Thursday, January 29, 2009

Three words...full up and wow

Maybe that's four words, but here's the mind is full up! I have learned so much this week! I have more learning to do and two papers to write before bed tonight and laundry to do. The other word to describe the new job....WOW... there is just not a moment to waste! So so busy, so much to do...feeling just a bit settled, I've got to know a few people, and as an added bonus, my wonderful mother-in-law isn't there cooking delicious meals for me, SO...the diet is coming along nicely. 2 lbs. I've lost there in my first week! (Actually my first 4 days) gotta love that. Tomorrow, work, then school, then Saturday school, then Scrap night. I didn't make Scrap night in December cuz I couldn't have been more I am so looking forward to Saturday. Hanging with friends...a perfect end to a great week.

Gotta run...homework awaits!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

AAAAAAHHHHHHH, I almost missed it!

As I was perusing the ole blog this evening, catching up on all things blogworthy...I was just thinking that perhaps I wouldn't have anything to say today...Besides working 3 jobs and really quite enjoying all three today, it just really wasn't that eventful of a day. Oh...did I mention I was late to all 3 jobs...not REAL late just a few minutes late...I wasn't really appreciating that...anyway...

as I was perusing the ole blog...I noticed my graduation counter...100, yes 100 days until graduation...oh how I've waited for this magical day, and here it is...from here on out it's double digits baby! I think somewhere along this journey I've mention the fact that I CAN'T WAIT TIL GRADUATION!!

Ok, now for the day to day...My hubby, I love him, he is worth his weight in gold...(that'd make me quite wealthy by the way) First of all...he sent me flowers on my first day at work...extra double brownie points for that one...secondly...he delivered our son to group today and picked up the precious one from swimming...without any input from me...cuz truly I was too busy being late to everywhere to worry about where they needed to be...then to top it off, when my tire was low today and I sure didn't have time to stop and get air...he stopped by with the air tank and aired it up for me...Gotta love him huh?

EXCEPT...I get home after a short 13 hour day (cuz yes they're shorter now) and I told him I'd be to bed after I read me which he whinely (is too a word) replies...but I'm tired, I need my feet rubbed, I really want to go to sleep...

{pause} boo hoo runs through my mind, but what comes out of my mouth is this...really lovey, I need just a few minutes to myself today...a few, not a hundred, I'll be back in just a few minutes to rub your feet...(uhhhh, not really...he'll be sound asleep by the time I'm done here and there'll be no feet rubbing tonight) Sorry honey...maybe tomorrow

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I feel like a real mom!

My second day at my new job...still liking it ;)

Yesterday was many new challenges, so many familiar things. It is a very exciting opportunity. I could see myself doing this job for quite some time...although initially my intent is to be there for a few years until I can have a full time clinical practice. It is odd how I always find myself drawn to the school setting. Then, I go to the clinic and I love that too! What an amazing time.
Mostly, I am still tickled pink with the extra time I can now spend with my family. Laundry is on the catch up, the dishes are done, all the forms are filled out for school, AND I made my kids pancakes this morning...

slowly but surely, I feel like I'm returning to my family after a much-too-long hiatus. Imagine, in 100 short days, a time when I won't be gone every night and most weekends as well! They won't know what to think. You know...I can't wait.

It takes me even less time to get to my new job...about 9 minutes...gotta love that. And yesterday when my beeba's missed the bus, I was here to run them to the last chaotic phone call at work, no having Kevin come back across town to pick them up. Life is good.
Oh...and it's official (as long as my paperwork holds up)
I turned in my packet to run for the school board yesterday.
The only thing that is still REALLY behind is homework. I shall begin tackling that task this evening! Have a great Tuesday...

Monday, January 26, 2009

What you doing?

Notice the time...6:44 AM... I am not at work...I am loving that! I have washed a load of laundry, loaded the dishwasher, and read all my blogs and email for the day....I need to go change the laundry and then I have 15 minutes to facebook before the kids get up. Yes, I do believe I will love this new schedule. My plan is really to use this morning time for homework, as long as I have school for the next 10 yes you heard it right, only 10 weekends! After that, perhaps I'll sleep in! Well, actually I did sleep in, getting up an hour later than I used to...5 more hours of sleep per week for me....Hooray! I feel much much better today and believe the antibiotics may be kicking in. I only woke up I think 4 or 5 times coughing last night, which is definitely the best sleep I've gotten in quite sometime.

