Friday, October 31, 2008

An open letter to the Brainchildren at Comcast...

The other night my husband was flipping through the channels...(shocking I know!) and commented how a few of the channels weren't working. I told him...meh...they probably just switched things around again and we need to reprogram our TV. Later that night I got a call from my MIL that the Soap Channel wasn't working...Evidently, the brainiacs at Comcast decided to remove 4 random channels...and if you want them back...yes, ma'am that'll be 14.99 a month.

Dear Kings of Stupidity at Comcast,

Let me get this straight. You wake up one morning and decide..."gee, I know these customers have paid MORE THAN $50 A MONTH!!! to get their cable TV for the past 10 years, but I believe today's the day to start removing channels". To which another King of Stupidity replies..."Hey! I have a better idea! Let's take channels away...and if they want them back (those same channels that were included in their package yesterday) we can tell them it'll be $14.99 a month! GENIUS!" NO NO NO my friends it is NOT genius. It is wrong on many levels. How do you take something away that we've had for years and now tell us we're going to have to pay more to get it? WHAT? Whose bright idea was that you morons?!?

Bring on deregulation...I need a choice.


Your least satisfied customer.

Halloween Preview...

I gratefully got many things checked off my to do list last night...
I got the teacher treats made...
The girls made their treat bags for their friends...
We got our Halloween candy bought, the final pumpkin joined the pumpkin crowd on our front porch...and we got one costume completed...
Now... a lot of you do I get so much done, especially after working a 13 hour day. Well, here's the reality...see this terrific picture of my daughter as a hippie? This picture was taken from my bed! Sad but true...I get a lot done, but then collapse into bed. When she came upstairs all in her 60's garb I just had to have a photo!
Then, we were discussing the weather for this evening...Sunny and 65....REALLY! on's fabulous...but the precious one was a bit concerned that at night it may be chilly, so she began digging through my closet looking for something to top off her already mind boggling outfit...guess what she found... THIS! Not every Mom has a 1970 pantsuit in their closet right? And no it wasn't was a costume leftover from years past, but it sure was the finishing touch to her outfit!
Tonight we must get our pumpkins carved and then Hubby and I are off the the playoff game...go Huskies!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

This crazy space that is my mind is overflowing...

There is just so so much floating around in my head today, I could probably sit and blog the entire day...but I won't...I'll spare you the details. I do want to share with you this... What is that you ask? My very first check from Blogher! What? Getting a check for sharing my random blatherings? Have I died and gone to Heaven?

When I got the mail the other day and there was a letter from BlogHer and immediately I thought, uh oh...have I violated something? They're cutting me off cuz I'm just too boring and my blog is growing too slowly? NOT SO!!! They're sending me money! Love that! Especially when it's not payday week and we need deodorant and toilet paper...Pennies from Heaven I'll tell ya! OK, maybe I'm just a bit too excited, but it sure was a good time. Some days it doesn't take much to excite me I guess.

Onward...last night I got a text from my most favorite nephew in the whole world...'Where are the Weenie Roast pictures?" Since I am setting a good example of not texting while driving...ahem... I chose not to answer...yes that's the reason. Not because I thought I already put the pictures up here, not because I had to double check and sure enough they were not up here, not because senior moments at 42 are not such a good thing...purely because I DO NOT!!! I repeat DO NOT!!! Text while driving. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!) So....I do intend to put those pics up here...when, let me see, when....I just can't commit and let me tell you why...

This is Thursday...I am still one Halloween costume short (yes I have teenage trick or treaters) -- I have 1 pumpkin to buy, 3 pumpkins to carve...teacher treats to make and a potluck dish to make for tomorrow...after I put in my 13 hour day today. Really, if there is any down time among us...I will get those pictures posted. Promise!

My son and I had a truly awesome experience last night, that I'm choosing to share on my ketchup only blog @ cuz it fits there better. Take a gander if you have a minute...and have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sweeeeeeeeet 16...

