Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Gramma

Today Gramma is 70!!! Happy Birthday... we broke the news to her last night that we will be taking her to a sunny and sandy destination for Christmas. It's become a standing joke in our family when every year at Christmas when things don't go exactly right Gramma can be heard saying, "That's it! Next year I won't be home for Christmas, I'm taking a trip!" Well guess what? This year Gramma's gonna be on a trip. Hawaii? Bahamas? Mexico? We're really not sure. Of course Gramma wanted to pick something the kids will enjoy (Isn't she crazy) But we clarified that it is her trip and she gets to chose. So, we're trip shopping! How fun is that?!? Today, Gramma got these really pretty flowers from my SIL Teresa...

So pretty!!

Until next time...

Happy Birthday Honey!

Guess what, the MIL decided dinner wasn't such a bad idea after all last night :) So we dined at the Olive Garden...and man do I LOVE the Olive Garden, and then we went to Grandma's for cake... Yummy.
Birthday Boy
A slightly 'psycho' moment of cake cutting!

Garden gifts

Despite the neglect my garden is experiencing from the many hours I am working, it never ceases to amaze me with it's beauty. Nice work God...

Skywatch Friday...

This one's for you Catherine! Although it's from Thursday night...I saved it for Friday...does that count? Too bad I have wires in it and KFC :( But other than that, it's pretty awesome.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Down and out, yet better than ever...

So...if you read sunshine's blog then you'll notice an uncanny resemblance between her post and mine today. Odd...perhaps it's the moon cycle or perhaps the warm weather takes it's toll and us girls finally do something for us. Here is the general state of affairs today...not celebrating birthday with Mother-n-law, brother...well let's just generalize and say that he's a bit crazy lost his mind, children that have decided not to do chores and are a bit shocked when plans with friends are canceled due to lack of choredom, having to forgo a date with my husband this weekend to clean up my brother's mess, more financial stress than any one middle class American family can tolerate (OK, that's a little dramatic, but REALLY??! Bush is killing me!) AND last night when I attempted to walk into the bathroom but couldn't due to the enormous pile of laundry and step stool left behind the door the tears came. The tears were good except that Nina inquired...what's wrong? To which I replied, crazy family, crazy OUT OF CONTROL house!!, 70 hours a week, food prices, gas prices, floods to increase food prices, utilities and well, just generally feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes life is like that. I lotioned her up, kissed her, tucked her in bed and went on my way. Oh AND, let me share a story with you about the CRAZY person that came into my center yesterday!!! Picture it...Rockford, 2008, drizzly rain, mid 70's, 12:30 (naptime, 200 children peacefully dozing. An innocent looking enough parent comes in the front door carrying an innocent looking enough 2 year old who proceeds to pull the fire alarm WHILE SHE WAS HOLDING HIM!!!!! He wasn't in the door 1 second!! How on Earth does this happen?!? No apology from this mother, no run for the hills, no correction to the child....just this calm statement, "I wanted to see if I could enroll my child?" "WHAT!?!" "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?" "DO YOU KNOW YOU JUST WOKE UP 200 KIDS?!?!" (The strobe lights are flashing, the siren is going off, children are waking up crying and scrambling out of the building) I calmly said to her...can you wait right here while I evacuate my 200 sleeping children, call the alarm company, reset the pull station, silence the alarm, and lose my mind!?! And calmly wait she did. After I regained my composure I explained to the innocent looking enough parent that no I couldn't enroll her child, I'd have to stab myself in the eye first! That was just a snippet of my day yesterday. So last night...the tears were good. Today, the strength has returned. The family can be crazy (I'll stay out of it thank you very much), I'll keep pluggin along until this economy works it's way through or I resolve to poverty whichever comes first, I'll clean up my brother's mess as best I can...and then...I will paste a happy smile on my face and continue to appreciate every day and all it brings.

