworked and pooped out. Dear daughter does not believe so. The look of panic on her face when she realized the phone was dead was nothing short of hilarious to me. ;) So, Day 1...I let her use my phone for her evening texting. Day 2....I let her use my phone again so she could call for a ride from school. I thought it reasonable to use a payphone to call for a ride to which she replied..."A pay phone?!?! YUCK! We don't even have a payphone! "Ummmm, yes you's by the band room, and I'll give you 50 cents to make your call. Or possibly you could borrow a cell phone from one of your 84,000 friends that have them" Now, you know that was TOTALLY unreasonable to her. She replied, "The band room?" Like she was certain her school didn't have a band room, even though she goes right by it every other day on her way to choir. So, I gave in...she had the phone yesterday. phone...safely tucked in MY purse :) :) :) Last night she told me her phone had begun working intermittently, but it freezes, turns off, flashes on and off etc. Generally, it appears she needs a new phone.

Onward to my LEAST favorite person...George Dubya. Could you please Mr. President, if it ain't too much for ya, please send my flippin stimulus check. I've been teased with two letters about it...two false dates, and now they say it'll be in the mail today. What's a person gotta do to stimulate some economy around here. Really the only economy I'll be stimulating is for the bills I already owe thanks to the rise in every price under the sun over the past few months. But hopeful, somewhere in there, we'll have a few cents left over to get my dear daughter a new best friend :)

Until next time...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just a little Panic

Let's just throw it out there...I suffer from PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder...It has been well under control for about the past 15 years or so, except for an occasional bout here and there. Over the past 3 or 4 days...I feel it creeping in. These are times when everyday life becomes a bit too much. Gas $4.15 a gallon, tax bills, rising grocery costs, broken hand, and for me the physical symptoms that go along with the psychological ones...back ache, stomach ache, jitters, general feeling of un-well being (if that's a word). The picture of my desk right now should shoot panic through even the strongest person! And then my first book for school arrived yesterday and the syllabus that goes with it. *sigh. I am a person that is better off without a break. I find myself going through mild bouts of PTSD related crap after every school break or every vacation or every little bit of down time in my life. For those of you that are amazed at how much I do...I do it because that is what makes me function best.'s the thing...some of you will say that slowing down is a good thing...that's what makes the world go 'round. And others will say...slow down so you can feel the feelings. Well, here's the deal I have felt the feelings and lived with the feelings and feel the feelings often, but physically they don't agree with me. So, I choose the breakneck pace of life and that works for me. This process keeps me focused on the positive feelings and the joy I am blessed to live with on a regular basis. But other times...the joy is taken over by panic. This time...just a little, but more than I care to experience. I have 34 weekends of school left and I am already a bit apprehensive about the 'reentry' to regular life. My dear husband says...oh don't worry about'll be working two or three new jobs or something else crazy to keep you busy. Ah yes...he knows me too well. And I believe he is right. The FIRST thing I plan to do upon graduating is to get a second job...using my new skills to pay some bills and build the nest egg. (Gee, that sounds like an old person talking doesn't it?)

So, now that I've cleared my mind of that...I know that once I get through this week, once preschool graduation is over, once my desk is caught up, once my kids are done with school, once I'm back in'll all be good. And I'll be back to the joy.

Until next time...

Monday, May 26, 2008

What luck!

Today, even though it was Memorial Day, I HAD to go to work...on look at this desk and you'll know why... Yes, I am coming dangerously close to being buried alive by the paperwork that is quickly piling up on my desk. It's times like these I think it'd be better if there were three or four of me. The good news is...I have free afternoons all week this week so I plan to work 10 or 11 hours a day and to be all caught up by the end of the week. Preschool graduation is this weekend and all of the details for that event MUST be completed. So, even though I was at work today, which is by far not my favorite place to be on my day off, I was lucky enough to see this...In all my 41 years I have never seen a bird leave it's nest. The birds in our nest here at home are long gone and the nest sits empty. I took a break today and decided to check on our birds that had nested on the eaves trough.Look how large baby Robin #4 looks...perhaps he was overfed? Anyway...even though his siblings seemed more than happy to stay...he was ready to fly the coupe! One last meal from mom and he was on his way! Get Ready! Get Set! Go!!!! And then there were three...Much more room in the nest now :) The little guy was off and running...and running... and running... It was by far the cutest thing ever! Just be grateful I didn't include all 47 pictures I took ;)

Until next time...