Strangely I'm not nervous at all about the new job...perhaps that will hit when I pull into the parking lot. Or perhaps it's because I'm filing my school board papers today and I AM nervous about that. Sometime in my day today I have to pick up one more form from the high school, get them notarized, talk to Sandi and make sure they're filled out correctly, and drop them off. I believe I will have to ensue the Grandmother's help to get it all done. I will be really glad when it's done and I know they are done correctly and I'm on the ballot. Then the real work begins.

I'm hoping you all have a wonderful day...spring is right around the corner :) Hello Circles of Learning babies....Ms. Jacque still loves you!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

What a night...what a game!

Saturday night Stephanie and I headed out to the Harlem game...mostly to get signatures on my school board petition. It was a super good game and I'm so glad I went. I guess I didn't realize there were games on Saturday night...I sure plan to make them some of my weekend events.
This game was fabulous...besides I got a ton of signatures and yes I have enough to turn in my packet tomorrow...but, as I mentioned, the game was great...we started out ahead, and then behind, and then at the end of the game...we tied and went into overtime. The Huskies rallied and the thunder had about 40,000 fouls in overtime which sealed the deal for the Huskies. Go Huskies! I'd like to add here that we're in second place...but not really...there's a three way tie right now for 1st...
Sunday, I made it to church, but that's about it...I spend the rest of the day in bed...uggh! Hope to be feeling waaaaay better tomorrow.

The weight of Gibralter...

It was very odd leaving my job. It wasn't nearly as traumatic as I'd thought it would be. Sad yes, traumatic no...and throughout the weekend I had the strangest sensation of being pretty much worry free...stress free...rock of Gibraltar free. It was a feeling I really didn't expect, and I guess I hadn't realized how stressed and burned out I was feeling. Change is usually really hard for me...and it has definitely been a process...a good process. Let me throw in for good measure that I finally went to the Dr. yesterday after 5 weeks of being sick, to find out I have bronchitis and a sinus infection...{shocking!} not really. Anyway, I have some lovely medicine that makes me nauseous and really don't feel one bit better yet. Hopefully, it's just around the say...maybe tomorrow when I start my new job. It would be nice to feel good then, and to not be snorting grossness all day, and to not be having hot flashes and oxygen shortages and the list goes on and's the thing...let me share some photos of my last day... My baby Justice brought me breakfast... Thanks Racie!
Extra love and hugs from Z&'s the that I will have most no school days off with them, we'll be able to spend days together instead of 5 minutes each morning. This baby girl made me cry...she brought me a picture of herself and a picture she had drawn for me. I have always had a special love for her. Some children just get in your heart and stay there. A sweet hug from Zay... and from Emma too. Since she is my good friend Anne's baby, I'll still get to see her (and she'll still remember me) -- that's the tough thing about working in early childhood. The children quickly forget you when they don't see you. Sad but true... This baby was my special helper...she would help me pass out paychecks every two weeks... This was another baby that touched my heart from day one. Her smile always made my day...she gave me these on my final day and a digital key chain to hold all my photos of my precious babies...
Oh and don't forget the terrific potluck... It was a great ending to a great ride. I will surely miss many parts of that job...I have made lifelong't miss me friends...and I won't miss you...I'll still be around plenty to bug you! Thanks everyone for the gifts, the cards, the was a great ride!

Friday, January 23, 2009

The sweetest words to a mother's ear...

Job #1 -- 9 hours
Internship -- 2 hours
Back to Job #1 -- 2 hours
Stopped to get gas
Stopped at Walmart to pick up necessary items to make potluck dish
Saw bff there and spent some time dishing
To DQ to get some dinner for one child that missed it...another child that wasn't home at dinner time, myself, and a third child that needed a second dinner

Then the phone rings...

Hurry home Mom, I can't wait to tell you about my day...

That from my terrific 16 year old. How am I so lucky to have such fabulous kids? Kids that want to share the details of their entire day with me? I'm not so sure why...but after I hung up...I knew those were the sweetest words *sigh

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blog #3? Can it be?