Until next time...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

14 hours and a birthday

Yesterday my main man had a birthday...the 48th one to be exact. I had a 14 hour day. It was a nice day though and my groups were enjoyable last night. (I facilitate children's therapy groups for children with Autism) After work I picked Steph up at the ball diamond, got us some dinner, and picked up a cake for hubby. The budget is really tight still, so no presents yet. Hoping to maybe get some Cubs tickets for him later :) (shhhhh that's a secret) We had our cake which was really tasty and a small conversation ensued that Grandma (hubby's mom) had also bought a cake but Kevin wanted to wait til I was home to have it and evidently Grandma was mad about that. We had an enjoyable evening (the hour we were together before bed) and Robert was over too so I snuggled him up for a bit. My husband opened his gift from my Mom and we was SO excited! His mustache and beard trimmer had broken a while ago (after 15 years of use!) and Mom finally got him a new one! I was trying to watch TV in our room, while he was checking out the new trimmer. He would get up and leave the crazy thing running. I said, "Um yes, excuse me...are you trimming right now?" "What?" "You're not?" "Then turn that crazy thing off!!!" To which he laughed and continued playing with it. He was quite excited evidently. He was especially thrilled that the attachments from the old trimmer fit the new trimmer. A dream come true evidently! After that, again while I was trying to read a magazine and chill out for a bit...he began brushing his hair into odd formations...all for my enjoyment. Mostly I was surprised at how gray his hair is (Guess I haven't looked too closely lately). He was finally done playing with his trimmer, giving himself new hairstyles (words cannot describe his craziness) and I was finally able to crash for the night. I am a bit bummed that I was too tired to get up and get my camera...otherwise there sure would be pictures here of his crazy hair! (Don't get me wrong...I'm sure glad he still has enough hair to make crazy styles with!)

Bright and early this morning I came in and told my mother in law "Would you like to go to dinner tomorrow night birthday girl?" (Because her birthday is tomorrow) To which she replied...since we weren't available last night to celebrate Kevin's birthday she would not be celebrating her birthday with us this year. Ummmm, pardon me? The odd thing about this is that I told her my schedule a week ago and told her maybe we could do something on Sunday. So, in light of the craziness, I replied..."Let me know when you're all done with this craziness and we'll celebrate your birthday."

One of my very best friends and I often joke about whose family is most dysfunctional and of late...she has been winning. But for today... I WIN!!!

Until next time...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Here's to talent...

My 'Paris Friend" Catherine posted this I took the quiz! She and I are the same...a talent...who knew? I wonder if I'll ever be adequately compensated for all that 'talent'!?!

I'm a Talent!

You're a risk-taker, and you follow your passions. You're determined to take on the world and succeed on your own terms. Whether in the arts, science, engineering, business, or politics, you fearlessly express your own vision of the world. You're not afraid of a fight, and you're not afraid to bet your future on your own abilities. If you find a job boring or stifling, you're already preparing your resume. You believe in doing what you love, and you're not willing to settle for an ordinary life.

Talent: 51%
Lifer: 41%
Mandarin: 46%

Take the quiz at">Talent, Lifer, or Mandarin quiz.

Take the quiz...I'd like to know what you are just takes a minute

Those of you reading that (especially Carlene) is, yes, clearly, not afraid to voice your opinion...ah yes...I'm working on that ;)

Sunday, June 22, 2008


First Day of Summer
Longest period of daylight in the year
7 hours of standing
1 hour of walking
4 train rides
2 bus rides
1 taxi ride
A little bit lost
Poets and Pirates Tour 2008
Gary Allan
Leeann Rimes
Keith Urban
Kenny Chesney
Soldier Field
Summer Tradition
A new T-Shirt
133 Pictures
Good Friend
Standing ON the sandbar
Soul Cleansing LOUD music
Ringing ears
Cost...not to be published here
The Experience...priceless

