Wednesday, June 25, 2008

14 hours and a birthday

Yesterday my main man had a birthday...the 48th one to be exact. I had a 14 hour day. It was a nice day though and my groups were enjoyable last night. (I facilitate children's therapy groups for children with Autism) After work I picked Steph up at the ball diamond, got us some dinner, and picked up a cake for hubby. The budget is really tight still, so no presents yet. Hoping to maybe get some Cubs tickets for him later :) (shhhhh that's a secret) We had our cake which was really tasty and a small conversation ensued that Grandma (hubby's mom) had also bought a cake but Kevin wanted to wait til I was home to have it and evidently Grandma was mad about that. We had an enjoyable evening (the hour we were together before bed) and Robert was over too so I snuggled him up for a bit. My husband opened his gift from my Mom and we was SO excited! His mustache and beard trimmer had broken a while ago (after 15 years of use!) and Mom finally got him a new one! I was trying to watch TV in our room, while he was checking out the new trimmer. He would get up and leave the crazy thing running. I said, "Um yes, excuse me...are you trimming right now?" "What?" "You're not?" "Then turn that crazy thing off!!!" To which he laughed and continued playing with it. He was quite excited evidently. He was especially thrilled that the attachments from the old trimmer fit the new trimmer. A dream come true evidently! After that, again while I was trying to read a magazine and chill out for a bit...he began brushing his hair into odd formations...all for my enjoyment. Mostly I was surprised at how gray his hair is (Guess I haven't looked too closely lately). He was finally done playing with his trimmer, giving himself new hairstyles (words cannot describe his craziness) and I was finally able to crash for the night. I am a bit bummed that I was too tired to get up and get my camera...otherwise there sure would be pictures here of his crazy hair! (Don't get me wrong...I'm sure glad he still has enough hair to make crazy styles with!)

Bright and early this morning I came in and told my mother in law "Would you like to go to dinner tomorrow night birthday girl?" (Because her birthday is tomorrow) To which she replied...since we weren't available last night to celebrate Kevin's birthday she would not be celebrating her birthday with us this year. Ummmm, pardon me? The odd thing about this is that I told her my schedule a week ago and told her maybe we could do something on Sunday. So, in light of the craziness, I replied..."Let me know when you're all done with this craziness and we'll celebrate your birthday."

One of my very best friends and I often joke about whose family is most dysfunctional and of late...she has been winning. But for today... I WIN!!!

Until next time...

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