Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Inevitably I pee my pants...

So, do you have someone in your life that when you are together...rain or shine, you have laughing episodes that make you laugh so hard you have to pee? Well here's the thing...for me, that person would be my mother...and lo and behold these laughing/peeing episodes ALWAYS happen in a store. OK, sometimes they happen at home, but most often they happen in a public... in front of others. Last night we stopped innocently enough at the Walgreens to pick up some toilet paper, hairspray, and a few other things...After my mom finds her rain check for 4, yes 4, bottles of hairspray she sat her purse down. A few minutes later, not realizing that she left the side pocket of her purse open, she went to pick it up. All of a sudden I hear what sounds to me to be a rain storm. Stuff was literally raining out of my mom's which my mom replied..."oh, am I dropping something...?" She no sooner had to look at my face when we both started laughing hysterically. There was money, earrings, bus tickets, candy, coughdrops, fabric swatches (I know only my mother), bobby pins, and a variety of other things the cart, in the seat of the cart, on the floor...everywhere on the floor...and there we sat both with our legs crossed trying not to wet our pants. Finally, after we got ourselves composed and everything picked up...we had to stop and wonder what on Earth did people think...seeing these two crazy ladies laughing hysterically while sitting on the floor of the walgreens, surrounded by purse belongings. It had to be quite a sight!

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jennifer said...

I laugh at my mother when she places her order at a drive thru. It is hysterical and always the same.

And the peeing thing? Sneezes are heck on my bladder. :)

Have a great week!