Our first view of the field
50,000+ people finding their seats
Who do you have to know to get in there? Add this to one of my life backstage with Kenny :)
Finding our seats ON THE SANDBAR!
We're gonna call this babe the blue dress girl...Here's the thing about the blue dress girl...she was sloppy drunk when she arrived and was 'holding a spot along the stage, tousling her hair, talking on her phone and generally being obnoxious. Then...she left...Anne & I popped right into 'her spot'. Of course she returned later and said, "tell me you didn't take our spot" (she was by herself) I said, who's 'our'? She said, me and my boyfriend....ok, maybe a bit too drunk cuz I sure didn't see a boyfriend. I said, Clearly you don't think you can leave 'your spot' in a standing room only concert and not expect someone to take it? Well, since we would still be one foot from the stage if blue dress girl was in front of us, I gave her back her spot. I musta been super nice yesterday, cuz rethinking that leads me to believe I wouldn't do it today. Anyway, we figured she'd pass out soon and we'd step over her and take 'her spot' again :) After time she got so obnoxious with the whole tousling hair and almost having sex with her boyfriend right there in front of us, that we decided to move down. Any chance we could go to a private show without alcohol and drunk people? No?!? bummer. Time for the show.
Gary Allan...watching airplanes
Leeann's the thing about Leeann. Someone needs to tell her that truly she is not cute. She came out on stage in denim hot pants and a tank top that stopped about 1/2 inch above her boobs AND she had no bra on. Did I mention she had bare feet? TRASHY!!! Of course she giggled and hopped around on stage like there was no tomorrow. Yuck. Finally, she did us all a favor and donned a Bears Jersey. Perhaps this was originally what she was going to wear and simply forgot it? Along with her Bra? Anyway...I was glad when her part of the show was over...Now....onto this...
Really it does NOT get any hotter than that! Keith is! There is no other word to describe him. Nichole was back stage and the 50.000 of us sang happy birthday to her. They showed her on screen and of course she is super cute pregnant. Keith is sporting a new Nichole Tattoo on his right arm. His talent is amazing and as part of the recovering is wonderful to see him clean and sober. What an amazing musician.
Finally we were ready for the big event. We had been standing at this point for 5 hours. Let me tell was WELL worth the wait. The sound and acoustics were perfect for a stadium show. No echo, no feedback, beautiful blue skies, 65 degrees. IT JUST DON'T GET NO BETTER THAN THIS!!!
Aren't you certain he's singing right to me?!? :)
Kenny and the band jammin, up close and personal
I didn't get to touch him this year and no autograph either. So, there are still goals to be had for next year ;)
Kenny and Keith singing 'Take it to the limit'...Awesome! And finally...the guitar giveaway. At the end of the show...Kenny came out with a guitar signed by his band members. He signed it on stage and walked up and down the catwalk looking for the perfect recipient. This little man won it. Amazing! I'm not sure if he realized how special that was, but I thought his mom was gonna have a stroke right there!
After that it was sadly time to say goodbye. It was truly an amazing show. Man did I need that!

Goodnight everybody!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A New Country Countdown...

For those of you that know me well, and know I have had a Kenny Chesney ticket in hand but haven't bragged about it mentioned it here, your blissful days are over! Let me back track a minute. You see, up until now I've been the proud owner of 1 ticket. Yes just 1. And although there will be about 30,000 other people there (or however many soldier field holds) I thought I may feel slightly alone there by myself. I thought I'd just consider Kenny my date for the evening, but decided against that at the last minute. So, here it was a week before the concert....still no date. First, thought I, I better have a 2nd ticket if I plan to have a date. So, on the eve of the morning I had to get up at 3:30 -- I sure was up til 11:30 bidding on the very last sandbar ticket available on ebay. Guess what....drum roll know I won it! So, as of Tuesday...I had two tickets...still no date. NOT ANY MORE!!!! My friend Anne has agreed to go with me, with actually no arm twisting involved! (I know you're surprised that someone would jump at the chance to see the very most handsome, talented man with 4 of his very most talented friends) From where will we be viewing this marvel you ask? Well of course, the 3rd row! As my daughter puts it. Kenny and I will be breathing the same air :) I. Can. Hardly. Wait. AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! So my friends, you have had a break from my insane love of Kenny Chesney to date....but no more! There is a new country countdown in town....3 DAYS AND COUNTING!!!! WOOOOOOHOOOOO!

Oh, and just one more honor of the big event...this here blog will only play Kenny music for the next...well...until concert fever wears off! No guarantees there!

Until next time...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bye Bye Mama

Today my mom left to go home to Arizona. Home is not really Arizona for her...she's a transplant. Really home is here. So I should say Mom left home today ;) We dropped her at the bus depot this morning at 3:45a. Ugggghhh. Brennan shared how he gets a stomach ache when he gets up so early. I told him, I used to too when I had to get up early to leave on vacation. But now, heck, I'm so used to living on a grain of sleep there is no stomach ache to be had. We all had a great time with mama. Mini golf, movies, dinners out, shopping, talking, laughing. It was very nice, and went by all too quickly. As we said our teary goodbyes this morning my son classically said, "Why is everyone crying?" Sometimes living in 'his world' where social cues and messages are obscure at best, doesn't seem all that bad sometimes. So today I have 2 H-Y-P-E-R children. 2 children that have been up 4 hours already. I expect there will be naps later in the day. (at least I hope so!)