Yes, it can, and it's mostly for me. I stole the idea to have a project 365 blog from my friend Candi...what a terrific and simple idea. If you are interested in viewing my project 365, you can do so here...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lovin Project 365

I am finding myself loving project 365. I am not nearly an organized enough person to arrange to take a photo a day for a year, but really? I am surprising even myself! Besides the fact that I have been sicker than a dog since before Christmas and have succumbed to the lure of the drying powers of Mucinex on more than one occasion, I am a little bit impressed that I have stayed caught up with project 365. What I love most about it is the urge and the seeking to find a picture each day to represent your life. For me that eliminates the 'stand around posing and smiling' pictures with your house all neat and tidy. Those aren't real life to me (especially the neat and tidy house part!) I don't often find myself standing around and posing although maybe I should do more of that, maybe I should have a neater and tidier house! Oops, I digress. I think the biggest challenge for me is narrowing the photo choosing down to just one picture a day. I do believe that on some days, I will have more than one photo...such as this day...
Why do I hate this?
And why do I love this?

Today I will use two pictures. Root beer and Water. I HAVE TO take mucinex today. I cannot tolerate coughing and hacking up a lung one more day. However, taking mucinex requires drinking a lot of water to avoid all mucus membranes from drying out, shriveling up, and falling off. I think I'd look a bit odd without a nose. I decided I need to drink more water in general. The problem is of course that I hate it. Well, compared to root beer anyway. If there was no root beer I probably wouldn't hate water as much.'s picture simulates my daily struggle between what I need and what I like...water vs. root beer.

Yesterday...will also have two photos... This picture of my staff lounge at work at 11:00. When this guy... is being sworn in as our new rockubama president! What an amazing day!

Then there's this photo... of my baby girl's first swim meet. She did a great job! I personally do not have the will or the guts to swim when it is 0 degrees outside, and then head outside to go home with wet hair. Nope, not me!

Finally, there's this... Isn't that just a perfect photo? The one of the pricey shoes that she just had to have and then believes they are slip ons...and they end up looking like this? I do love this picture though, because I love how the shoes have conformed to her feet and if I think really hard I can visualize her wearing these shoes and how they are in the exact spots she took them off. I think project 365 is for me!

So there you have it...the update on project 365.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Buh Bye!

The boy does not like shots...

Tis true...I had a day off and our shared family event for the day guessed it...shots! The girls got their HPV injection and Brennan got his 9th grade physical [gulp]. He is now 5'4" and 137 lbs. It won't be long before he's taller than me. He has already surpassed Stephanie and eats everything in sight. He had a nervous Nelly nurse who was so worried that he would move she kept delaying giving him the shot, until finally I said, he'll be fine, please just do it! When he went to have blood drawn, he had a no nonsense nurse and there was no hemming and hawing at all. 1-2-3 it was done. Quick as that. He is in the process of having his IEP re-evaluations also, so it's generally a busy-get-ready-for-high school time for him.

Yesterday...we continued with the cold, although it was a bit warmer. I woke up to this...

a diamond studded landscape. Everything was covered with diamond sparkly ice. The weeds along the road looked like something you would purchase at a craft store. Absolutely stunning.

Wanted to share my project 365 picture from Friday...oh how I love this face and the pure happiness that goes along with it!

And finally...sit down. Let's talk. Do you know what on Earth this is?
Guesses? Anyone? Anyone?
Neither did I. Evidently it's these little items. My BFF thought for sure the whole world had indulged in this little delight (bleck!) After a brief survey of the nearest 10 people...we discovered that in fact the whole world does not eat them (according to our non scientific survey) and that most people can't imagine eating them (again...according to our survey) -- What it is? Corn nuts. Now, don't be mistaken...there are not nuts in corn nuts. Imagine yourself popping a bag of popcorn and eating all the popped kernels. Then imagine yourself coating the left over unpopped kernels with barbecue powder (bleck!) and you get the delectable corn nuts. BARF!!! Or...imagine have left over rock hard squirrel food. You know, the kind that comes on the cob...and again you decide to cover it with barbecue powder, or some other cheesy flavoring and voila! You have created corn nuts. Barf, barf, and barf. Now, I'm aware there must be corn nut fans out there somewhere, but truly...they're just not for me.
To each his own...
On the school board election front...I'm about halfway there for my signatures. I did some door to door yesterday, I stopped at friends, I sat at a friend's restaurant talking to people, but here's the thing. I need them all by Friday. So...if you know anyone that would sign my petition, let me know, I need your help. And hey, Amy...I'm going to try hard to get to girls scouts tonight to grab your signature and some other parents too. I want to have everything turned in by Friday, so wish me luck! It was a great day catching up with friends I haven't seen in a while, and seeing some of my favorite little ones...Levi, Joey, and Ben. Thanks for your signatures!
Happy Monday...oh's Tuesday...but when you're off feels like Monday. Happy historic inauguration today. Take a moment to revel in the history being made today by our great country!
Until next time...

