Monday, May 26, 2008

Friday night with the girls...

Somewhere along life's road I had the brilliant idea to 'run' into Chicago last Friday night. Hey! It was payday and the scrapbook store was calling my name. Did I stop to think one minute that it was Memorial Day weekend?!? Ummmmm, there we sat in bumper to bumper traffic for more than 2 hours waiting to get to Windy City. I was on a super tight budget so only picked up a few things to add to projects that are already under construction :) We stopped into Cheeseburgers in Paradise for a quick dinner and then ducked into Archiver's right before they locked the doors...They had a crop going til midnight so we got to shop at our leisure for an hour. There were many many lovely things I wanted there, especially the Heidi Swapp scrap clock. That is definitely on my wish list for my new scrap space. It was a little hectic and we caught up with Candi much later than planned, but we all had a great dinner and a fun time shopping.

' That's Candi, Sarah, Staci, and moi! By far this is the least I've ever spent on a scrap trip! Sarah and I were joking that I was becoming like Shannon and Anne who never, ever spend more than $20 when we go for a weekend! The hubby would be so proud! I was able to purchase my first clear album...which I will be working on VERY shortly. I am imagining many ideas for it but haven't decided on the final project yet. I'm leaning toward Aubrey's first year. I have a picture of her every month of her first year. I thought I'd convert them into black and white and use the clear album for them. Can't wait to get started. That was my last Friday night off school and I was grateful to share it with great friends!

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Catherine said...

An album for each month of Aubrey during her first year would be a fantastic idea. I hope you will publish it when it will be done.
I would like to have more time, to realize all that enjoy myself!