Kristina had a game last night. They won. The coaches were not impressed. This is really a 'growth' year for Kristina's team and they are really pushing the girls to achieve more. They have so much to learn in this new league...stealing. sliding, and the importance of being a good catcher. (That is Kristina's gig you know) -- I, as 'the mama' have to sit back and let the coaches be a little tough on my baby. I know it helps her grow and become a better athlete. I also know it hurts my heart. Don't get me wrong...she has FABULOUS coaches, her 4th year on this team. I tell myself, only fine steel withstands the test of fire...and so it goes...a great catcher in the making :) The team is going to watch the Thunder play on Thursday (That's our very own professional girls softball league) for a bit of inspiration. Oughtta be a fun time.

Stephanie started her Art's apprenticeship yesterday complete with a casted hand. I told her her cast will likely look like a Jackson Pollack painting by the time she gets it off in two weeks. She got through yesterday with only a small bit of paint on it.

Kristina starts her summer trombone lessons today and then I think all lessons are in place for summer until tennis and horseback riding in August.

Hope to take in a few of these most beautiful summer days with a nap in the hammock this week. Sunny, 70 and breezy...this is the life!

Until next time...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Getting it together...

Sorry for the blog hiatus. I think the transitions in my life over the past two weeks have finally caught up to me and I'm back in the groove. I feel adjusted to the internship, the laundry is slightly on track, the kids have their chore list for the summer, and things are falling into place nicely. Over the weekend, I FINALLY unpacked my new computer. (That's been in the box for 2 months or so) No...wait, before that I FINALLY unpacked and assembled the remaining sections of my scrap desk that have been in the boxes for SEVERAL months. So, the desk is assembled and the computer is set up. It is quite delightful and well worth the wait. This week I am selling the daybed that is taking up so much space and then will get around to painting. :) So glad to finally be getting that room completed. I am so excited at how it's turning out and can't wait to get in there to start creating! I do need one, er uh two more purchases for that room. I am looking for a butcher top 'island' with two stools or something similar but preferably in white, and then I need two either office chairs, or stools or something cute...(I'm contemplating some upholstered stools with scrappy fabric) for my two desks. All you shoppers out there, let me know if you see anything super cute, k?

The kids (the ones without broken hands that is) started swimming this weekend and that went very well. Kristina is excited about taking her life guarding class and she is the only one in it, so she's getting private lessons :) Brennan is doing well also, he's in level 5 one more year to work on some stroke refinement, and then he can do life guarding next year. Kristina really wants to try out for the swim team, and has invited Brennan to try out as well. I think the practices are at the crack of dawn everyday, so I don't think that'll work out for Brennan, but I can't wait for all that middle school has to offer Kristina!

We are winding down on my Mom's visit as she leaves tomorrow. We have all had such a nice time, just wandering through the lazy days of summer. (As lazy as they can be with my lifestyle anyway!)

Finally, I wanted to share a few updates....Baby Mark Moore has received his miracle. He is through surgery, off the heart lung machine, and is working hard to breathe on his own. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

Also, I wanted to share an excerpt from Sandi Johnson's speech at the Relay for Life Rally over the weekend. As this brave and wonderful soul continues her strong fight against Cancer...For those of us who think our lives may be a little bit much at times...she has the ability to put it all into perspective...You can follow Sandi's story here . As I have mentioned before, this woman is an amazing story of strength and courage in the face of overwhelming odds. Sandi is one of THE MOST extraordinary women I know. Please keep her on your prayer list too ;)

These are her thoughts on her adjusted attitude toward life, since living with cancer every day...