Friday, January 16, 2009

The frozen snot phenomenon and other winter perils

Now, only in Northern Illinois can one clearly recognize frozen snot. If your the squeamish type, this post may not be for you. Frozen snot I assume happens after someone is outside for a long time in the winter. But in the winter when it's 20 below, frozen snot happens the first time you walk outside and breath through your happened to me this morning.

I am on the fourth or fifth week of the most beautiful, lovely and heartwarming cold of all time, so I am lucky enough to have a good amount of snot to freeze. Mostly, when your snot is frozen, it just feels like your nose is stuck shut. Of course when you return to a somewhat sane temperature, you are able to breath normally right away. So, there you have it...everything you never wanted to know about frozen snot!

Last night we went to the Metro Center to see Larry the Cable Guy.

Larry, was very politically incorrect as usual and super funny. His opening act was great too and the show was sold out. Here's the thing: Our metro center has just undergone some 82 billion dollar (a slight exaggeration) renovation in which they built a beautiful new spacious entrance...that.was.locked. last night. Have I mentioned that is was 25 below last night? Our Metro Center had a p*** poor design from the beginning. One main entrance, on the far side of the building no where near where the parking is. I'm not really sure who thought of that. Then the parking garage for the facility holds 3000 cars and the facility seats 10000 people. Again, who's idea was that? Now...there was a lovely lot kitty corner to the building where a 7000 car parking structure would have been a fabulous idea. Instead, they're building a federal courthouse there. Really? A federal courthouse in Rockford, Illinois? How bout a parking garage instead. I digress. So...we end up parking two blocks away in a clearly marked...we will tow your car if you park here zone, and risked life and limb to walk ourselves to the sparkling new entrance. Which.was.locked. Oh wait, I already said that. To add insult to injury....there were cozy Metro Center workers standing inside the beautiful entry way all cozy and warm watching us walk by freezing. Now...the other entrance is a single door at the end of the walkway that connects the garage to the building. We walked to the other side of the building up two flights of stairs and waited in line to get into the building through one single door. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!?!? Did anyone stop to think that it was -25 outside? Clearly.Not.
[Rant off]
Pardon my ranting...but it was darn cold. Once we got inside, got our seats and warmed up, I actually had to take a layer of clothing off during the show. A good time was had by all. My favorite joke of course was when he said....Whoever proposed the theory of global warming has never been to Rockford! Ahhhh....the perils of winter.
OK, here's the final peril. When it's super cold and your car has super cute rims, like mine...the super cute seals in the tires often leak a bit which can result in two super low rear tires, such as the ones on my car this morning. Now, here's the thing. I do not, let me repeat, do not stop to get air when it is 19 below, which it was this morning. So, I hustled myself to work and hoped for the best. They are calling for 25 degrees by tomorrow morning---a whole 50 degrees warmer than today. That will be the day I will put air in my tires. Hope they last til then!
This is my final digression...look at how super cute this cat is...
We have discovered that in his old age he doesn't see very well. When he goes to bed at night, I always give him a little kitty treat. Unless I put it right under his nose...he has to sniff around to find it since evidently he can't see it. While he's doing this of course he leaves little drool spots in the bed! Who knew that cat's drooled? He's so chunky and snuggled up I just want to squish him!
AND, let me share my latest project 365 picture...

Is it possible for the temp meter on your car to be colder than cold? Evidently! And of course the gas tank has to be full to avoid gas line freeze. That's my, 'what I know about midwest winters' photo!
This picture is my precious one's project 365 photo...
This is her phone that she got for her birthday...notice the text on the screen. Clever ;)
Back to school tonight for me. Ugh! But it's my second to the last class. It's so close now I can taste it!
Until next time...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

How's minus 20 suit ya?

We are expecting record breaking low temps here. Perhaps the lowest temps recorded. Ever. The current record low is -27. Not just for this day, but for the history of my city. They are predicting -26 for us tonight. I will be in the warm confines of the Larry the Cable Guy concert if all goes well and out to dinner with my BFF. I think I should add a countdown on the sidebar of how many days til spring!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Idol - 09

Let me open by saying tomorrow, that here in the sunshine state of Illinois the actual temp is supposed to be 21 below zero. Now, why I ask you would you want to live anywhere else? Like, example where Toot lives? I mean really sunny and 80 every day? Who needs it?!? (Insert here, that I for one need it, want it, gotta have it!) But alas, here I live in beautiful N. Illinois because as I've said before I HAVE to live somewhere with seasons because I LOVE the seasons.

