Wednesday, June 11, 2008

19 Years Ago Today

"Am I really here in your arms? It's just like I dreamed it would be. I feel like we're frozen in time. You're the only one I can see" Aaron Neville & Linda Ronstadt

Well, not really today, but yesterday. I usually post a day behind you know! 19 years ago yesterday I met the love of my life, the father of my children, my 'honey' (More on that later) Aaaaah yes, I remember it if it was yesterday. I was at a friend's son's birthday party. He was turning 1. A few of my other friends were talking about going to a dance that night, so my ears perked up. Is it a good dance? A DJ or a band? How many people? Where is it at? You know....all those things. I had mostly quit drinking at that time except for an occasional night out, so a good dance spot was hard to come by. I decided to go. We had a great time and were getting ready to leave and go out to breakfast when a few guys went by. My friend piped up, "Hey, Dave and Kevin....going to A. Mary's?" Sure they said. Being fresh out of a break up, I didn't even look...or consider...or ponder a new relationship. There were about 15 of us at breakfast that morning (You know the 2AM kind?) The guys were talking about going water skiing the next day, (At the time my ALL TIME favorite thing to do!) and somehow I was lucky enough to be invited. We skied the next day, and the next day, and the next day. We went for ice cream, went to meetings, went out to eat, went to the health club, and generally hung out all the time. There were 4 of us. Dave B., Lisa D., Kevin R, and Jacque H. Kevin R had a new truck and the four of us would ride around all crammed in the front seat just hangin out. It was a wonderful carefree summer! A feeling I had not felt for a long long time. It wasn't long before we were 'dating' :) In August we went to the NA world convention in Orlando. In November I gave up my apartment and in September of 1990 I became 'Jacque R. used to be H.' That phrase is dedicated to Dave B. He was Kevin's very best friend, our best man in our wedding and he is the one that coined the phrase Jacque R used to be H. Dave B passed away from AIDS. Sometimes, it seems like a few life times ago that we met and at others, the memories rush back like it was yesterday. Nineteen years're the only one I can see :)

Onto the honey story. On Sunday morning I was up making breakfast for Aubrey when Kevin walked down the stairs. I said, "Hi Honey" and then Aubrey said "Hi Honey! Hi Honey! Hi Honey!" This continued throughout the day and just cracked me up...what a sweet girl!

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Catherine said...

Nice story, Jacque!
Congratulation for you both.
You were just here at the good time, to meet each other. Was it chance, opportunity, or destiny, evry body can think of it, the fact is you were to meet each other.