"I urge all of you, each and every one of you, to enjoy your life, the precious moments you have. To spend each day with some laughter and some deep thought. To spend time every day with people you love. If you’ve been online to read my journal, the journal from Jodi, then you know what I’ve just said comes straight from my heart. Every single time I write, I close with this phrase… LET THE LITTLE THINGS GO AND TELL THEM THAT YOU LOVE THEM. DON’T FORGET TO LAUGH!
Do I have down moments? You bet I do. Fear is a powerful thing. But then I realize I made it another day…I beat it and there are those that didn’t. Please, may we have just a moment of silence for those who didn’t make it today?
I would like to be able to spend whatever time I have left to give some hope to others. I would like to make a difference, even if it’s a small one. 1 and 1/2 million people will be diagnosed with cancer just this year alone. Also this year, 550,000 people will die of cancer. More money is needed for research. It may not save my life. But it may save my children's lives. It may save someone you love. I will thank God for today and the moment I have. And if you see me, smile and give me a hug. Cancer can do a lot of destructive things. But it can’t touch my heart; it can’t touch my mind; and it can’t touch my soul. "

As spoken by Sandi Johnson at the Relay for Life

Until next time...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

7 Years Ago Today

Ok, you got me again....not really today, but yesterday...7 years ago yesterday, I donated a kidney to my brother. We're both just peachy and today I got some beautiful flowers from my brother and his wife to commemorate. Why no picture you ask? Dead battery in the camera and just haven't had a chance to stop for a new one. Can you believe it?!?

Once again...I must climg on my soap box...if you haven't registered online to be an organ donor please do so today. Do not sign your license do not tell your family...those things do not matter according to Illinois MUST register on line. Actually you can sign your license, but unless you're registered online, your family can still over ride your decision. Please make the decision while you're healthy and your family isn't under the stress of losing a loved one. REGISTER TODAY!! And, if you feel so moved, register to become a live was a piece of cake surgery and we can all live just fine with one kidney. Thousands of people each year die waiting for organs. Please don't take your organs to Heaven, Heaven knows we need them on Earth!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

19 Years Ago Today

"Am I really here in your arms? It's just like I dreamed it would be. I feel like we're frozen in time. You're the only one I can see" Aaron Neville & Linda Ronstadt

Well, not really today, but yesterday. I usually post a day behind you know! 19 years ago yesterday I met the love of my life, the father of my children, my 'honey' (More on that later) Aaaaah yes, I remember it if it was yesterday. I was at a friend's son's birthday party. He was turning 1. A few of my other friends were talking about going to a dance that night, so my ears perked up. Is it a good dance? A DJ or a band? How many people? Where is it at? You know....all those things. I had mostly quit drinking at that time except for an occasional night out, so a good dance spot was hard to come by. I decided to go. We had a great time and were getting ready to leave and go out to breakfast when a few guys went by. My friend piped up, "Hey, Dave and Kevin....going to A. Mary's?" Sure they said. Being fresh out of a break up, I didn't even look...or consider...or ponder a new relationship. There were about 15 of us at breakfast that morning (You know the 2AM kind?) The guys were talking about going water skiing the next day, (At the time my ALL TIME favorite thing to do!) and somehow I was lucky enough to be invited. We skied the next day, and the next day, and the next day. We went for ice cream, went to meetings, went out to eat, went to the health club, and generally hung out all the time. There were 4 of us. Dave B., Lisa D., Kevin R, and Jacque H. Kevin R had a new truck and the four of us would ride around all crammed in the front seat just hangin out. It was a wonderful carefree summer! A feeling I had not felt for a long long time. It wasn't long before we were 'dating' :) In August we went to the NA world convention in Orlando. In November I gave up my apartment and in September of 1990 I became 'Jacque R. used to be H.' That phrase is dedicated to Dave B. He was Kevin's very best friend, our best man in our wedding and he is the one that coined the phrase Jacque R used to be H. Dave B passed away from AIDS. Sometimes, it seems like a few life times ago that we met and at others, the memories rush back like it was yesterday. Nineteen years're the only one I can see :)

Onto the honey story. On Sunday morning I was up making breakfast for Aubrey when Kevin walked down the stairs. I said, "Hi Honey" and then Aubrey said "Hi Honey! Hi Honey! Hi Honey!" This continued throughout the day and just cracked me up...what a sweet girl!

