Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So, today I was on my way to my interview and since I have long ago put this job change into my God Box, I was not the slightest bit nervous or worried. And then it happened. The muffler on my car...bit the dust. A hole evidently...a loud hole. So, I got onto the phone with my trusty mechanic husband and said...right after my interview I'll be over to drop off this here car and pick up my nice and quiet truck. WHAT?!? He said. WHAT?!? I said...YOU CAN"T HERE ME OVER THIS LOUD CAR?!? So, I drove sheepishly to my interview....idling into the parking lot so as not to create a 'Ruchus' (Couldn't resist) 3 hours later I was done...and on my way. As I went to shake the dude's hand to leave he said, "Oh, I have to go out to the parking lot to get something out of my car" ... ... ... ... Of course you do. Guess where his car was...right next to mine. So, I proceeded..."You see on my way here my muffler fell off or something, so don't be alarmed please when I start my car, because it may sound like something you've never heard before. In fact, I'm driving straight to my husband's shop to get it fixed when I leave here." To make a long story short...he is new in town and is looking for a mechanic. That's the good part, a new badly needed customer. The bad part was...whatever was in his car he didn't find I had no choice but to start my car and be on my way. was loud....embarrassingly loud....quite loud actually....louder than I care to recall....

Do you think that'll impact me getting the job? Perhaps he'll think I'm so destitute that I need a new gig? Or will he think, ok that's the weirdest chick I've ever met? Or will he just think...geez I sure hope she gets her car fixed?

Time will tell...he said he'd get back to me in a week. By the way the new job pays more than I make now and I'd get 9 weeks a year off. This could be good...real good, as long as a quiet car isn't a prerequisite!


Stacie said...

Wishing you luck. I'm sure he won't use your car as a factor.

Paige said...

Unless it is a job that is for a mobile library, I cannot imagine that it would hurt.

And maybe he will see how helpful you are, offering up a mechanic that he needs

Sarah Doyle said...

so glad it went well.. I really feel like this job is a long awaited blessing for you. Hope you get the call soon:) text me when you hear something!
does it count that i felt just as worried about my pierced nose when applying at RGS? lol!