Friday, January 16, 2009

The frozen snot phenomenon and other winter perils

Now, only in Northern Illinois can one clearly recognize frozen snot. If your the squeamish type, this post may not be for you. Frozen snot I assume happens after someone is outside for a long time in the winter. But in the winter when it's 20 below, frozen snot happens the first time you walk outside and breath through your happened to me this morning.

I am on the fourth or fifth week of the most beautiful, lovely and heartwarming cold of all time, so I am lucky enough to have a good amount of snot to freeze. Mostly, when your snot is frozen, it just feels like your nose is stuck shut. Of course when you return to a somewhat sane temperature, you are able to breath normally right away. So, there you have it...everything you never wanted to know about frozen snot!

Last night we went to the Metro Center to see Larry the Cable Guy.

Larry, was very politically incorrect as usual and super funny. His opening act was great too and the show was sold out. Here's the thing: Our metro center has just undergone some 82 billion dollar (a slight exaggeration) renovation in which they built a beautiful new spacious entrance...that.was.locked. last night. Have I mentioned that is was 25 below last night? Our Metro Center had a p*** poor design from the beginning. One main entrance, on the far side of the building no where near where the parking is. I'm not really sure who thought of that. Then the parking garage for the facility holds 3000 cars and the facility seats 10000 people. Again, who's idea was that? Now...there was a lovely lot kitty corner to the building where a 7000 car parking structure would have been a fabulous idea. Instead, they're building a federal courthouse there. Really? A federal courthouse in Rockford, Illinois? How bout a parking garage instead. I digress. So...we end up parking two blocks away in a clearly marked...we will tow your car if you park here zone, and risked life and limb to walk ourselves to the sparkling new entrance. Which.was.locked. Oh wait, I already said that. To add insult to injury....there were cozy Metro Center workers standing inside the beautiful entry way all cozy and warm watching us walk by freezing. Now...the other entrance is a single door at the end of the walkway that connects the garage to the building. We walked to the other side of the building up two flights of stairs and waited in line to get into the building through one single door. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!?!? Did anyone stop to think that it was -25 outside? Clearly.Not.
[Rant off]
Pardon my ranting...but it was darn cold. Once we got inside, got our seats and warmed up, I actually had to take a layer of clothing off during the show. A good time was had by all. My favorite joke of course was when he said....Whoever proposed the theory of global warming has never been to Rockford! Ahhhh....the perils of winter.
OK, here's the final peril. When it's super cold and your car has super cute rims, like mine...the super cute seals in the tires often leak a bit which can result in two super low rear tires, such as the ones on my car this morning. Now, here's the thing. I do not, let me repeat, do not stop to get air when it is 19 below, which it was this morning. So, I hustled myself to work and hoped for the best. They are calling for 25 degrees by tomorrow morning---a whole 50 degrees warmer than today. That will be the day I will put air in my tires. Hope they last til then!
This is my final digression...look at how super cute this cat is...
We have discovered that in his old age he doesn't see very well. When he goes to bed at night, I always give him a little kitty treat. Unless I put it right under his nose...he has to sniff around to find it since evidently he can't see it. While he's doing this of course he leaves little drool spots in the bed! Who knew that cat's drooled? He's so chunky and snuggled up I just want to squish him!
AND, let me share my latest project 365 picture...

Is it possible for the temp meter on your car to be colder than cold? Evidently! And of course the gas tank has to be full to avoid gas line freeze. That's my, 'what I know about midwest winters' photo!
This picture is my precious one's project 365 photo...
This is her phone that she got for her birthday...notice the text on the screen. Clever ;)
Back to school tonight for me. Ugh! But it's my second to the last class. It's so close now I can taste it!
Until next time...


Mike Logan said...

Hello Jacque, greetings from a fellow Rockford blogger, and my car would not start until about 3:30 pm today, the minus 23 degree day. I love the graduate school counter, I remember my last semester, and how great I felt when my last final was done and graded and I knew I had made it. That one is an amygdala memory. Mike Logan, Logan Family Counseling on N. Main St.

jennifer said...

Her phone looks like mine!!

Rant on, you had a good reason. Sheesh. But Larry the Cable Guy you lucky chick. I bet you had a ball!

Living in the deep South, I had no idea what frozen snot was. Thank you for the enlightenment!