Until next time

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Comfy in my own skin

Have I mentioned I hate being new? I really do...I hate being new to a to a to a to a task I haven't yet mastered. I am not sure why I hate it so much. I feel pretty confident and most of the time I do relatively well at things unless something crazy or stupid happens and then I just blame someone else for the craziness. What?!? You don't do that too? Well, who knew? Anyway...I'm on week two of my internship. I must say the newness hasn't been too bad. The clients aren't the issue. I feel really comfortable seeing patients. It's the paperwork, the organizational whatever you want to call know...whose desk you can take a pen off of, whose not to touch for fear of losing a finger, that sort of stuff. Along with the...what to wear. What does everyone else wear? Are flip flops ok, cuz really I can't deal with summer without flip flops. I haven't seen any of the Dr.'s wearing flip flops with their suits yet, but that hasn't deterred me.

Oh...AND...the newest thing to learn...dictation. At my new internship I dictate my patient notes. I never thought I'd have a hard time making a coherent thought for someone else to type. aka talking. For those of you that know me personally, clearly talking is not an obstacle for me! But when the recorder is on...well, let's just say it's not so smooth! Here's the deal...I should really type my own case notes , since I have to type them before I dictate them to avoid sounding like a total idiot with lots of ummms, what was I going to say, did you get that, hello, is anyone in there, is this live or memorex? Yes the whole dictation thing will take a bit of getting used to.

Overall, finally after 41 years of relative insecurity...I finally feel confident enough to feel comfy in my own skin, and that's a nice place to be. I have a friend that writes about the newness, the first impressions, the concern about other's feelings, etc. etc. and really'll all be ok. Be yourself. People have choices and everyone's not gonna like you, but some people will and they'll become fast friends. So be it. Be yourself and hope for the best. People will see the true you and they'll love you for it. They might not see it the first day...but they'll see it. I think it is hard for us as women and I think Hillary's campaign is a stark example of the obstacles we face. If we are tough...then the b**** word naturally follows. If we are soft, then we have no backbone. If we aren't tough, then we don't have balls enough to get the job done. So where's the happy medium? I believe that comes from being ok with yourself. Be as tough as you have to be to feel safe and as soft as you have to be, to love the important people in your life and to receive love back from them. It is a difficult balancing act as best. I think it's a challenge women of 2008 face daily and I'd like to hear from you. What's your preference as a woman? Tough or soft? or a happy medium? And if you're a man....really we won't beat you down! What's your preference? Because as our husbands, fathers, and fathers of our children what you think matters. We might not change our ways ;) but we still like to know what you think! Post a comment and share with me what tricks you have to feel confident in new situations...and how to balance toughness with a touch of lovely.

Until next time...

Monday, June 9, 2008

Lack of appreciation for the rain forest

I am not quite sure if I live in Costa Rica or if I've inadvertently moved to the Northwest. My feet are going to be webbed soon without a doubt if the rain doesn't quit and soon! Another rainy day today and 3 or 4 more forecast. Joy of joys! I believe it has rained everyday since my Mom got here. It has not, however, dampened our spirits or slowed us down in having fun! I think it is a world record for me having not blogged for 4 days! Yes I'm ok, no a sudden illness has not overtaken me, and to you my faithful readers I apologize for the absence. My favorite blogs are blogs that are updated at least once a day, and so I try to hold myself to that standard too. Fell a bit short this week, huh? :) We've dined out a lot, played some ball, shopped a bit, rested a bit, hugged a lot, talked a lot, and generally at this point, we all feel 'caught up'. That gives us 8 more days to enjoy Grammie's company. I spent a ton of time with my brother, sil, niece and great niece over the weekend. It reminded me of times when everyone lived here in town and we spent all weekend together and shared every meal together. No one is expected to go home, whoever's house we're at is home for the moment. It was really terrific. I was sad to see my brother head back to Wisconsin last night. I really oppose him living elsewhere, but that is where he found a good job. [drat!] As always, I have a picture review for you. I do NOT have ANY pictures of softball kick off, because yes, I forgot the camera...WHAT?!? Hard to believe I know and even I'm not sure how it happened. I didn't get to see the first game since hubby and I had a wedding at the same time. Nina lost 14-15. She plays again tonight and I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Aaaahhhhh summer! (Despite all the rain!) review it is...Baby Aubrey enjoyed some time with her nana & papa. Whenever they walk in the room she screams at the top of her lungs "HI PAPA!!!" She also got to spend lots of time with Grammie :) I commented on how 'unloved' this child is ;) It seems every time you turn around someone is hugging her, kissing her, or holding her. And she is such a joy! She is so well adjusted and so well behaved. She has great parents :) There is definitely no shortage of love for baby girl! We celebrated Brennan's birthday with my side of the family and they put him up on a saddle to sing a wild Yeehaw! to celebrate. After a bit, my sil showed my how sick she was of my brother's crazy antics...she had had it up to here! (All in good fun of course!) Speaking of rain... I loved this picture of all the umbrellas stacked in the entry way at church. Kristina and I both adopted a flower garden to care for at church yesterday so that should be fun. She is very excited of course and can't wait to get hers planted! Mine looks quite good already (no thanks to me) and is pretty full so shouldn't need much care. (My kind of job :) Yesterday, for the few hours in which we had no rain...we all made it out to the airshow to see the USAF Thunderbirds. TOOOOOO COOOOOOL! They were challenging to photograph since they move so fast, but incredibly fun to watch! Awesome! We walked out from under an old B52 bomber to this view... I was standing in the cargo hold at the time looking out. They had FREE (yes you heard me right) FREE rock climbing there. Kristina was a dither! She made it all the way to the top, but not without the most severe wedgie of all time! After a few hours there, we headed home for another family dinner. Kristina was busy making an end of the year scrapbook for her teacher. It was too cute, and gee why didn't I take a picture? Your guess is as good as mine. We did get these end of the year gifts for her teachers...(stole this idea from Sarah) -- Beach towels, sun screen and a magazine to kick off summer! It's my last year to buy teacher gifts, since my baby will be in middle school this fall. I am certain she will still want to take treats etc, (and probably gifts too) -- but usually this tradition ends at grade school which will be much nicer on my budget ;) Whew! Glad to be caught up with y'all!

