Monday, May 12, 2008

Images from Mother's Day

Yesterday, Kristina made me pancake breakfast, we were off to church, and then cooked out at my sister & brother-n-laws. It was a terrific time and I got to see all the babies. Hey Catherine...the pics of my cat are for you! Don't they look alike?


Candi Tardio said...

looks like you had a great mothers day!!! great pic's ;) nice of you to make breakfast for your mom!!!!

Catherine said...

Jacque, I can't believe it! We have exactly the same cat! I 'll post more pictures of mine in my blog soon, and you 'll compare! You were right.
And all these little babies are so cute. I love babies. Are they all of your family! How I know the way little boys play with cars around the coffee table, always in row one after an other. Like your picture with Lizzie.
I like the basket of flowers , specially these flowers that will fall. That's a really beatiful flower arragement!
Don't forget to watch my "Cannelle".