Fast forward to today. My new mantra is I love all seasons except winter. No, change that I love winter for about 1 week. That's it. December 20th - 27th. That's all the winter I need. Is it becoming clearer to you why we are researching a new beach home? I believe I'd be very happy living in a warm climate and visiting N. Illinois for Christmas week only. Yup, definitely fine with me!

Ok, now onto Idol. After my 14 hour day yesterday...I caught about the last 10 minutes and then my big girl had to rewind to the beginning to show me the new Tattoo girl. She evidently thought I'd could look beyond the tattoo's to appreciate her voice. Nope, notta chance. I just can't tolerate it. You see...if you choose to cover your self with Tat's I mean that's your business, I'm just going to choose not to look at them. Yuck! I do love idol. I do love Simon, but mostly I love Sardonic Catholic Dad. Last year, I somehow stumbled on his blog and his Idol reviews. In my opinion, the show is no longer complete without Rob's viewpoint. So...if you haven't checked it out---take a minute today for some enjoyable reading.

Keep warm!

Monday, January 12, 2009

I think I flunked the drug test...

Today I went in to the Dr. to take my drug test for my new job. I've never used drugs before, nor have I ever had a drug test.

I walked into the Dr.'s office and the lady had this key with this enormous wooden block connected to it. She asked me to lock up all my things and make sure my pockets were empty. Ummmmm, ok. Then...I had to choose my drug kit from two. Odd. Then I had to open it myself and dump it on the counter for the lady. Then I had to potty in the cup. There was a sign on the sink that had all my possessions not been locked up, I would have taken a picture of that said...this water is turned off for drug testing. You can wash your hands in the other room. AND the toilet tank was taped shut AND the water in the toilet was Cobalt Blue. Anyway...evidently you need a lot of potty and I didn't have enough. So then, the lady tells me that I could stay for 3 hours and see if I could come up with enough at that time. Umm....3 hours to wait to see if I can go potty? Ummm, no-- I had to be at the clinic in an hour. She then shared that if I chose not to do that then she'd have to mark that I refused to take the test. Uh...ok, mark what you need to mark, but I'm not sitting here 3 hours. Then she came up with plan B.

Plan B. Drink 40 oz. of water. Ugh. I drank up...and still didn't provide a big enough sample. To make a long story now know everything you never wanted to know about urine samples...AND I have to go back next Monday to do it again.

Plan C. Drink 85 root beers before going to bed and go there first thing in the morning. All I gotta say, is they better get me in quick!

I'm enjoying the practicing...

13 collective years in daycare. 13 collective years of being closed 3.5 days out of those years. 1.5 days due to weather and 2 days due to flooding (in the center) -- Since I am actually going to work in a school soon that goes by the school calendar, I am practicing having Monday off. You see...I went through the calendar for the rest of the year and wrote into my 09 calendar all the days I will have off. I noticed some of them were Mondays. Now...all you teacher's out there, don't get your panties all in a bunch, I know you work hard...I'm not debating that, but here's the thing... Monday's off? Really? It's like heaven!

Stayed up late last up early (If you call 7:00 early, for me that's sleeping in) this morning and kissed my kids before they went to school...had some breakfast, took a shower, did 3 loads of laundry, took down the tree, read all my blogs for the day, reviewed my school board packet, read two chapters, checked my email, watched 3 shows on TIVO, and now have to run to watch Y&'s only 11:00!!! Oh how I love Monday's off.

Although...I'm not really off. I have to be at my internship at 2:00 - but really for's like a whole lot of time off, and I for one, can't get enough!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Precious One...

First of all, let me just ask what happened to Saturday? Really, I am surely sitting here and cannot recall what we did yesterday, or rather didn't do. Oh yea....I felt yucky! I slept 12 hours, got up and went to Gill's for lunch, and then back to bed. Bleck! I did watch the Cardinals win last night and that was really terrific for my Mom and her hubby Larry. Speaking of mom...

she's needing some please add her to your lists. You know she's suffered with the heart issues, and now the blocked carotid issues, and now not to be outdone...back to the heart issues. Sheeez! I will be really glad when her husband is home safe and sound on Tuesday because really, being 2000 miles away from your mom when she's having health issues, is really less than pleasant for me. Come to think of it, I bet it's not too pleasant for her either. Get better soon mama!
Back to the topic...It's the precious one's birthday today. 4:09p....13 years ago today...