It's my kid's last day of school today, back to work for me, internship and then a softball game tonight (aka homework session). Aaaahhhhh....summer!

Until next time...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Finally the surprise for my children (and for me) arrived yesterday. After work I went to my internship to see one client and got a referral for 3 more (that was really terrific!). I left there are headed to the bus station to pick up my Mom who had flown in from Arizona. Over the past month it has been difficult at best to keep this a surprise for the kids, but somehow we managed to get away with it. My Mom is quite thin after her heart issues and subsequent surgery. I told her we'd fatten her right up here ;) We started out with our favorite Cantonese food last night from Chen's! Yummmmmmy! Oh wait...before that, we had to come home and surprise the kids. Stephanie was sitting at the table completing hopefully the last of her enormous homework load this week when Grammie walked in... As Grammie was hugging Stephanie, Kristina was in the other room and heard her voice. She said that at first she didn't know if it was me or Grammie (since we often sound very alike) but quickly came to investigate...She was VERY happy to see her Grammmie! Brennan was gone to a friends house when Grammie arrived. When he came home later, he was busily talking to his friend when he noticed Grammie..."Oh, hi Grammie!" he said, without really missing a beat. Grammie of course was surprised at how tall he is now! I'll have to check but he's either really close to passing me, or perhaps already has! I digress...after the girls got their Grammie hugs, Kevin walked in shortly after that with Dinner. After Dinner we were off to Kristina's band concert.
Get a tissue ready because I think in a few seconds here you'll be rotfl! We dropped Kristina off at the front of the school and went to park the car. She had her trombone in one hand and her music book in the other. She saw her friend Ryan up ahead of her and began running to catch up to him. (Let me interject here that without eating for the past 5 days due to the braces, my baby girl has lost 6 lbs!) she was running, it slowly came over us that indeed her pants were falling down! I mean Down! Like to her knees down and she had no free hands to pull them up. She grabbed them with her full hand and quickly pulled them up! She turned to look to see if we saw what happened. Ummmm, yeah. By this point I was laughing so hard I could not catch my breath. I had to stop the truck because I thought I was going to pass out! Literally I began seeing stars! I have truly never, never laughed SO hard in my entire life. What I wouldn't give for a photo of that event!
After the concert I asked Kristina what Ryan thought of her pants falling down. She said, "Oh, I don't think he noticed. He just said, Oh did you trip?!?" To which more roaring laughter erupted! Good thing my baby was such a good sport about it! Ryan and Kristina have been friends since 1st grade. His mom is from the UK so even Ryan has a slightly English accent, which I love. I can just hear him say...Did you trip? in his very proper sounding English ;) Bless his heart! For many years he was the only boy at the birthday parties with 10 other girls and he always had a great time. He's a super neat kid. Half way through the concert I was sitting up on the top bleacher when a little hand came up between (yes between) my legs and up came a 4 year old boy from underneath the bleachers!!! Why was this concert the craziest event of my life!?! I thought for sure I was giving birth to a four year old. Odd. Yes, very odd. We got through one more song and it was totally quiet as they were getting ready to play the next song...just then of course my Mom's cell phone rang! OMG! It reverberated through the gym and of course everybody looked at her. I just shook my head...crazy Grammie! We finally got through the concert without any more odd events and headed to BR for some yummy ice cream. After we got home, Kristina had fun trying on Grammie's new wig collection. Don't ask me why my mother is now wearing wigs. Yes my mother with the perfect, never a hair out of place hairstyle...wigs. Who knew? I took a video of Kristina's fabulous Trombone solo. Not really a solo for her but a solo for the trombone section. How fun is this?

