Wednesday, January 28, 2009

AAAAAAHHHHHHH, I almost missed it!

As I was perusing the ole blog this evening, catching up on all things blogworthy...I was just thinking that perhaps I wouldn't have anything to say today...Besides working 3 jobs and really quite enjoying all three today, it just really wasn't that eventful of a day. Oh...did I mention I was late to all 3 jobs...not REAL late just a few minutes late...I wasn't really appreciating that...anyway...

as I was perusing the ole blog...I noticed my graduation counter...100, yes 100 days until graduation...oh how I've waited for this magical day, and here it is...from here on out it's double digits baby! I think somewhere along this journey I've mention the fact that I CAN'T WAIT TIL GRADUATION!!

Ok, now for the day to day...My hubby, I love him, he is worth his weight in gold...(that'd make me quite wealthy by the way) First of all...he sent me flowers on my first day at work...extra double brownie points for that one...secondly...he delivered our son to group today and picked up the precious one from swimming...without any input from me...cuz truly I was too busy being late to everywhere to worry about where they needed to be...then to top it off, when my tire was low today and I sure didn't have time to stop and get air...he stopped by with the air tank and aired it up for me...Gotta love him huh?

EXCEPT...I get home after a short 13 hour day (cuz yes they're shorter now) and I told him I'd be to bed after I read me which he whinely (is too a word) replies...but I'm tired, I need my feet rubbed, I really want to go to sleep...

{pause} boo hoo runs through my mind, but what comes out of my mouth is this...really lovey, I need just a few minutes to myself today...a few, not a hundred, I'll be back in just a few minutes to rub your feet...(uhhhh, not really...he'll be sound asleep by the time I'm done here and there'll be no feet rubbing tonight) Sorry honey...maybe tomorrow

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