Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lovin Project 365

I am finding myself loving project 365. I am not nearly an organized enough person to arrange to take a photo a day for a year, but really? I am surprising even myself! Besides the fact that I have been sicker than a dog since before Christmas and have succumbed to the lure of the drying powers of Mucinex on more than one occasion, I am a little bit impressed that I have stayed caught up with project 365. What I love most about it is the urge and the seeking to find a picture each day to represent your life. For me that eliminates the 'stand around posing and smiling' pictures with your house all neat and tidy. Those aren't real life to me (especially the neat and tidy house part!) I don't often find myself standing around and posing although maybe I should do more of that, maybe I should have a neater and tidier house! Oops, I digress. I think the biggest challenge for me is narrowing the photo choosing down to just one picture a day. I do believe that on some days, I will have more than one photo...such as this day...
Why do I hate this?
And why do I love this?

Today I will use two pictures. Root beer and Water. I HAVE TO take mucinex today. I cannot tolerate coughing and hacking up a lung one more day. However, taking mucinex requires drinking a lot of water to avoid all mucus membranes from drying out, shriveling up, and falling off. I think I'd look a bit odd without a nose. I decided I need to drink more water in general. The problem is of course that I hate it. Well, compared to root beer anyway. If there was no root beer I probably wouldn't hate water as much.'s picture simulates my daily struggle between what I need and what I like...water vs. root beer.

Yesterday...will also have two photos... This picture of my staff lounge at work at 11:00. When this guy... is being sworn in as our new rockubama president! What an amazing day!

Then there's this photo... of my baby girl's first swim meet. She did a great job! I personally do not have the will or the guts to swim when it is 0 degrees outside, and then head outside to go home with wet hair. Nope, not me!

Finally, there's this... Isn't that just a perfect photo? The one of the pricey shoes that she just had to have and then believes they are slip ons...and they end up looking like this? I do love this picture though, because I love how the shoes have conformed to her feet and if I think really hard I can visualize her wearing these shoes and how they are in the exact spots she took them off. I think project 365 is for me!

So there you have it...the update on project 365.

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HeatherPride said...

Cool project, I hope you stick with it!