Monday, June 2, 2008

Baby Mark Moore

A family at my school had a new baby recently. His name is Mark. Mark is in need of a miracle. Mark was born with a Diaphragm Hernia (in layman's terms) His stomach and intestine came through the Hernia and up into his left lung. Mark is 13 days old today. He is on a Heart/Lung machine awaiting surgery. The Doctors tell the family the max time he can be on this machine is 21 days at which point, they will take him off the machine and allow him to pass away. Attempts to remove Mark or reduce his dependency on this machine have not been successful. You can follow Mark's path here. Please pray for baby Mark, his sisters Savannah and Payton, and his Mom and Dad. Pray without ceasing.

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Catherine said...

Yes, I will. For baby Mark and his parents. They should be so anxious, in fact, I can't find words to express how they should feel.
I will pray, Jacques.