For the past 3 weeks I have been diligently planning my daughter's Surprise Sweet 16 has been especially difficult to not mention it here, when all of the preparations were being made and we were getting so excited! Finally the party has come and gone, and here is the recap...Before she arrived, we were all busy putting on the finishing mom did a great job husband and mother in law did a great job setting up all the furniture, and have the sore backs to prove it! They also did most of the cleanup...gotta love them! I got help from a few friends cutting the bread at the last minute :) Thanks Mark and Rachel! I stole this idea from a wedding I had attended for the centerpieces...I thought they turned out so cute! She had a super adorable cake (if I don't say so myself!) And finally it was time for her arrival. She thought she was on her way out to dinner, but just had to stop at the lodge to help Gramma pick up a box...When everyone yelled SURPRISE!!!! and she looked around and saw all the people there, it began to sink in... Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! She was amazed at all the people that showed up for her party...even days later she is still saying...I can't believe Uncle Bill came, I can't believe Scott and Anissa came, I can't believe Ms. Nita came...etc. etc. She was really moved... I saw these candles on a website and found them here at a local party store... How cute is that?!? We had a pasta dinner...lasagna, mostaciolli, Italian salad and bread....then had cake...and then it was time for the presents...Stephanie opened this one first...It was from her mama, dad, and gramma---Can you guess what it is? Have you guessed it yet? Maybe this will help... A NEW CAR!!!! (insert the price is right music here...) The above picture is the funniest thing Stephanie and many many other people piled into her new car...I kept telling her to role down the window so I could take a picture (cuz of course it was raining!) And this is her opening the car door to yell, "Mom, I can't find the button!" I went over to the car and showed her the ROLL....down the window. At that point it came to mind that my daughter has never rolled down a window in her life, because we have always had electric after a quick lesson of window rolling-- I could finally take a picture! After that, we played how many kids can you fit in a neon! Don't worry, they surely didn't drive anywhere like that! But they sure had a lot of fun! We headed back inside where Stephanie opened many many gas cards that she received as gifts...Her Mom and Dad thank EVERYONE who got her a gas card! (It'll definitely help our budget!) She read all of her cards outloud while many of her small friends looked on! Stephanie has always loved small children (pretty sure she gets that from me) and even though she's definitely older, her childs' heart is still well in tact! I think it will serve her well as she starts her college career in animation. She especially loved this book from Adam's family about achieving your dreams. After presents, the DJ and Karaoke began...There was a whole lotta shakin goin on!
The Karaoke was a great time! (Too bad my camera couldn't cooperate with the flashing lights!)

Her friends had a moment with their cell phones...
and I believe a great time was had by all. may notice a shortage of teens in these pictures, and let me tell you why. I planned this party of course months ago, before I realized it would be the Championship Football Game Night for my daughter's high school. So...anyone in band, football, dance, cheerleading, etc. had to be at the game. I believe most people wanted to be at the game, including my daughter, my husband and I. When the night was over, a great party was done, the Huskies lost, and the fan's had sat outside in the cold and rain for two hours to witness the defeat...we were grateful we chose to party instead! Stephanie, I am so proud of the person you have become. Remember this moment and all the people that love you with their whole hearts! Happy Sweet 16 Lovie!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Where on Earth Have I Been?

Let's just suffice it to say that one Sweet 16 Surprise party later...I'm a bit behind in blogging. I have a 15 hour day on my plate today but sure hope to get the party pics posted this evening. I just wanted to thank everyone that turned out to make my big girls Sweet 16 a night to remember!

My Mama heads back to Sunny Arizona today...and she's very sad to be leaving this terrific weather (not) -- Safe travels Mama!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Birthday...