The Many Faces of Aubrey

Today I wanted to share with you the many faces of my great niece Aubrey. She shared these expressions with us over the course of about 2 minutes in the car! I was so lucky to have her yesterday and today. She is the best baby ever and it is such a joy to spend time with her. I get to care for her again next weekend :) First we start out with..."You CAN'T be serious!" Then we go to..."Just try it! I bite! I mean it!" That's right before the serious growling ensues! Next...she says "Ohhh, you're taking my picture?!? Who knew!" Right before she started the next round of peek-a-boo!

Happy Memorial Day

To all the men and women who serve our country-- thank you from the bottom of my heart. To my family members who have served in the military...

USAF...Bill Moffitt, Kevin Moffitt, Tim Moffitt, Jack Hagstrom

USARMY... Neil Moffitt

USNAVY...David Nash, Leo Allen, Uncle Dan

USMARINES...Milo Ruch, Uncle Dan
And for those that are on the front lines today...may you have GodSpeed and be home to your families and country that loves you safely and soon.

Friday night with the girls...

Somewhere along life's road I had the brilliant idea to 'run' into Chicago last Friday night. Hey! It was payday and the scrapbook store was calling my name. Did I stop to think one minute that it was Memorial Day weekend?!? Ummmmm, there we sat in bumper to bumper traffic for more than 2 hours waiting to get to Windy City. I was on a super tight budget so only picked up a few things to add to projects that are already under construction :) We stopped into Cheeseburgers in Paradise for a quick dinner and then ducked into Archiver's right before they locked the doors...They had a crop going til midnight so we got to shop at our leisure for an hour. There were many many lovely things I wanted there, especially the Heidi Swapp scrap clock. That is definitely on my wish list for my new scrap space. It was a little hectic and we caught up with Candi much later than planned, but we all had a great dinner and a fun time shopping.

' That's Candi, Sarah, Staci, and moi! By far this is the least I've ever spent on a scrap trip! Sarah and I were joking that I was becoming like Shannon and Anne who never, ever spend more than $20 when we go for a weekend! The hubby would be so proud! I was able to purchase my first clear album...which I will be working on VERY shortly. I am imagining many ideas for it but haven't decided on the final project yet. I'm leaning toward Aubrey's first year. I have a picture of her every month of her first year. I thought I'd convert them into black and white and use the clear album for them. Can't wait to get started. That was my last Friday night off school and I was grateful to share it with great friends!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Where do I begin?

Two days without blogging is virtually unheard of for me! This week, however has been SO SO crazy. I'll try to provide "the week in review" via pictures :) This past week I have been very busy getting ready for preschool graduation. My little friends Jason and Zoe will be graduating which is sure to be a very emotional day for me... Emma's brother Ethan will graduate also. Who said they could be so big?!?

Over the weekend I worked at my daughter's fun fair at school. I was in charge of this game... Yes, the game where the kids try to pop their balloon the fastest! One hour straight of balloon popping! It was fun. The fun fair this year was the best. They had the usual games, cake walk, dunk tank, inflatable slides and jumping room AND reptile emporium was there with a myriad of reptiles. I loved this guy! Evidently, he loved it too...he was crawling all over the playground, nibbling on the grass, seeming to enjoy his new found freedom! After that we headed over to softball practice Steph's team is coming along nicely...more on that me :(

Saturday was a beautiful day-- sunny and so was old dog enjoyed his sun bath on Sunday morning and then we were off to church to see Kristina get her Bible. Our pastor had chosen a special verse for her and then her Sunday school teacher presented her with her Bible. Her God mother, Auntie Deb was there for the event Gramma, A. Teresa, our family, Robert, Ryan and Lizzie all attended too. I love this picture of Steph and Robert... Stephanie continues to amaze me as she grows into a beautiful young lady, so confident and sure of herself.