Just pretend for me that the cutest baby picture of all time was inserted here, but sheez...look at the time! I'm just too lazy. Trust me...she was a super super cute baby...:)

I am now the official mom of 3 teenagers. When I was talking with Larry (my mom's hubby) the other day and sharing with him that I would soon have 3 teenagers...well, let's just say I was trying to think of a word to describe my which he replied...well I can't remember the exact words, but it was along the lines of fabulous, wonderful, abundantly blessed. Yes...all of those things. There are many many many many times when I don't use those words to describe the crazy ruchus that is my life, but deep down, I wouldn't have it any other way!
We went to the cell store to get her a new phone for her that would enable her to text more efficiently at the dinner table... and after waiting over an hour (there's a whole nother -is too a word!- post in that story)
...we finally were helped and on our way to dinner at the Lone Star.
Have you been to the lone star since it has been remodeled? I don't really like it as much. The bread is different, the cheesy fries are different and although I love the new decor, I don't think the food is as good. They also don't have prime rib anymore. Gee, I miss Michaels...only you local oldies will remember Michaels :)
We took the big girl's boyfriend with us today...they all got sloshed on kiddie cocktails! Really, when their glass was about 1/3 gone, the waitress brought them another...and another. It was a little bit crazy.
Ok, change still with me?...the new topic is blog stalkers. You know who you are...all you readers out there that don't ever comment. Here's the thing. Often times If feel like I'm sending my writing off into the blogospere, and where it goes nobody knows. But lately, so many local people I have talked to start their sentences with, "Oh yeah, I was reading your blog the other day and I saw dah dah dah..." And then sometimes I find my face gets red...and then I think...really? Was everything on their appropriate? Have I offended anyone? Probably...Maybe not...Who knows...but I do know, there are times on this blog when I sure let it rip, as much as I let it rip, which isn't much comparatively speaking...and of course, I always leave work out of it, clients out of it, and anything else that could get me in a whole lotta it's probably pretty mundane for the most part. But I do appreciate everyone that reads. Sometimes blogging is hard to get your head around: that Catherine reads me in France, that my neighbor reads me, that my mother reads in Arizona...and that I have met so many blog buddies. This blog originally started to keep my relatives up to date of what's been going on. It is amazing what a big part of our life it has become.
The proof is in the pudding so they say, since here I sit at 11:20 pm blogging! I have the next two Monday's off (at least the AM) and so of course I get to stay up late like a kid on a no school night! I got through the first week of back to work... this week I get back to this... (just a few books for my 6 week class!) and then of course next week is my last week at Circles. So far I'm being really brave about the big change coming and just trusting God that He led me here and He knows what is best for me. As I've said before, change is super super hard for me...but it has become so much easier than it has ever been. I have stepped so far out of my comfort zone in the last two years, that maybe I won't go back there. Time will tell.
I almost got my tree put away today (did I just admit that my tree is still up?) Here's the thing...I was gone for 9 days so for me it is like January 2nd, which really isn't too late to have your tree up, right? First thing tomorrow, it will be the rest of the way down. Hooray. I gotta run and see if Sarah posted yet, and then off to bed...
Hope you all had a great weekend...stay tuned for the upcoming events of the week..
Until next time...

Friday, January 9, 2009

Personality Quiz

So...I was reading Candi's blog today and, I took the Grey's Anatomy Personality Quiz and it turns out I'm most like Cristina. Amazingly, I think it's right on...this is what it said...

Very few people have, or can understand, the sheer determination and drive that propels you, but you're just as fiercely protective of your friends as you are of your own hopes and dreams. If they're smart, your friends already know that. They also know that you're more vulnerable than you seem and are only glad to offer a shoulder to cry on.

Which Grey's Anatomy character are you?

Take the quiz here...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Swimming...the new national debt

Yes my precious one is on the swim team. Paid the athletic fee. Paid the physical fee. Purchased the competition suit and cap. Purchased the practice suit. Looking into ordering the Swim team jacket today, and getting some fail proof goggles to protect the eyes. Really?!? Last night after the above said purchases were all completed I said to my self...."Self, this precious one's birthday is Sunday." I have to stop and pause here, because I don't even know what to say...should participating on the swim team be one's birthday present? Evidently, cuz it seems I just spent all the birthday money on swim team paraphernalia.