Yesterday was my birthday... It was also Bluey's birthday...he's 8 I'm 26. Ok, maybe I'm not 26---we have a lot of goings on at my house right my birthday took the back burner a bit...My mom true to form, got me some new terrific work clothes that I so desperately needed and made my favorite dinner...chipped beef on toast last night with a delicious salad. It was so yummy! We had ice cream cake and it was nice... There is a new cell phone on the agenda for me...since my current phone loses its charge after about 3 calls and turns off whenever it feels like it! I got many well wishes from my friends that warmed my heart and my scrap club celebrated my birthday at our last crop night. My brother sent me beautiful flowers and I got many many text messages and calls yesterday. My big girl's birthday is Sunday....Sweet 16. Oh the hoopla! She is spending the day at Great America for Fright Fest tomorrow...grateful this rain is on it's way out! She's trying hard to get her driver's lessons finished up...she has 1 and 1/2 left to go. I have a nervous stomach about the whole driving thing, but at 16 I think you have to trust that you've raised your children well and that they'll make good choices. There has definitely been changes between 15 and 16 with the amount of socialization-- but my big girl always keeps school and her responsibilities in the forefront (with the exception of chores of course!) But I figure she'll have her whole life to clean her own house...she'll either do it or she'll have a messy house. Oh well...I'm blessed to have such a terrific daughter.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Preparing for Halloween...

My baby Bluey was contemplating what to be for Halloween this year... I think this year, he's going for the Hannah Montana look!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Take Note

I know I still haven't gotten the weenie roast pictures up from over the weekend, and trust me I will, and you'll probably be bored to tears...but here's what I wanted you to notice countdown over there on the left...of how many days of school I have left...Less than 200!!! Yes, I'm finally into the 1 somethings. Hooray! Oh, and if you like countdowns...let me share this one...just one shopping day left til my birthday! Yipeeeeee! Finally, I heard from the Easter Seals folks yesterday...and they are completing the process of posting the job internally and will make a final decision on or about October 31st. So...I'm patiently waiting, and hoping :)

Happy Birthday Kim

Today's post is dedicated to this girl... My cousin Kim. Here's the deal...I cannot imagine how different my life would be, had I never had Kim in my's why: I did not grow up knowing Kim...I think I was 9 or 10 when we 'met'. She lived in California. Well, actually she still lives in California. Anyway...from the moment we met...I have loved and admired her. I spent my summer's in high school at Kim's house in California. I went to the beach for the first time with Kim...I saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show on Sunset Blvd with Kim...I went to Disney, Knotts Berry Farm, and a bazillion other places with Kim. I learned to be brave from Kim and to overcome some less than stellar happenings of our childhood. Many of my parenting skills I learned from Kim. Last year I took my children to California for the first time. My oldest is hooked, just like me...she plans to attend College there, and I have no fears for her, knowing she will be with Kim. Kim is the sister I never had. When her child was diagnosed with Leukemia, Kim invited me to go on their make a wish trip with them to Hawaii. What an honor. Kim has two amazing children. I am so proud of them. When my children met Kim's children last year...they were 'instant' family. I love that...I love you Kim...Happy Birthday!

Inevitably I pee my pants...

So, do you have someone in your life that when you are together...rain or shine, you have laughing episodes that make you laugh so hard you have to pee? Well here's the thing...for me, that person would be my mother...and lo and behold these laughing/peeing episodes ALWAYS happen in a store. OK, sometimes they happen at home, but most often they happen in a public... in front of others. Last night we stopped innocently enough at the Walgreens to pick up some toilet paper, hairspray, and a few other things...After my mom finds her rain check for 4, yes 4, bottles of hairspray she sat her purse down. A few minutes later, not realizing that she left the side pocket of her purse open, she went to pick it up. All of a sudden I hear what sounds to me to be a rain storm. Stuff was literally raining out of my mom's which my mom replied..."oh, am I dropping something...?" She no sooner had to look at my face when we both started laughing hysterically. There was money, earrings, bus tickets, candy, coughdrops, fabric swatches (I know only my mother), bobby pins, and a variety of other things the cart, in the seat of the cart, on the floor...everywhere on the floor...and there we sat both with our legs crossed trying not to wet our pants. Finally, after we got ourselves composed and everything picked up...we had to stop and wonder what on Earth did people think...seeing these two crazy ladies laughing hysterically while sitting on the floor of the walgreens, surrounded by purse belongings. It had to be quite a sight!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Drum Roll Please...