Sunday night the girls went to the batting cages to get ready for the upcoming week. They both got hit in the hand with a 70 mph ball :( Later that night, Steph's hand was really hurting. I tried to get her into the walk-in clinic but they were both closed. I didn't dare take her to the ER, since if it wasn't an 'Emergency' my insurance won't pay and any more medical bills are really not in the budget right now. I waited until Monday and took her to the Dr. He thought perhaps it was broken in two places :( and that we should see an Orthopedist.

My baby Emmarie turned two on Monday... Happy Birthday EMMA!!! She is my friend Anne's daughter...and all three of these babies I love as my own. Anne and Emma have been on vacation this week and I miss them so much!

Tuesday morning I tried to reach the Orthopedist. He was in surgery all day and couldn't see Steph until Wednesday morning. Her hand had been splinted this entire time but was causing quite a bit of pain still. We headed into the Ortho where they confirmed her hand was indeed broken in two spots, once above the pinkie knuckle in her finger, and once below the pinkie knuckle in her hand. (notice the bruising and swelling) They promptly sent in the 'cast guy' who quickly and proficiently applied this... Now that the cast is on, at least it doesn't hurt her anymore. It did however put a 5 week (at least) hold on the softball season for her and also canceled her life guarding classes for the time being. It has been a whirlwind of a week. I have tried to maintain the laundry and some semblance of sanity through it all.

On a happier note...the 'little mama' has given birth and produced these super cute babies! We are having a great time watching the mom and dad robin try to keep those three babies fed!

Ok. Today is Thursday...and that means this... SCARY!!! Hope that wasn't too much for you :) Yes, my precious one got her spacers put in today and will be all wired up with her new braces by this time next week. It is almost Friday and I am ready to curl up in the fetal position for the weekend. Oh, wait...I have lots of fun things planned. So life goes on :)

Speaking of the fetal position...I found myself in one last night when Archie lost on Idol. My daughter, being ever optimistic said, "Mom, it's good if they come in 2nd cuz their album always comes out before the winner." That's looking at the bright side Steph! I CANNOT wait to see the Idol tour this year!

Until next time...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Where the heck is that Oyster?!?

Yes, a few sweet days ago, wasn't I the one that said the world is my oyster? Gee, that was brief! Since then, we've been to the allergist to determine my baby more than likely has environmental allergies that she will be tested for next week. My eldest has evidently broken her hand in two places at the batting cage, my brother has landed himself in jail, I am so behind at work I could throw up, and mostly I'm just wondering...where has the oyster gone?!?

At some point today I hope to catch my breath, at which point I will take a brief moment to update this crazy blog ;)

Until next time...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Crackin me up!

So, I had to share this insane story with you. If only I had a picture of the certified, yes certified letter I got in the mail the other day. I innocently came home from work to find one of those orange sheets in the mail box that says you have a certified letter. I didn't say from whom, but it did have a Rockford zip code. Just a little blip on my radar screen but nothing more. My husband however was beside himself. He couldn't sleep all night worried that someone was suing us or we owed money or whatever. So he was up bright and early to run to the post office to pick up the letter. "Dear Mrs. Ruch, It seems that you have missed your last Dr.'s appointment ...... it is health depends on it.....shame shame shame.....blah blah blah." The man of the place REALLY didn't find this amusing. I for one was cracking up. REALLY? You're kidding me right? You sent me a certified letter to tell me I missed an appointment that I didn't even know I had? Hmmmmph! So.....not wanting to disappoint fair Dr. I called RIGHT AWAY in the MOST urgent manner to reschedule my appointment. The nurse said, "well, um, let's see, yes, here it is, the next appointment we have is....{wait for it!} NOVEMBER 10th!!!!!" I laughed out loud. I don't think she was the least bit amused. CLEARLY, she wasn't amused at all! I said cheerfully, "Ah yes! November 10th, that is perfect. I can see that my good health depends on this appointment and I will gladly see you, yes in 6 months!" laughter on the end of the nurse. I hung up and went on with my life. Why are people crazy? Why do Dr.'s offices send certified letters that you missed your appointment. Is their phone not working? Probably a better use of their my money would be to send me one of those handy postcards complete with the 14 cent stamp to remind me of my appointment. Because I evidently go to THE most popular Dr. on the have to make your appointments like a year in advance....and yes when I made the appointment LAST YEAR, somehow (seeing that I didn't yet own a 2008 calender, since they more than likely weren't created yet) the information didn't get transferred to my new calendar, resulting in yes...the dreaded missed appointment. Blah, blah, blah

On with life...

