Sunday, May 4, 2008

The new normal

This is what I have come to expect as the new normal... not just anybody can have 3000 minutes in one month takes somebody special! This is Stephanie's new version of 'doing homework' :) As long as the straight A's continue lovey...text away!

OK, I am finding myself being SUPER lazy lately. For instance, today is yard work day and It's 6:19...have I started yet? No, but I will just as soon as I'm done blogging.

Kristina had her first communion at church today....who said it was ok for her to be so big? I thought I might be frowned upon if I was up there flashing pictures, so there is no image of the big event. In two weeks she gets her Bible from the youth program with her name engraved on the front. Since she is through that, it seems that all three of my kids will go through confirmation together. Sigh...hard to believe that is just around the corner.

ok, so it's 8:30 now...I did some yard work and am currently having another love/hate day with blogger....WHY WON'T IT LET ME UPLOAD PICTURES!?! I will have to finish this post either later...or tomorrow, whenever blogger decides to cooperate, grrrrr....

Until next time...

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Catherine said...

Hello, Jacque. I'm back home, I'm back on the computer, back "blogging".
You "might be frowned upon", by who?
Your Christian community at church? your daughter? Bloggers? Bloggers not at all!
In fact, I know that our Priest doesn't appreciate all the pictures flashes during the celebration. Families are filming, and children are distracted, no more in the solemn moment of their first communion. But at the exit, in the square of the church, we're allowed to take pictures of this moment.
My son Olivier is going to do his profession of faith, the third step, soon, in June. I will post pictures if he is OK.
However, I'm sure Kristina was a beautiful first communion girl on Sunday.