I have so so so much to say, so many pictures to post, so many memories to recall...I wanted to get these pics up today for all of you anxiously awaiting homecoming photos...the pics from my aunt's memorial this weekend will be up tonight. Let's just say it was an action packed weekend for the Ruchus. Saturday morning I took the girls to pick up their flowers and to get their hair done. Ms. Shannon and I tag teamed, since I had to leave to go out of town...thanks Shannon for the driving, the primping, the dress pinning, the waiting up, the late night...I can't thank you enough! Their hair was just beautiful and I want to thank John at Salon 20 for making our girls look as lovely on the outside as they are on the inside...This is the 'after' hair photo...I didn't even try to take the before pictures!! They'd kill me for sure! Next we have a few of the 500 pictures that were taken at Sinissippi Gardens before dinner...How on Earth do you pin this thing on without Stabbing someone??! And these girls...lets just call them BFF's...I love this one of them laughing...That's what it's all about right? And then of course there's this crying yet Sarah? I know, I know...she's just not 10 anymore! And then there's these two...finally at the friends since 1st grade...two peas in a pod...I'm so grateful for Devin...she has the sweetest spirit, and she always makes me laugh. I'm so happy Stephanie chose such a great BFF...
And then there's these pictures...on a more serious note...I am also grateful that Stephanie has such a sweet boyfriend... and that they had such a wonderful, safe time at homecoming... I love you baby girl!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Screwed up in more ways than one...

Ok, I seemingly cannot figure out how to post this most terrific video here, and really although I have committed to keepin this ole blog a relatively politics free zone...I can no longer resist...Here's my hopefully last comment regarding the say he screwed up is an understatement...(really what I'm referring to here is Palin) however...let's PLEASE not let him screw up the next 4 years for America...

I will be spending the weekend with my VERY republican I thought I had to take a moment to firmly establish my VERY democratic self.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Aunt Ruth

Auntie Ree, Grandma Tootsie, Mom, Sister, Corine, Ruth...all of the above describe this lady...
My Aunt Ruth...we lost her last year from brain cancer. This weekend is her memorial service...

I wanted to take a minute to dedicate a post to one of my favorite people in the whole's why...

As a child, her house was safe. I loved it there.

She was a girl scout leader.

She let me use her typewriter.

She baked cakes...the best cakes ever and I got to eat the top part she would cut off before she decorated them. Never have tasted such a tasty cake!

She made my wedding cake.

She had a rope swing in her yard.

She was my second mom.

She had lots of pets...rabbits, chickens, dogs.

She lived in the country.

I could talk with her about anything.

She knew a lot about a lot of things.

She always liked the most hip songs and sang along.

She loved Dolly Parton and John Denver.

She hosted a weenie roast every year.

She opened her house to whoever needed a home.

She had various jobs but I liked her best as a house wife.

She made the simple things fun.

She knew all the fun camp songs and sang them at the top of her lungs in the car.

When we were at her house we did chores...especially weed pulling...why did I like it there?

I washed her kitchen floor with furniture polish once and she didn't kill me...although it almost killed her!

She taught me about the birds and the bees.

She was my God mother and took the part seriously.

She knew how to laugh.

When we stayed at her inlaws they didn't have indoor plumbing so we pottied on an urn at night, like it was the normal thing to do.

She pronounced words the way she thought they should be pronounced even if that wasn't the right way.

She loved kids...the more the merrier.

She kept the worries of the world out of the lives of children.

She was a talker!

She was a camp counselor and went to camp with my cousin and I for a month! A month!

She kept the important things (her hankie and her chapstick) in her cleavage ;)

She lived a small town country life.

I loved her with my whole heart.

I miss her.

