Friday, May 30, 2008

Lost your best friend?

Me eldest has had the unfortunate experience of her first failed cell phone this week. My personal belief is the phone was just overworked and pooped out. Dear daughter does not believe so. The look of panic on her face when she realized the phone was dead was nothing short of hilarious to me. ;) So, Day 1...I let her use my phone for her evening texting. Day 2....I let her use my phone again so she could call for a ride from school. I thought it reasonable to use a payphone to call for a ride to which she replied..."A pay phone?!?! YUCK! We don't even have a payphone! "Ummmm, yes you's by the band room, and I'll give you 50 cents to make your call. Or possibly you could borrow a cell phone from one of your 84,000 friends that have them" Now, you know that was TOTALLY unreasonable to her. She replied, "The band room?" Like she was certain her school didn't have a band room, even though she goes right by it every other day on her way to choir. So, I gave in...she had the phone yesterday. phone...safely tucked in MY purse :) :) :) Last night she told me her phone had begun working intermittently, but it freezes, turns off, flashes on and off etc. Generally, it appears she needs a new phone.

Onward to my LEAST favorite person...George Dubya. Could you please Mr. President, if it ain't too much for ya, please send my flippin stimulus check. I've been teased with two letters about it...two false dates, and now they say it'll be in the mail today. What's a person gotta do to stimulate some economy around here. Really the only economy I'll be stimulating is for the bills I already owe thanks to the rise in every price under the sun over the past few months. But hopeful, somewhere in there, we'll have a few cents left over to get my dear daughter a new best friend :)

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Catherine said...

I love the way you write, Jacque, specially the last paragraph I wouldn't have done better!
How teenagers are similar in every countries! My daughter is lost when her phone is broken. That's exactly what occured a couple of months ago. Now, she's waiting for her birthday (july) to get a new one. Of course, we could buy a new one immediatly, but when we do that we don't know what to offer her at her birthday! Those children get everything they desire! ; )