They also played one of my Mom's all time favorite tunes, Hang on Sloopy... Too cool!

After we got home it was time for surprises. My mom brought us each THE coolest zipper purses. I cant really describe them, but after I take pictures you'll get the gist. The purse is made out of one l-o-n-g zipper and after you zip it together it's a purse. Very cool. Very different! My girls thought they were the best!

Brennan had a great time playing laser tag with his friend Aubrey last night. It is so nice to see him breaking through the friendship barriers of autism and learning to become a good friend. When I treat clients at my internship it becomes very obvious how far he's come and what a fantastic child I have :) After quite an eventful day... I crashed into bed and prayed for baby Mark. He needs lots of prayers so please please....keep praying. It seems he is on the upward swing but it is very touch and go. Please pray for his family Matt, Jen, Payton, and Savannah too.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The play by play

6:00 - 1:30 worked my day job
2:00 - 3:00 orientation at new internship
3:30 - 4:45 client
5:00 - 6:00 group
6:00 - 6:30 processing group
6:30 - 7:15 drive home, stop at store to pick up something to cook
7:15 - 7:45 cook dinner and eat dinner
7:45 open the mail....
Thank you Uncle Sam!
7:50 - 8:45 mow front yard...ahhhh much better
pray for baby moore while mowing
8:45 - 9:15 blogging
9:15 - 10:00 laundry
10:00 - 10:30 watch the news/talk with Mom on the phone
10:30 - collapse into bed
5:00 AM start again :)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Trying to grab some happiness as it flies by!

My life is full of so many things that are terrific! For that I feel truly blessed. I find it hard to take a minute sometimes to take it all in. On Thursday, my friend Laura brought this new friend into her life... This is her new baby Maltese Gracie! How cute is she?!? I got to babysit her Friday while Laura made arrangements for someone else to care for her during the day :) My little friends Zoe and Jason loved her just as much as I did... She is such a good puppy! And over the top with the cuteness :)
Friday night and Saturday I was back to school. I got through the reentry ok, and I have a FABULOUS professor! I learned so much in those two short days.
Baby Aubrey was with us Friday night for a while and then overnight Saturday into Sunday...I am blessed to have babies to love... Little babies...and not so little babies. My baby Aubrey is a budding gardener and took a minute to closely examine the daffodils... She asks a lot of whats that? and what? so I do my best to explain to her and to teach her the beauty of the Earth.
After school Saturday I headed into work until about 8:00. I was back there at 7 Sunday morning and headed home exhausted finally at 5:00 yesterday. I am so glad to finally have preschool graduation behind me. It was a great time with over 300 in attendance! Man is that a lot of work! Two of my very good friends children graduated which always makes it a bit more meaningful for me. Sarah and Stacie made it too which made it feel like old times. Man do I miss them! Ironically, I still used information sheets that Sarah made me three years ago to get through the event without forgetting anything!
While cleaning up from graduation I got a call from my brother to discuss preliminary planning for the trade show that Stephanie will work at this summer. Sounds like a great time! I'll post much more on that later.
Tomorrow is surprise day for my children...surely can't talk about it here cuz they'll see it! I start my internship. Meanwhile...I'll keep trying to keep up with my wonderful life.
Until next time...