Sunday, June 22, 2008


First Day of Summer
Longest period of daylight in the year
7 hours of standing
1 hour of walking
4 train rides
2 bus rides
1 taxi ride
A little bit lost
Poets and Pirates Tour 2008
Gary Allan
Leeann Rimes
Keith Urban
Kenny Chesney
Soldier Field
Summer Tradition
A new T-Shirt
133 Pictures
Good Friend
Standing ON the sandbar
Soul Cleansing LOUD music
Ringing ears
Cost...not to be published here
The Experience...priceless

Our first view of the field
50,000+ people finding their seats
Who do you have to know to get in there? Add this to one of my life backstage with Kenny :)
Finding our seats ON THE SANDBAR!
We're gonna call this babe the blue dress girl...Here's the thing about the blue dress girl...she was sloppy drunk when she arrived and was 'holding a spot along the stage, tousling her hair, talking on her phone and generally being obnoxious. Then...she left...Anne & I popped right into 'her spot'. Of course she returned later and said, "tell me you didn't take our spot" (she was by herself) I said, who's 'our'? She said, me and my boyfriend....ok, maybe a bit too drunk cuz I sure didn't see a boyfriend. I said, Clearly you don't think you can leave 'your spot' in a standing room only concert and not expect someone to take it? Well, since we would still be one foot from the stage if blue dress girl was in front of us, I gave her back her spot. I musta been super nice yesterday, cuz rethinking that leads me to believe I wouldn't do it today. Anyway, we figured she'd pass out soon and we'd step over her and take 'her spot' again :) After time she got so obnoxious with the whole tousling hair and almost having sex with her boyfriend right there in front of us, that we decided to move down. Any chance we could go to a private show without alcohol and drunk people? No?!? bummer. Time for the show.
Gary Allan...watching airplanes
Leeann's the thing about Leeann. Someone needs to tell her that truly she is not cute. She came out on stage in denim hot pants and a tank top that stopped about 1/2 inch above her boobs AND she had no bra on. Did I mention she had bare feet? TRASHY!!! Of course she giggled and hopped around on stage like there was no tomorrow. Yuck. Finally, she did us all a favor and donned a Bears Jersey. Perhaps this was originally what she was going to wear and simply forgot it? Along with her Bra? Anyway...I was glad when her part of the show was over...Now....onto this...
Really it does NOT get any hotter than that! Keith is! There is no other word to describe him. Nichole was back stage and the 50.000 of us sang happy birthday to her. They showed her on screen and of course she is super cute pregnant. Keith is sporting a new Nichole Tattoo on his right arm. His talent is amazing and as part of the recovering is wonderful to see him clean and sober. What an amazing musician.
Finally we were ready for the big event. We had been standing at this point for 5 hours. Let me tell was WELL worth the wait. The sound and acoustics were perfect for a stadium show. No echo, no feedback, beautiful blue skies, 65 degrees. IT JUST DON'T GET NO BETTER THAN THIS!!!
Aren't you certain he's singing right to me?!? :)
Kenny and the band jammin, up close and personal
I didn't get to touch him this year and no autograph either. So, there are still goals to be had for next year ;)
Kenny and Keith singing 'Take it to the limit'...Awesome! And finally...the guitar giveaway. At the end of the show...Kenny came out with a guitar signed by his band members. He signed it on stage and walked up and down the catwalk looking for the perfect recipient. This little man won it. Amazing! I'm not sure if he realized how special that was, but I thought his mom was gonna have a stroke right there!
After that it was sadly time to say goodbye. It was truly an amazing show. Man did I need that!

Goodnight everybody!


Sarah Doyle said...

Man, the description and the photos where amazing.. I felt for a second I was there with you and Anne! How sad to miss this with you but glad Anne was able to go:)
You did need that! Good music is so good for the soul! did ya see Tim is at Summer fest. I would have loved to see Keith. He is so great! Hope you were able to relax some today:)

Stacie said...

Wow, so cool. Wish I could have been there, too. Glad you had lots of fun.

Catherine said...

You were so close to the stage! Your pictures are fantastic!
I'll explain to my daughter who often attend to concert that this artist offered a signed guitar she won't believe me! Here, bands throw plectrums to the crowd.

candi tardio said...

LOVE keith.....he is soooo smokin' hot :)
glad you guys had fun!!!
great pic's!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunshine said...

I have a friend who has seen Kenny in concert a dozen times or so (she is still waiting for his marriage proposal) and says he is awesome.

Why do the vapid people like blue dress chick have to irritate an otherwise perfect day????

Anne said...

I did love it so much Jacque and I'm so so so thankful that you asked me to go with you! I will never ever forget it and I hope there are many more to come!
It was amazing! *hugs*