Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Do you know what day it is?

Here is a small glimpse of things to come...I only worked 9 hours yesterday then came home, napped, cooked, cleaned, laundried, watched TV, helped with homework, went to bed.
Somehow my body reset itself to Monday. So...I discovered about 4:00 today that it was indeed Tuesday, not Monday as I had thought. Here's the kicker...as I am still pursuing my new job at Easter Seals...well really, they have a different, better job in mind for me evidently...so I was scheduling my third interview today. When I asked the dude could I come on Wednesday...I found myself muttering...man it's only Monday...this has been the longest Monday of all time. Then I told him I'd see him Wednesday, which if today REALLY is Tuesday then Wednesday would be tomorrow right? I guess also, since my kids didn't have school yesterday my mind is just really discombobulated. Anyway, swear to Gosh...I just had to look at my calendar to assure myself that today is indeed Tuesday. Isn't it?

Oh yeah...Wednesday tomorrow, my mama arrives from AZ., Interview #3, Precious one to the ortho, Big Girl to the pedicure and eyebrow waxing, Sonshine to the behavior group. I am certain by the end of the day tomorrow I will know what day it is.

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HeatherPride said...

I swear, you are the busiest person I know!!! You need a clone!