Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Soaking it all in...

I love Spring! And Spring loves me! I feel so energetic and excited to be alive and to live in this beautiful world. Today...I only had a few things to share....Yesterday, I had 'not your average' McDonald's experience, since this was my view while waiting in line... Is that the most beautiful Washington Hawthorne ever? OK, so the lady behind me honked at me...really I was taking photos and on the phone taking my friend's order while trying to navigate the car through the line. On a side note...I have been getting honked at {a lot} lately by rude people that are evidently in a hurry and are responsible drivers, and let me tell you why...It just seems that I have to take a lot of photos of beautiful things lately and mostly while I'm driving. For instance, the other day I was taking a picture of a red tailed hawk at a busy intersection, when the person behind me started honking....because of course the light was green. I mean really, couldn't he see I was taking a picture? I sure was hanging out the window far enough for him to notice me....Ok, I digress and for those of you whose blood pressure rises just thinking about drivers like me....I'll try really hard to quit greatly reduce my urge to take pictures while driving. ;)

Last night Nina had softball and Stephanie had her Spring Choir Concert. It was such a beautiful night and my eldest is sure coming along in her performance skills... The concert was wonderful and I only had to miss one of Steph's songs to be back in time to pick up Nina. Good thing school and softball are only 5 minutes apart!


Catherine said...

Don't reduce pictures taking at all. But keep sharing more. This tree is magnificent! Don't mind honking-stressed people. They don't profit of their live.
I'm with you concerning the spring and its "presents". I feel better, crossing a tree in bloom, people wearing colored clothes, new seasonal fruits, flip flops and naked arms, young children at the parc, sun light later in the evening, holidays approching, I feel I live again just like your beautiful tree. around 77° here in Paris.
Too bad we just get the picture of Stephanie, and we can't hear the choir! I might be grandiose.

Melissa said...

Oh yes, I love spring too!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm in Georgia where the flowers are blooming beautifully, but the pollen is fierce! :)