Saturday, May 3, 2008

The weather is calling the shots

As my 24 days off school and internship begin, I have big plans....BIG plans! Mostly involving cleaning, renovations, and organizing. Today...was yard day. I was so excited to start with my favorite task first. is Y-U-C-K-Y! Chilly, overcast, with intermittent showers, and generally one of those days that makes you want to sleep until noon. So...I did. Yep, Kevin was up, went to his meeting, went out to breakfast, came home and I was still asleep! Ahhhhhhhh, heaven! So, I revamped the schedule. Today is cleaning day, tomorrow is yard work day. I am sharing some plants with Sarah, and she is busy garage saling today so it will work out better that way. Besides tomorrow is supposed to be Sunny and 66--- PERFECT in my book to work in the yard all day! We are busy getting ready for the clothing drive next week. I have been washing lots of laundry, cleaning lots of drawers and closets, all to be giving LOTS of things away. I feel terrific when I can carry out 10 bags of no longer needed items to give to the needy. So far today in the one hour and a half that I've been up, I've packed up two bags for the needy. We are supposed to be putting a hard wood floor in our bedroom this month, so there is lots of cleaning that needs to happen before that task can be completed. I think our tax stimulus $$ will be here which point we are finally going to buy a desperately needed shed. That will enable us to clean out the garage, and to get rid of more stuff. Definitely Spring cleaning at the Ruch house! I find myself caught in a desperate cycle with the never ending laundry in that my kids try something on and it doesn't fit, or has a stain, or they don't like it and where does it end up? In the laundry to start the cycle over again. AGGGGHHHH!!! So, I am committed to getting every little thing out of this house that no one will wear. All by next week!

I've done some thinking on grad school. I'm pretty close to choosing Loyola, unless I find something closer to home. However, My PhD program requires a grad level statistics course as a prerequisite, which is really scary to me. I am sure tutoring will be a part of that. So, I am leaning toward Loyola cuz they have a Friday night/Saturday morning tract, like the one I'm on now...I think the family would love to head into Chicago a few nights a month, while Mom goes to school. But first, I've decided on a year off. During this year, I hope to transition to private practice...take my statistics class, pay a big chunk of my current loan, and spend lots of time with my family and with me. I want to take a photography class, I want to scrap book a lot, I want to work on my house. After 10 years, we are to the point where every room needs painting, and besides I'm ready for a change. Do you think spring is inspiring all of this? I don't know. I want to join a health club and exercise A LOT!! I walked the dogs last night (just around the block) and found myself falling in love with time being spent only with me. It is definitely a rare commodity these days, and one I need to dedicate myself more to before embarking on the final degree. I am going to interview Loyola, and also speak to some Dr. friends of mine who are professors, so gauge if that's where I really want to be. If I decide no, then no PhD for me. If I decide yes...then that's the goal for 2010. Today, I think I'll just busy myself with laundry, cleaning out the fridge, and loving my family.....Ahhhhhhh, this IS the life!

Until next time

PS My mama's pageant is today...keep a good thought for her!

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Catherine said...

At the begining of 24 days off, you plan so many activities, Jacque! I'm just like you at the begining of a freetime period, my mind full of projects. You're reallly an active woman. I hope you will scrap a lot, and show us your work. Have some good times with those you love.