Monday, January 26, 2009

What you doing?

Notice the time...6:44 AM... I am not at work...I am loving that! I have washed a load of laundry, loaded the dishwasher, and read all my blogs and email for the day....I need to go change the laundry and then I have 15 minutes to facebook before the kids get up. Yes, I do believe I will love this new schedule. My plan is really to use this morning time for homework, as long as I have school for the next 10 yes you heard it right, only 10 weekends! After that, perhaps I'll sleep in! Well, actually I did sleep in, getting up an hour later than I used to...5 more hours of sleep per week for me....Hooray! I feel much much better today and believe the antibiotics may be kicking in. I only woke up I think 4 or 5 times coughing last night, which is definitely the best sleep I've gotten in quite sometime.

Strangely I'm not nervous at all about the new job...perhaps that will hit when I pull into the parking lot. Or perhaps it's because I'm filing my school board papers today and I AM nervous about that. Sometime in my day today I have to pick up one more form from the high school, get them notarized, talk to Sandi and make sure they're filled out correctly, and drop them off. I believe I will have to ensue the Grandmother's help to get it all done. I will be really glad when it's done and I know they are done correctly and I'm on the ballot. Then the real work begins.

I'm hoping you all have a wonderful day...spring is right around the corner :) Hello Circles of Learning babies....Ms. Jacque still loves you!

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jennifer said...

My word! It must feel good to have that much behind you that early in the day. Whatever the stuff is that is going around - the cough and cold - is a booger bear. I am STILL weezing a little from it.

Hope the rest of your day is as good as the first part!!