Thursday, May 22, 2008

Where do I begin?

Two days without blogging is virtually unheard of for me! This week, however has been SO SO crazy. I'll try to provide "the week in review" via pictures :) This past week I have been very busy getting ready for preschool graduation. My little friends Jason and Zoe will be graduating which is sure to be a very emotional day for me... Emma's brother Ethan will graduate also. Who said they could be so big?!?

Over the weekend I worked at my daughter's fun fair at school. I was in charge of this game... Yes, the game where the kids try to pop their balloon the fastest! One hour straight of balloon popping! It was fun. The fun fair this year was the best. They had the usual games, cake walk, dunk tank, inflatable slides and jumping room AND reptile emporium was there with a myriad of reptiles. I loved this guy! Evidently, he loved it too...he was crawling all over the playground, nibbling on the grass, seeming to enjoy his new found freedom! After that we headed over to softball practice Steph's team is coming along nicely...more on that me :(

Saturday was a beautiful day-- sunny and so was old dog enjoyed his sun bath on Sunday morning and then we were off to church to see Kristina get her Bible. Our pastor had chosen a special verse for her and then her Sunday school teacher presented her with her Bible. Her God mother, Auntie Deb was there for the event Gramma, A. Teresa, our family, Robert, Ryan and Lizzie all attended too. I love this picture of Steph and Robert... Stephanie continues to amaze me as she grows into a beautiful young lady, so confident and sure of herself.

Sunday night the girls went to the batting cages to get ready for the upcoming week. They both got hit in the hand with a 70 mph ball :( Later that night, Steph's hand was really hurting. I tried to get her into the walk-in clinic but they were both closed. I didn't dare take her to the ER, since if it wasn't an 'Emergency' my insurance won't pay and any more medical bills are really not in the budget right now. I waited until Monday and took her to the Dr. He thought perhaps it was broken in two places :( and that we should see an Orthopedist.

My baby Emmarie turned two on Monday... Happy Birthday EMMA!!! She is my friend Anne's daughter...and all three of these babies I love as my own. Anne and Emma have been on vacation this week and I miss them so much!

Tuesday morning I tried to reach the Orthopedist. He was in surgery all day and couldn't see Steph until Wednesday morning. Her hand had been splinted this entire time but was causing quite a bit of pain still. We headed into the Ortho where they confirmed her hand was indeed broken in two spots, once above the pinkie knuckle in her finger, and once below the pinkie knuckle in her hand. (notice the bruising and swelling) They promptly sent in the 'cast guy' who quickly and proficiently applied this... Now that the cast is on, at least it doesn't hurt her anymore. It did however put a 5 week (at least) hold on the softball season for her and also canceled her life guarding classes for the time being. It has been a whirlwind of a week. I have tried to maintain the laundry and some semblance of sanity through it all.

On a happier note...the 'little mama' has given birth and produced these super cute babies! We are having a great time watching the mom and dad robin try to keep those three babies fed!

Ok. Today is Thursday...and that means this... SCARY!!! Hope that wasn't too much for you :) Yes, my precious one got her spacers put in today and will be all wired up with her new braces by this time next week. It is almost Friday and I am ready to curl up in the fetal position for the weekend. Oh, wait...I have lots of fun things planned. So life goes on :)

Speaking of the fetal position...I found myself in one last night when Archie lost on Idol. My daughter, being ever optimistic said, "Mom, it's good if they come in 2nd cuz their album always comes out before the winner." That's looking at the bright side Steph! I CANNOT wait to see the Idol tour this year!

Until next time...


Catherine said...

A very buzy week, indeed,. With little children, and your own big children.
Comparing to previous pictures I feel that Stephany has changed, she really looks as a young adult!
Too bad, for her hand! I wonder why do they make a cast of her whole forearm! Just for two fingers? Now she's immobilized, is she right hander?
I'm sure I will be back tomorrow to comment again. Have a good Friday evening, us, we're passing at Saturday, now.

Catherine said...

I 've just realized there're 7 hours of time lag between you and me.