Monday, June 16, 2008

Getting it together...

Sorry for the blog hiatus. I think the transitions in my life over the past two weeks have finally caught up to me and I'm back in the groove. I feel adjusted to the internship, the laundry is slightly on track, the kids have their chore list for the summer, and things are falling into place nicely. Over the weekend, I FINALLY unpacked my new computer. (That's been in the box for 2 months or so) No...wait, before that I FINALLY unpacked and assembled the remaining sections of my scrap desk that have been in the boxes for SEVERAL months. So, the desk is assembled and the computer is set up. It is quite delightful and well worth the wait. This week I am selling the daybed that is taking up so much space and then will get around to painting. :) So glad to finally be getting that room completed. I am so excited at how it's turning out and can't wait to get in there to start creating! I do need one, er uh two more purchases for that room. I am looking for a butcher top 'island' with two stools or something similar but preferably in white, and then I need two either office chairs, or stools or something cute...(I'm contemplating some upholstered stools with scrappy fabric) for my two desks. All you shoppers out there, let me know if you see anything super cute, k?

The kids (the ones without broken hands that is) started swimming this weekend and that went very well. Kristina is excited about taking her life guarding class and she is the only one in it, so she's getting private lessons :) Brennan is doing well also, he's in level 5 one more year to work on some stroke refinement, and then he can do life guarding next year. Kristina really wants to try out for the swim team, and has invited Brennan to try out as well. I think the practices are at the crack of dawn everyday, so I don't think that'll work out for Brennan, but I can't wait for all that middle school has to offer Kristina!

We are winding down on my Mom's visit as she leaves tomorrow. We have all had such a nice time, just wandering through the lazy days of summer. (As lazy as they can be with my lifestyle anyway!)

Finally, I wanted to share a few updates....Baby Mark Moore has received his miracle. He is through surgery, off the heart lung machine, and is working hard to breathe on his own. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

Also, I wanted to share an excerpt from Sandi Johnson's speech at the Relay for Life Rally over the weekend. As this brave and wonderful soul continues her strong fight against Cancer...For those of us who think our lives may be a little bit much at times...she has the ability to put it all into perspective...You can follow Sandi's story here . As I have mentioned before, this woman is an amazing story of strength and courage in the face of overwhelming odds. Sandi is one of THE MOST extraordinary women I know. Please keep her on your prayer list too ;)

These are her thoughts on her adjusted attitude toward life, since living with cancer every day...

"I urge all of you, each and every one of you, to enjoy your life, the precious moments you have. To spend each day with some laughter and some deep thought. To spend time every day with people you love. If you’ve been online to read my journal, the journal from Jodi, then you know what I’ve just said comes straight from my heart. Every single time I write, I close with this phrase… LET THE LITTLE THINGS GO AND TELL THEM THAT YOU LOVE THEM. DON’T FORGET TO LAUGH!
Do I have down moments? You bet I do. Fear is a powerful thing. But then I realize I made it another day…I beat it and there are those that didn’t. Please, may we have just a moment of silence for those who didn’t make it today?
I would like to be able to spend whatever time I have left to give some hope to others. I would like to make a difference, even if it’s a small one. 1 and 1/2 million people will be diagnosed with cancer just this year alone. Also this year, 550,000 people will die of cancer. More money is needed for research. It may not save my life. But it may save my children's lives. It may save someone you love. I will thank God for today and the moment I have. And if you see me, smile and give me a hug. Cancer can do a lot of destructive things. But it can’t touch my heart; it can’t touch my mind; and it can’t touch my soul. "

As spoken by Sandi Johnson at the Relay for Life

Until next time...

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Catherine said...

Tears are just here at the corner of my eyes. How is it possible to have so much wisdom!I'll pray for Sabdy and baby Mark tomorrow. Cancer is my greatest fear in life.