The literal world of Autism...

I really should be posting this on my ketchup only blog...but I'm posting it here, just cuz I thought it was so darn cute and such a good example of the literal thinking that goes along with being autistic. Yesterday, as I was observing in a classroom, there was this most handsome and darling boy that said not one but two things...that were very typically autistic. At first he was building a block structure and was explaining to the social worker that he was building the Eiffel Tower. Not to let a teachable moment pass, the Social Worker said to him, "Do you know where the Eiffel Tower is?" He looked at her and responded very matter of factly, "It's right here, I'm building it!" She walked right into that one for sure! Later this same boy was struggling with his para desperately trying to avoid doing his math work. Finally he looked up at the para and said, "Exactly how long is this going to be hard for me?" Bless his heart...if only he knew! Numbers are still not my was evidenced last night with my daughter asking for help simplifying fractions. Really? Who needs to know that and why? Finally I found a website that allowed her to "Check her work" when I was sure I couldn't come up with the answer. Actually, I was right on all the questions she asked me...but she didn't believe me, so I had to use the internet to prove to my 7th grader that I could, in fact, simply fractions with the best of 'em!

Until next time...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So, today I was on my way to my interview and since I have long ago put this job change into my God Box, I was not the slightest bit nervous or worried. And then it happened. The muffler on my car...bit the dust. A hole evidently...a loud hole. So, I got onto the phone with my trusty mechanic husband and said...right after my interview I'll be over to drop off this here car and pick up my nice and quiet truck. WHAT?!? He said. WHAT?!? I said...YOU CAN"T HERE ME OVER THIS LOUD CAR?!? So, I drove sheepishly to my interview....idling into the parking lot so as not to create a 'Ruchus' (Couldn't resist) 3 hours later I was done...and on my way. As I went to shake the dude's hand to leave he said, "Oh, I have to go out to the parking lot to get something out of my car" ... ... ... ... Of course you do. Guess where his car was...right next to mine. So, I proceeded..."You see on my way here my muffler fell off or something, so don't be alarmed please when I start my car, because it may sound like something you've never heard before. In fact, I'm driving straight to my husband's shop to get it fixed when I leave here." To make a long story short...he is new in town and is looking for a mechanic. That's the good part, a new badly needed customer. The bad part was...whatever was in his car he didn't find I had no choice but to start my car and be on my way. was loud....embarrassingly loud....quite loud actually....louder than I care to recall....

Do you think that'll impact me getting the job? Perhaps he'll think I'm so destitute that I need a new gig? Or will he think, ok that's the weirdest chick I've ever met? Or will he just think...geez I sure hope she gets her car fixed?

Time will tell...he said he'd get back to me in a week. By the way the new job pays more than I make now and I'd get 9 weeks a year off. This could be good...real good, as long as a quiet car isn't a prerequisite!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Do you know what day it is?

Here is a small glimpse of things to come...I only worked 9 hours yesterday then came home, napped, cooked, cleaned, laundried, watched TV, helped with homework, went to bed.
Somehow my body reset itself to Monday. So...I discovered about 4:00 today that it was indeed Tuesday, not Monday as I had thought. Here's the I am still pursuing my new job at Easter Seals...well really, they have a different, better job in mind for me I was scheduling my third interview today. When I asked the dude could I come on Wednesday...I found myself it's only Monday...this has been the longest Monday of all time. Then I told him I'd see him Wednesday, which if today REALLY is Tuesday then Wednesday would be tomorrow right? I guess also, since my kids didn't have school yesterday my mind is just really discombobulated. Anyway, swear to Gosh...I just had to look at my calendar to assure myself that today is indeed Tuesday. Isn't it?

Oh yeah...Wednesday tomorrow, my mama arrives from AZ., Interview #3, Precious one to the ortho, Big Girl to the pedicure and eyebrow waxing, Sonshine to the behavior group. I am certain by the end of the day tomorrow I will know what day it is.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Call it what you want...

