Thursday, January 29, 2009

Three words...full up and wow

Maybe that's four words, but here's the mind is full up! I have learned so much this week! I have more learning to do and two papers to write before bed tonight and laundry to do. The other word to describe the new job....WOW... there is just not a moment to waste! So so busy, so much to do...feeling just a bit settled, I've got to know a few people, and as an added bonus, my wonderful mother-in-law isn't there cooking delicious meals for me, SO...the diet is coming along nicely. 2 lbs. I've lost there in my first week! (Actually my first 4 days) gotta love that. Tomorrow, work, then school, then Saturday school, then Scrap night. I didn't make Scrap night in December cuz I couldn't have been more I am so looking forward to Saturday. Hanging with friends...a perfect end to a great week.

Gotta run...homework awaits!

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