Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Idol - 09

Let me open by saying tomorrow, that here in the sunshine state of Illinois the actual temp is supposed to be 21 below zero. Now, why I ask you would you want to live anywhere else? Like, example where Toot lives? I mean really sunny and 80 every day? Who needs it?!? (Insert here, that I for one need it, want it, gotta have it!) But alas, here I live in beautiful N. Illinois because as I've said before I HAVE to live somewhere with seasons because I LOVE the seasons.

Fast forward to today. My new mantra is I love all seasons except winter. No, change that I love winter for about 1 week. That's it. December 20th - 27th. That's all the winter I need. Is it becoming clearer to you why we are researching a new beach home? I believe I'd be very happy living in a warm climate and visiting N. Illinois for Christmas week only. Yup, definitely fine with me!

Ok, now onto Idol. After my 14 hour day yesterday...I caught about the last 10 minutes and then my big girl had to rewind to the beginning to show me the new Tattoo girl. She evidently thought I'd could look beyond the tattoo's to appreciate her voice. Nope, notta chance. I just can't tolerate it. You see...if you choose to cover your self with Tat's I mean that's your business, I'm just going to choose not to look at them. Yuck! I do love idol. I do love Simon, but mostly I love Sardonic Catholic Dad. Last year, I somehow stumbled on his blog and his Idol reviews. In my opinion, the show is no longer complete without Rob's viewpoint. So...if you haven't checked it out---take a minute today for some enjoyable reading.

Keep warm!

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Shari Schmidt said...

Oh, why do we live here? I close my eyes and remember summer. It's the only way to get through January!