Saturday, May 10, 2008

Moments with Mom with Photos!

Hooray! Blogger is in a much better download mood today, and I love that!

So, Kristina had her last Moments with Mom day on Friday; since they no longer have such frivolities in middle school. By the way...I think I know why. You see, just because our children get older and as such become more embarrassed as we insist on taking pictures of them in front of there [gasp!] friends {insert loud shriek here!} doesn't mean they should discontinue such photo opportunities. Take this photo for instance....Clearly, what this look is communicating to me certainly do not intend to take my picture eating a donut in front of my friends thereby causing me undying humiliation for the rest of my days, do you? Well of course I do! And when you're not looking, I'll take even more pictures! And after me whining to you about how this is your last Moments with Mom, you might even agree to pose next to your 'self portrait' even if it is only with half a smile! I just keep telling myself how much I love adolescents!! I do believe she looks quite a bit like her self portrait :) After M w/ M I headed to work and then home where Brennan was having video game night with his friends. He had 3 friends over and this party was MUCH more quiet than the girls' party the weekend before. The boys even thanked me for dinner! Odd...

Brennan decided he wanted Taco's and not the traditional pizza. So I ran to Taco Bell for a 10 pack of tacos, but was delayed by this...Warning....Goose Crossing!! Is there anything cuter than goslings?!? Come on! I do wonder however what kind of 'modern' family this was, since there are three adults. Anyone know anything about Canada Geese, and if so, is this normal? I had to take one more shot, just to see if I could get people to honk at me... No honking this time...not even from the geese! (Sorry for that bad joke, I just couldn't resist!)

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