Just couldn't think of a catchy title today :) I had no school again this weekend...and so it seemed like I had forever on my hands. Friday night I had intended to go watch the Huskies WIN AGAIN!!!! But my big girl had different plans. The girls and I and Stephs BFF went out to dinner. We ran to Gordman's and bought homecoming shoes and undergarments ;) and I dropped them off skating. I had dropped my precious one at a movie and picked her up. Sadly, my honey was in Michigan at a funeral for his elderly cousin's who were robbed and shot to death in a sleep little Michigan town. The suspects have been captured and turned out they were boys that lived on the same street as Robert and Norma Bean. Dreadfully sad...over 1500 people through the visitation and 500 at the cemetery. Amazing. Two very sweet, generous, charitable people went to be with God last Monday. Please pray for the family.

After much running around Friday night I dropped my precious one's friend off at her friend's dad's house. I went to school with her dad and hadn't seen him in 24 years!! (How can that be if I'm only thirty something?) We played catch up and chatted until WAY too late when I finally went home to crash into bed. 15 hours later I woke up. 3 pm. Really. That's about 3 days worth of sleep for me and man did I need it. Needless to say I had to alter my plans for Saturday as I had quite a large to do list. I ran a few errands and headed to Sarah's for scrap night. Had a project to work on there, that I didn't get finished...more on that later...Today, my baby Aubrey arrived at I was in the driveway taking a picture of the most beautiful sunrise. Today it was 83 balmy degrees here when it really should have been about 50. We went to the orchard again in shorts and flipops! Amazing! We chose our pumpkins, picked raspberries (!), grabbed some apple cider donuts for my honey and his mom, and picked up some Autumn Beauty apples (definitely my new favorite!)
Our next and final trip to the orchard will be closer to the end of the month when the Granny Smiths's are ripe for the picken. Yummy! At that point, we'll be cooking all things apple...pie, crisp,!
After the orchard I totallly forgot about the girl scout meeting my daughter's had (after I had just talked about it 30 minutes before that) and ran to the mall and found the perfect jewelry for the big girl for homecoming, then came home and cooked dinner: penne pasta, cheese bread, green beans, yum. I caught up on Grey's, ER, and Y&R over the weekend, read the syllabus for my 3rd to last class (big grin) and snuggled up my precious one for a bit. Kristina and I also scrubbed the kitchen yesterday. What an accomplishment. I gotta run tuck her in a get to bed...hope your weekend was awesome!

Friday, October 10, 2008

So totally happy to be so totally broke...

Boy that title piqued your interest didn't it? Sad but true...Yesterday I got my stock statement---and honestly I can say for the first time in my life I'm glad I have little more than a pot to pi** in as the saying goes. Just put it this way....of the little tiny bit I have invested...20% of it has vanished into thin air. CRAZY!!! 20%? Do they know how hard I work for that money?

So, here is my political plug...the only one you'll see on this ole blog until the day after the election...PLEASE, PULEEEEEZ, do your homework, register to vote, research the candidates, and please vote for the one that has the best chance of getting us out of this mess...for me...I'm voting for 'that one'.

I have to add though that gas has hit $3 a gallon here, and I am breathing a small sigh of relief.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Who are those kids and why do they keep calling me mom?

