Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bye Bye Mama

Today my mom left to go home to Arizona. Home is not really Arizona for her...she's a transplant. Really home is here. So I should say Mom left home today ;) We dropped her at the bus depot this morning at 3:45a. Ugggghhh. Brennan shared how he gets a stomach ache when he gets up so early. I told him, I used to too when I had to get up early to leave on vacation. But now, heck, I'm so used to living on a grain of sleep there is no stomach ache to be had. We all had a great time with mama. Mini golf, movies, dinners out, shopping, talking, laughing. It was very nice, and went by all too quickly. As we said our teary goodbyes this morning my son classically said, "Why is everyone crying?" Sometimes living in 'his world' where social cues and messages are obscure at best, doesn't seem all that bad sometimes. So today I have 2 H-Y-P-E-R children. 2 children that have been up 4 hours already. I expect there will be naps later in the day. (at least I hope so!)

Kristina had a game last night. They won. The coaches were not impressed. This is really a 'growth' year for Kristina's team and they are really pushing the girls to achieve more. They have so much to learn in this new league...stealing. sliding, and the importance of being a good catcher. (That is Kristina's gig you know) -- I, as 'the mama' have to sit back and let the coaches be a little tough on my baby. I know it helps her grow and become a better athlete. I also know it hurts my heart. Don't get me wrong...she has FABULOUS coaches, her 4th year on this team. I tell myself, only fine steel withstands the test of fire...and so it goes...a great catcher in the making :) The team is going to watch the Thunder play on Thursday (That's our very own professional girls softball league) for a bit of inspiration. Oughtta be a fun time.

Stephanie started her Art's apprenticeship yesterday complete with a casted hand. I told her her cast will likely look like a Jackson Pollack painting by the time she gets it off in two weeks. She got through yesterday with only a small bit of paint on it.

Kristina starts her summer trombone lessons today and then I think all lessons are in place for summer until tennis and horseback riding in August.

Hope to take in a few of these most beautiful summer days with a nap in the hammock this week. Sunny, 70 and breezy...this is the life!

Until next time...

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Catherine said...

Are you planning to go somewhere for your holidays? Maybe in Arizona?