Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sweeeeeeeeet 16...

For the past 3 weeks I have been diligently planning my daughter's Surprise Sweet 16 party...it has been especially difficult to not mention it here, when all of the preparations were being made and we were getting so excited! Finally the party has come and gone, and here is the recap...Before she arrived, we were all busy putting on the finishing touches...my mom did a great job decorating...my husband and mother in law did a great job setting up all the furniture, and have the sore backs to prove it! They also did most of the cleanup...gotta love them! I got help from a few friends cutting the bread at the last minute :) Thanks Mark and Rachel! I stole this idea from a wedding I had attended for the centerpieces...I thought they turned out so cute! She had a super adorable cake (if I don't say so myself!) And finally it was time for her arrival. She thought she was on her way out to dinner, but just had to stop at the lodge to help Gramma pick up a box...When everyone yelled SURPRISE!!!! and she looked around and saw all the people there, it began to sink in... Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! She was amazed at all the people that showed up for her party...even days later she is still saying...I can't believe Uncle Bill came, I can't believe Scott and Anissa came, I can't believe Ms. Nita came...etc. etc. She was really moved... I saw these candles on a website and found them here at a local party store... How cute is that?!? We had a pasta dinner...lasagna, mostaciolli, Italian salad and bread....then had cake...and then it was time for the presents...Stephanie opened this one first...It was from her mama, dad, and gramma---Can you guess what it is? Have you guessed it yet? Maybe this will help... A NEW CAR!!!! (insert the price is right music here...) The above picture is the funniest thing ever...as Stephanie and many many other people piled into her new car...I kept telling her to role down the window so I could take a picture (cuz of course it was raining!) And this is her opening the car door to yell, "Mom, I can't find the button!" I went over to the car and showed her the handle....to ROLL....down the window. At that point it came to mind that my daughter has never rolled down a window in her life, because we have always had electric windows....so after a quick lesson of window rolling-- I could finally take a picture! After that, we played how many kids can you fit in a neon! Don't worry, they surely didn't drive anywhere like that! But they sure had a lot of fun! We headed back inside where Stephanie opened many many gas cards that she received as gifts...Her Mom and Dad thank EVERYONE who got her a gas card! (It'll definitely help our budget!) She read all of her cards outloud while many of her small friends looked on! Stephanie has always loved small children (pretty sure she gets that from me) and even though she's definitely older, her childs' heart is still well in tact! I think it will serve her well as she starts her college career in animation. She especially loved this book from Adam's family about achieving your dreams. After presents, the DJ and Karaoke began...There was a whole lotta shakin goin on!
The Karaoke was a great time! (Too bad my camera couldn't cooperate with the flashing lights!)

Her friends had a moment with their cell phones...
and I believe a great time was had by all. Now...you may notice a shortage of teens in these pictures, and let me tell you why. I planned this party of course months ago, before I realized it would be the Championship Football Game Night for my daughter's high school. So...anyone in band, football, dance, cheerleading, etc. had to be at the game. I believe most people wanted to be at the game, including my daughter, my husband and I. When the night was over, a great party was done, the Huskies lost, and the fan's had sat outside in the cold and rain for two hours to witness the defeat...we were grateful we chose to party instead! Stephanie, I am so proud of the person you have become. Remember this moment and all the people that love you with their whole hearts! Happy Sweet 16 Lovie!


HeatherPride said...

That looks like the most fun sweet sixteen party ever!!! And to top it off with a car??? LOL at the window rolling! Ha! So funny! Are we really that old, that our children have never had to roll a window down the old fashioned way? My first car didn't even have power steering! Ha ha

jennifer said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter!! What a wonderful party!

Love the handle story :)

I am booing you now. Come to my blog to find your 'Boo' (dated 10/28/08)

Have a great evening!