Today is Saturday and I am thrilled!!!! I got up early to finish the book Escape-- which was an intriguing and fabulous read of all cult things crazy here in the US....I'd recommend it. I threw in some laundry, threw out an unopened gallon of milk that was already sour (grrrrr), am getting ready to frost two cakes that I made for today's fun fair....trying to roust my eldest out of bed to prepare for softball later today, and contemplating what to make tonight at scrap night. I have that wonderful feeling that the world is my oyster today and only fun things are on the agenda!! Tomorrow my baby gets her Bible and we are having lunch at my house....Ahh yes, family favorite....and then back to work Monday. Hopefully I'll get to mow and garden a bit somewhere....although my lawn is looking great--that seems to motivate me more to make it look better....odd isn't it? The lawn service was here yesterday and edged all the beds, added new mulch, and weeded. Evidently though they forgot I have a back yard a phone call will be required Monday to get the job done. I called yesterday to the pond people to have them come out and revive Kristina's pond for spring. Should be done in about 2 weeks, and also the lawn service will come to reseed our former playground area in the back yard. After that, just flowers need to be planted, and I think we'll be good to go for summer. :)

Must get on with my day !!!!

Until next time...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

One Hot Mama!

This article about "My Mama" appeared in her local newspaper after her run for Ms. Senior Arizona. I think this officially makes her a celebrity :)

Local woman aims to shine light on volunteerism
By Lorin McLain, The Daily Courier

Monday, May 12, 2008

Kathleen Provence states a few reasons why she wanted the title of Miss Senior Arizona. Entering the 19th annual contest in Phoenix on May 3 was one way the 67-year-old Prescott Valley resident was able to convey her message of volunteerism, and the director of Casa Belles Dance Troupe put her up to it. "She was Miss Senior Arizona 2005, she's been after me since," Provence said, adding that joining the pageant entitles her to join the Cameo Club, which performs to raise money to fight Alzheimer's disease.

"This way if I join the pageant, she and I can do duets together," she said. Phoenix-based Randall Designs, who designs costumes for "Dancing with the Stars," volunteered to design Provence's costume for the Latin jazz routine she performed at the pageant. Provence said she came across the website for Randall Designs, and sent them an e-mail asking for sponsorship, thinking that the possibility was a long shot. Ken Heron, a partner with the company, agreed to design the outfit and loan it to her with the understanding that she would give it back at some point and he would sell it on the Internet, she said. "Four days later he called me, and after chatting for about five minutes, he said, 'You know, for a Latin number, that's going to require a lot of bling'," she recalled. Provence traces her dance career back to teaching at an Arthur Murray Dance Studio at the age of 17. Her record in helping those in need goes back as far. Provence grew up in Milwaukee and moved to Rockford, Ill., when she was 16 to live with her mother, and dropped out of school her junior year to help support her family, she said. Provence now volunteers as a Court Appointed Special Advocate in the Juvenile Division of the Arizona Supreme Court, of which she currently follows the cases of three children. Provence also serves as a volunteer on the Foster Care Review Board, and the Removal Review Board for foster children, that reviews cases of children within 72 hours of their effective removal from a foster home. Love for people in need drives her inspiration. "I don't care if it's an unborn child, a foster child, or a 90-year-old child, I've done a lot of work with elderly, it's just that I have my love for children," she said. Provence, who has three children, five grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren, retired in 1993 from her job as a communications consultant with Ameritech subsidiary Illinois Bell, where she worked for 27 years. Ameritech awarded her The Alexander Graham Bell Award for her volunteer work with teenage mothers. A 14-year cancer survivor, Provence said another reason for entering the pageant was to get her life's message across: "Don't take your love and wisdom to the grave with you. There are so many young people that need your love and your wisdom. And you can do that through volunteer work."

Such a nice article...