Monday, May 26, 2008

The Many Faces of Aubrey

Today I wanted to share with you the many faces of my great niece Aubrey. She shared these expressions with us over the course of about 2 minutes in the car! I was so lucky to have her yesterday and today. She is the best baby ever and it is such a joy to spend time with her. I get to care for her again next weekend :) First we start out with..."You CAN'T be serious!" Then we go to..."Just try it! I bite! I mean it!" That's right before the serious growling ensues! Next...she says "Ohhh, you're taking my picture?!? Who knew!" Right before she started the next round of peek-a-boo!


Steve Ballmer said...

Love you kids, give them Vista!

Gabe's Mom said...

OMG! Is that really baby niece? I object to her getting any bigger! Then there won't be anymore babies....someone will have to step forward and have another and it certainly isn't going to be moi! HEHE. Kisses.