Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I feel like a real mom!

My second day at my new job...still liking it ;)

Yesterday was fabulous...so many new challenges, so many familiar things. It is a very exciting opportunity. I could see myself doing this job for quite some time...although initially my intent is to be there for a few years until I can have a full time clinical practice. It is odd how I always find myself drawn to the school setting. Then, I go to the clinic and I love that too! What an amazing time.
Mostly, I am still tickled pink with the extra time I can now spend with my family. Laundry is on the catch up, the dishes are done, all the forms are filled out for school, AND I made my kids pancakes this morning...

slowly but surely, I feel like I'm returning to my family after a much-too-long hiatus. Imagine, in 100 short days, a time when I won't be gone every night and most weekends as well! They won't know what to think. You know...I can't wait.

It takes me even less time to get to my new job...about 9 minutes...gotta love that. And yesterday when my beeba's missed the bus, I was here to run them to the last stop...no chaotic phone call at work, no having Kevin come back across town to pick them up. Life is good.
Oh...and it's official (as long as my paperwork holds up)
I turned in my packet to run for the school board yesterday.
The only thing that is still REALLY behind is homework. I shall begin tackling that task this evening! Have a great Tuesday...


Grammie said...

Oh Great!

I just sent you an e-mail at your old work! Hope they liked it. I will resend it to your school address.

So good to hear your spirits up. Before you know it, you'll be having so much time. It will seem like extra time to you, but in reality it will be more like a normal amount of time one needs to live and raise a family. Because you are very much like me, you will immediately find something else to fill your time schedule. Now at 67 years of age, one would think that I would have slowed down...not me, health permitting, my schedule is still hectic.

I wish you well, my dear daughter, in whatever new activities you choose to assure a hectic schedule!!

Luv yo mama

Anne Lambert said...

I'm glad things are going so well for you. :-) I added you on my facebook page so you will have to come online sometime at night and chat with me. I do miss you so much already!

JC said...

Great, sounds like all is well. Good luck with the School Board.

HeatherPride said...

Did your mom really just say "Love, Yo Mama"? Ha! That's awesome, Grammie!

So glad the new job worked out!!!! You deserve it!