Thursday, October 16, 2008

Aunt Ruth

Auntie Ree, Grandma Tootsie, Mom, Sister, Corine, Ruth...all of the above describe this lady...
My Aunt Ruth...we lost her last year from brain cancer. This weekend is her memorial service...

I wanted to take a minute to dedicate a post to one of my favorite people in the whole's why...

As a child, her house was safe. I loved it there.

She was a girl scout leader.

She let me use her typewriter.

She baked cakes...the best cakes ever and I got to eat the top part she would cut off before she decorated them. Never have tasted such a tasty cake!

She made my wedding cake.

She had a rope swing in her yard.

She was my second mom.

She had lots of pets...rabbits, chickens, dogs.

She lived in the country.

I could talk with her about anything.

She knew a lot about a lot of things.

She always liked the most hip songs and sang along.

She loved Dolly Parton and John Denver.

She hosted a weenie roast every year.

She opened her house to whoever needed a home.

She had various jobs but I liked her best as a house wife.

She made the simple things fun.

She knew all the fun camp songs and sang them at the top of her lungs in the car.

When we were at her house we did chores...especially weed pulling...why did I like it there?

I washed her kitchen floor with furniture polish once and she didn't kill me...although it almost killed her!

She taught me about the birds and the bees.

She was my God mother and took the part seriously.

She knew how to laugh.

When we stayed at her inlaws they didn't have indoor plumbing so we pottied on an urn at night, like it was the normal thing to do.

She pronounced words the way she thought they should be pronounced even if that wasn't the right way.

She loved kids...the more the merrier.

She kept the worries of the world out of the lives of children.

She was a talker!

She was a camp counselor and went to camp with my cousin and I for a month! A month!

She kept the important things (her hankie and her chapstick) in her cleavage ;)

She lived a small town country life.

I loved her with my whole heart.

I miss her.

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HeatherPride said...

Aw, Jacque! That was so sweet! Thank you for letting us get to know Aunt Ruth, too. She sounds like an amazing gal!