Sunday, January 4, 2009

Resolving? Maybe not...

Do you set New Year's Resolutions? I usually don't. For some reason this year, I had pondered (as I often do, ponder that is...) perhaps setting some resolutions. Here is what I pondered...

#1 Losing the 90 lbs. I've gained since I got married 18 years ago. I pondered that for about a nano second and then quickly realized I had lost my mind...and thought I'd set a more realistic goal of not gaining any more weight... And maybe buying me one of those wii fits. We'll see...

#2 Only working one job over the summer and truly enjoying my kids. Reality promptly kicked in with that one...I just started one new job on the 22nd of December, and start my new full time job on January 26th. Therefore, the minimum number I would have is I really need to be working toward my LCSW which would require a 3rd job...and then to pay insurance I have to work at the Y. So...after a bit of pondering I have resolved to work 4 jobs over the summer and truly enjoy my kids.

#3 A part of me thought about resolving to have a cleaner house...but that immediately contradicts my motto of "We can't both look good, it's me or the house."'ll find no resolution here having anything even remotely to do with cleaning. If you're coming to see my house, please make an appointment...if you're coming to see me, come anytime!

#4 Money? Probably there should be a resolution wishing I could save more. Please see #2-- if saving more was an option, probably having 4 jobs wouldn't be on the same resolution list. After graduation I think I'll resolve to purchase and read the latest Suze Orman book. That's as close as I come to a money resolution.

#5 Do not, I repeat do not use the credit cards. This I can big deal. They really must be paid off before the student loan payments kick in starting November.

Ok, so...that's for the actual list.

Maybe buy a wii
work 4 jobs
read a Suze Orman book
Don't charge

Manageable, very manageable...

You know me, I'm just keeping it real...don't want to set myself up for failure you know!

OH and, I have resolved to completing the 365 project. Since this is such a transitional year for me, with graduation, the new job, 3 teenagers, my son going to high school, our trip to New York, Steph's first college visit, etc. etc. I thought this would be the year to document our lives through one picture a day. I'm also stalking Becky Higgins site to see when they will have more kits available since I missed out on opening day, along with perhaps half the nation. This does require me to have a crash course on photo shop, which I think my big girl can teach me.

So there you have it!

Oh, and perhaps my vacation pictures will finally upload to slide for those of you that have been waiting!

Happy New Year to you and yours!


Shari Schmidt said...

OKay, one change to your list. You are not going to buy the Suze Orman book. You are going to go to the library and check out the book for free. Remember that free is good -- as long as it is legal! :)

Anonymous said...

My first time on this blog. This is incredible!! New Years resolutions? Yes, I have some:

1. Eat Better
2. Get some wheels
3. Pay down my credit cards
4. Get involved in the Church

Take Care,


Tootie said...

LOVED the pictures! I'm glad you had such a good time. You certainly deserve it. You have WAY more energy and ambition than I. So, a big hug and a pat on the back. You're a great Mom! Wish I would have been able to meet you.