I saw a lady with that saying on her shirt this weekend and also saw a really cute coffee mug with the same saying. When I see a cute mug, I almost think I should take to drinking coffee, but then the smell....yuck! I digress....yesterday was parent teacher conference day and really I know I have great kids...but when you go to conferences and they all tell you what great kids you kind of (looking around for anyone else in the room) you mean me? The one who has mommy guilt A LOT....the one who's not sure if they'll someday be on Oprah speaking of what a screw up I was? Me? Really? Why....thank you, thank you very much...anyway...I put in the 13 hour day and hustled my hiney to the school. (I only made the middle school conferences which peeves my big girl...but next time...I promise to hit the high school too) -- All good reports....for my sonshine..."stays on task, ignores distractions, stays away from the misbehaving kids, works hard, has a great sense of humor" and for my precious one..."does all the right things, is so conscientious, hard worker, ask questions, tries really hard". I guess I didn't report on the midterms that came out a few weeks ago...Steph I think all A's and one B, Brennan all A's & B's & one D in science due to some work that hadn't been turned in, Kristina All A's but one B in Algebra. She insisted on getting some tutoring for Algebra cuz really, a B is just not ok with her....(I'm not really sure where she gets that from, but let's just say someone they know really well has straight A's in grad school :) I went home to find they had even done a little bit of picking up around the house. I did a few loads of laundry, watched Y&R, collapsed into bed at 11:00 and thanked my lucky stars for these kids that call me mom.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Forgive me bloggers for i have sinned...

It has been five days since my last confession post. Oh wait...I am NOT catholic, but I have definitely damaged my reputation as faithful blogger no matter what. Of course I have many things to report...On Tuesday I had my job went very well. The pay is the same as what I make now, except I'd be working with 3 teachers instead of 30, I'd get 9 weeks a year off instead of 4, and I'd work 8:30 - 3 instead of 6 -3. So really, there are a lot a lot a lot of positives...but here's the thing...I will be SO sad to leave my current job...SO sad, not for the work and the challenges and few other things, but for the friendships I have there and the children. The many many children I love as my own. And working in early childhood I know that shortly after I am gone they will forget me. *sigh* It'll be about two more weeks before I hear if I make it to the final interview round. Time will tell, and if I get the job, then I have to decide if I'll actually take it. I'm hoping the interview process drags out since if I take this position, I'd like to start this job in hopefully that time frame will work out. Again....time....lots of time...

I had school Fri and Sat and am really very ready for that to be done. We have 19 weekends left...19 AND this week I got my graduation application on the ole email! I was just a bit giddy that day and truly cannot wait for graduation. I am also at the 6 month point before my internship is done. Over the next few weeks I plan to begin applying at colleges that I would like to teach at next summer. I absolutely hope to be able to teach at GWC eventually, but I have to be 2 years post grad first. Can you feel it? The winds of change are blowing again!

I had high hopes for this weekend, that were quickly dashed by a migraine....yuck! I finally was to the point yesterday that I slept most of the day and when I tried to get up and do something I just couldn' I took more meds and was off to bed for the night...I have just a slight pounding hopefully, it is on it's way out. The goal...get through the day, the internship, and parent teacher conferences tonight...tomorrow is another day!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Although I did not attend the game last night...rumor has it we won again! 24 - 14. Sadly, my Alma mater played my husband's Alma when he called me to report 'we' won, I was a bit unsure of exactly who 'we' that me 'we'? or you 'we'? Evidently it was me 'we'! GO GO GO Huskies!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Ruchus Revealed...

It is a rare occasion when I can actually get the Ruchus that is my home captured on video...but this one...well lets just say it's a classic. One for sure to be played at my big girl's wedding or perhaps at her reception for receiving the Nobel peace prize. First of all I have to add that my house remains in a general state of disarray. We've just come to accept it. HOWEVER...note the dining room table in the foreground, cuz here's the thing....I JUST CLEANED IT OFF THE DAY BEFORE!!! REALLY!!! NO LIE!!! Where does all that stuff come from and how does it accumulate so quickly on every flat surface of my house? Someday I''m going to have a house with only vertical surfaces so there is nowhere to sit, lay, forget about, throw, or generally discard anything. Hey, maybe I'd win the Nobel peace prize for that one, eh? Well, without further ado...let me share with you all things Ruchus...

No persons were intentionally harmed in the making of this son can't really tolerate a lot of Ruchus, and sadly he was born into a family with an abundance of it. During the last chorus and grand finale of this performance, he accidentally on purpose tripped his superstar sister at which point a large crash ensued and much much laughter. Sad but true...thereby ending the performance for the night.