Ok, ok, don't get your panties in a bunch...the precious one will still be having the mother of all parties at Wisconsin Dells no less-- just not until February. Still, I must search for a gift for her for Sunday, with the remaining $4.37 I have left. Any ideas? :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Swimming, High School, and work oh my...

I put in my 12 hours yesterday then rushed to my daughter's target meeting for swimming. The precious one begins practice on Thursday! I am so excited for her to be on the swim team, because well, first, she's a fish...she swims better than she walks on most days...and I think she'll really love it! I haven't figured out how to finagle my schedule to get to watch any of the meets, but I'm sure I'll figure out something. After the target meeting, we went to the walk in to get her sports physical done while I had a free moment, stopped at Walgreen's to pick up some much needed meds for her skin and finally made it home about 8:15.

I searched and searched for my corduroy pants I had washed before vacation, knowing I would relish in the fact that my work clothes were all ready to go when I got home. Now, if only I could find them. After much searching and questioning of the children as to where they could possibly be, I mean is there a hidden laundry basket somewhere with my neatly folded clothes in it? They were finally Hmmph. Crisis averted. No need to do I chose to go to bed...after a few minutes of R&R my sonshine bounds into my room saying, "Hey Mom! I got these papers you need to fill out by tomorrow so I can get these classes for high school." *sigh* another one in high school.

So we chose his classes and he chose not to have a resource hour, which I am not sure of, but we'll give it a go. He committed to going to after school homework club if he gets behind, because he really wants to take Art and Computer classes to work toward his chosen career of becoming a game designer. Let me check your this my son? My sonshine? The one who I wasn't sure about? Would he actually choose a career and be motivated enough to pursue it and jump through all the hoops necessary to achieve it? Evidently! Maturity is a wonderful thing I'll tell ya. I have heard that Iowa State has a college program for students with Autism that I am very interested in checking into. I am certain he'll be successful, it may just not be through the most conventional route...since he definitely has his own will and determination.

After a long day at work...(have I mentioned that the re-entry after vacation is usually tough for me?), a target meeting, drive through dinner, drug store run, and 9th grade registration...I was certainly ready to call it a night!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's official...kind of

I have taken the plunge, I have decided to go for it...yes you've heard right...I have decided to run for the Harlem School Board. I have ordered my packet and will keep you abreast of the latest developments. First and foremostly, I will need to gather a necessary number of signatures from registered voters within the Harlem District. If you can help me out let me know! If you're my friend or relative count on receiving a visit from me asking for your signature :) This project is one I've wanted to pursue for a long time, and since this is a year of monumental change for me...I decided why not? I grew up attending Harlem Schools and I have 3 children there now...I believe I am well vested in this district and perhaps even have something to offer! It's an exciting undertaking...

(not nearly as exciting as the fact that W only has 12 days left in office, but almost!)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Finally the Pictures...

Ok, Here's the deal...these pictures are in a crazy order and it'll probably take you until 2010 to view them all--my apologies for the technical difficulties...

Resolving? Maybe not...

Do you set New Year's Resolutions? I usually don't. For some reason this year, I had pondered (as I often do, ponder that is...) perhaps setting some resolutions. Here is what I pondered...

#1 Losing the 90 lbs. I've gained since I got married 18 years ago. I pondered that for about a nano second and then quickly realized I had lost my mind...and thought I'd set a more realistic goal of not gaining any more weight... And maybe buying me one of those wii fits. We'll see...

#2 Only working one job over the summer and truly enjoying my kids. Reality promptly kicked in with that one...I just started one new job on the 22nd of December, and start my new full time job on January 26th. Therefore, the minimum number I would have is I really need to be working toward my LCSW which would require a 3rd job...and then to pay insurance I have to work at the Y. So...after a bit of pondering I have resolved to work 4 jobs over the summer and truly enjoy my kids.

#3 A part of me thought about resolving to have a cleaner house...but that immediately contradicts my motto of "We can't both look good, it's me or the house."'ll find no resolution here having anything even remotely to do with cleaning. If you're coming to see my house, please make an appointment...if you're coming to see me, come anytime!

#4 Money? Probably there should be a resolution wishing I could save more. Please see #2-- if saving more was an option, probably having 4 jobs wouldn't be on the same resolution list. After graduation I think I'll resolve to purchase and read the latest Suze Orman book. That's as close as I come to a money resolution.

#5 Do not, I repeat do not use the credit cards. This I can big deal. They really must be paid off before the student loan payments kick in starting November.

Ok, so...that's for the actual list.

Maybe buy a wii
work 4 jobs
read a Suze Orman book
Don't charge

Manageable, very manageable...

You know me, I'm just keeping it real...don't want to set myself up for failure you know!

OH and, I have resolved to completing the 365 project. Since this is such a transitional year for me, with graduation, the new job, 3 teenagers, my son going to high school, our trip to New York, Steph's first college visit, etc. etc. I thought this would be the year to document our lives through one picture a day. I'm also stalking Becky Higgins site to see when they will have more kits available since I missed out on opening day, along with perhaps half the nation. This does require me to have a crash course on photo shop, which I think my big girl can teach me.

So there you have it!

Oh, and perhaps my vacation pictures will finally upload to slide for those of you that have been waiting!

Happy New Year to you and yours!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Hi! Howdy! Hola! Hello! How the heck are you?!? It's good to be back to the blog! Whew, I have so much to say, so much to share, so many details and stories, you just won't believe it...

I have uploaded my 334 photos...I am currently uploading 100 and some onto slide to put on the blog...I think it says it should take 23 hours or so for that to be complete. As soon as it is...they'll be here for your viewing pleasure.

Now...a brief recap of the vacation, so that when you're looking at the photos, you'll have a clue of what you're looking at. For a helpful hint, you can position your mouse over the photo on slide and it will give you an image title to let you know what the photo is of. Cool! 1 we drove from Illinois to just north of Atlanta

Day 2 we drove to Daytona Beach and stayed at an amazing Hilton right on the beach. The kids loved it. Hubby and I however realized that we are now way too old for Daytona, and although we love the beach there, we do not love the atmosphere. I believe Ocean City, MD is in our future as it is so much more family oriented than Daytona!

Day 3 we left Daytona and drove to Silver Springs, FL which is a nature theme park. We stayed there for the day and saw the park all donned in Christmas lights. It was very beautiful. That night we drove 4.5 hours to Sanibel and arrived at midnight.

Day 4 - sleep and lots of it...the kids swam, we explored the beach, hubby and grandma went to the grocery store. Took them two hours to go about 2 miles in the heavy heavy afternoon traffic. Ugh! Out to dinner at Cheeburger cheeburger, as recommended by Toot! We loved it!

Day 5 - Explored the island, shops, Ding Darling nature preserve, and Captiva Island. Relaxed, played games and watched movies at night. Ate at the Island Cow...not our favorite, but good :) I should mention here that my husband backed into someones car at the rental office. :( Didn't hurt our truck, but quite hurt her van...

Day 6 - Watched the sunrise at the lighthouse and went shelling. Found some beautiful shells and lovely birds, crabs, starfish, etc. Truly amazing! Cooked out on the grill--- Swam all day and played at the beach....this is the life! Tried to eat all the food we had purchased so we didn't have to haul it home. We were pretty successful.

Day 7 - Left Sanibel...sad to leave...stopped at Bowman Beach on our way out, drove to just south of Atlanta

Day 8 - Drove from Atlanta to Clarksville, TN...had dinner with my Mom's husband at a great pub in Clarksville. What a wonderful time!

Day 9 - Breakfast with Papa and then we're off to home...unpacked the car, started the washer, picked the dog's up from the kennel and here I sit.

Geez, it's cold here!

Did I mention every day we were in Florida it was sunny and 80? Not a drop of couldn't have been more lovely and we couldn't have been more pleased.

Those of you that know me well, know I'm seeking a beach home at least for a few months a year. Although I loved Sanibel, it is a very different lifestyle and VERY expensive...muy muy expensive. Whew! Did I mention it was expensive? So...although I believe we may vacation here is not my future beach destination. Check one off the list...on with the search.

Tonight, I'm gonna play catch up with all of you. I was sad to not get a chance to see Sanibel Toot while I was there, since she was on vacation herself, but am glad to be home and able to catch up with all your lives! Happy New Year!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

On the road again!

Hello homies (translates to faithful blog readers) :) I am rested and a little relaxed and on my way home...from 81 to 43 degrees in one day BRRRRR!!! We are just outside of Atlanta tonight. Tomorrow we are going to stop in Tennessee and have dinner with my kid's papa and soon we'll be home sweet home. I have so many beautiful pictures to share. What a wonderful time we have had. I can't wait to catch up on all your blogs...I've missed you. Chat soon!