Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Am I caught up yet?

So, every night this week I've been in bed @ 8:00 and still don't feel rested. I do think I'm fighting off a cold/sinus headache though, which probably doesn't help much. Today is my going away party @ CHASI--- sad, yet good.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Birthday!

My little friends Zoe and Jason turned five last Friday! Five !?! Can you believe it? Where does the time go? I am planning a birthday outing for them at build-a-bear in a few weeks :) I can't wait!

The Search Continues

Further searching on the PhD programs has revealed that one can earn an online PhD in Counseling Studies for as little as $28k at the #3 ranked online university. Now....that is more like it. When I read the course list, I get a little sick to the stomach, but I think after a summer off, I'll be ready to tackle the next hurdle. Yes, It's a fact...I could be a Dr. by the time I'm 47, and I couldn't be more excited :)

Monday, April 28, 2008

60,000 dollars

Yeeeeees, today I did a bit of research on earning my PhD...and guess what I discovered. Well....I believe it will cost $60k. I'm not really sure how to break that to the dear husband. Especially since this student loan is $50k Do I really desire a 6 figure student loan?!? Really what I desire is a 6 figure income. to weigh my options. I really want to teach at the college level, for which a PhD is required in most programs. Unless you teach at the community college etc., which really doesn't have the perks or retirement I'm looking for. Also, I really want to write a book or 2 or 10 and a PhD helps in that endeavor also. For real...if my kids grow up ok, I want to write a book about raising kids with wishy washy discipline and lots of love. I'd also like to write a book on resiliency, and also research the difference symptomology between ADHD and PTSD. OK, I digress. Anyway, I want to write a book, I want to teach college courses, I want to be a motivational speaker, and I want to be a Dr. Anyone got a spare $60k?

Until next time...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hey There Little Mama!

My kids and I are so excited about this...Remember last week when I posted the empty nest? Well, I am sure there are the little mama is patiently sitting in her nest day in and day out. I'll sneak a picture of the eggs if I ever catch her not sitting on them...and hopefully a picture of the babies not long after that. Ahhhhh, Spring!

No Pressure Blogging

"I just want to live...I don't want to blog about it" Should there be pressure that goes along with blogging? How many days without a post makes one a 'bad blogger'? Is there such a thing as a bad blogger? How often should one read blogs? These are just a few of the topics we discussed at scrap night last night. Just to clarify...all those choices are our own. What I most enjoyed last night was sharing each other's ideas about blogging, what we read, what we write, how other people's challenges have helped us keep our lives in perspective and how we all follow strangers that no longer feel like strangers. I had such a good time at Anne's house for scrap night. Firstly, I love her is so cute, and so Anne! Secondly, I love her Baby...I could surely take her home and keep her forever!
I am thinking that soon I'm going to host a girls night with no scrapbooking...just dinner and chatting...maybe game night! Last night I only made two pages, well really 3 (Yes, I the one who always give others a hassle for only making one page! ) I stretched out on the couch instead, read some magazines, and chatted...with my very best friends. Our scrap nights are so....indescribable. There we solve the world's problems, we fix our marriages, we bounce off child rearing ideas, we talk about work, the economy, sex...really no topic is off limits. Perhaps we could film our own version of 'friends' I wouldn't trade these nights for anything. It doesn't matter how tired I am, how disorganized I am, how I should be doing this or that...scrap night takes priority. It became my escape once I started school, and is just time to be with my friends. We are all different...some like dogs, some no, some are great grandmas, some are trying to have babies, some have kids, some do not, do we only have scrapbooking in common? Nope, we are friends....and that is enough!
So my point yourself...if blogging once a month is enough...I'll appreciate reading it. If you can do it everyday...great! But do we sacrifice our own time, our down time, our family time to blog? Not on your life! What I love most about my friends is they are all different, and all special in their own ways. By knowing this great group of ladies I am honored to call my friends...I am truly blessed. Reading their blogs is a bonus!

To school, I bid farewell...for a while

Friday night was my last class for a month. A wonderful, fun-filled, enjoy the down time month!As this semester draws to a close I have to share a few things now that I am officially a 'SENIOR' (Yell that term really loudly while reading this for the most impact!)

Well, as you know a few weeks ago I walked into class and realized a paper was due. Can you believe that the very same thing happened to my pal Carlene? It did! And really it was my fault, cuz I borrowed her syllabus and never gave it back. Anyway...Carlene and I were dreamily speaking of being seniors and being ready to graduate when she said...."yeah, I bet the quality of work won't be nearly as good this time next year!" I replied, Yeah...we're really knocken em dead writing our papers 30 minutes before they're due! Mostly I amazed that we've been in school so long we can whip out a 4 page paper in 30 minutes. Oh, and did I mention we both have straight A's :)

Although we didn't have school Saturday, Carlene and I both stayed at the hotel due to the exhaustion level. I only brought my toothbrush and jammies and planned to eat at the hotel and drive home early Saturday morning. Much to my surprise, I was awakened at 10:45 when the cleaning lady walked in! Evidently Deb and Carlene had both gotten up and left and I didn't hear a thing. I must say that 12 hours of sleep was the best! Of course I came home and took a two hour nap-- and then headed off to scrap night with the girls...

More on that later.

Attack of the killer lettuce

ok, so since I pride myself on exposing my family's most embarrasing moments on this here blog...I thought I'd share one of my own.

The other night I was enjoying a very tasty salad from Beef-A-Roo. The dogs of course were begging as usual so I thought I'd try some experiments. First I started with broccoli...will they eat it plain? Nope....Will they eat it with ranch dressing? Yup...Will they eat cucumbers plain? Nope...will they eat them with ranch dressing? the midst of all this experimenting I continued to eat. Clearly, not using my best table manners I stuck a glob of lettuce on my fork and without looking proceeded to try to put it in my mouth. {Picture a piece of lettuce about 4 inches long stuck on the end of my fork} As soon as I took a bite I felt something go up my nose...I immediately started sneezing, spitting, and trying to get the enourmous piece of lettuce out that, yes, was sticking out of my nose. I also immediately began laughing uncontrollably. After finally regaining my composure I looked up from the table to see my husband and son in the den looking at me, trying to figure out what exactly was happening. It took me a few minutes to try to explain what happened (all the while nearly wetting my pants from laughing so hard). Note to self...take a minute to look before you put the food in your mouth!

Until next time...

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I think that is the word to describe how I am feeling today...Mush. Tired, low energy, sleepy....mush. Picture a tooth paste tube that is plugged up or a lotion bottle or something of the know how you squeeze it hoping to get a little out and when the plug comes out you have a whole toothbrush full of paste, or a large glob of lotion? That's it for me....for the past few weeks as I near the end of my internship and this year of school, I feel like there is a plug in the tube...and I'm being squeezed trying to get out. I have one more week of clients and one more day of school and then....WHOOSH!!! out of the tube I'll be.

My precious one went to see Wicked in Chicago yesterday. Remember this is the field trip I was supposed to go on, but then couldn't? Well, evidently she had a second grade teacher as a chaperon who was quite cranky and wouldn't let them buy souvenirs or talk on the train. Here is the question....why do you work with children if you are cranky?!? Get yourself a career in shipping and receiving where you can be cranky with boxes all day. Get the point?

Tomorrow is my last day of school as a second year student. [words cannot describe the pure elation here] I told my friend Carlene that I wasn't sure what I was thinking when I first sat in those desks that I thought it'd be ok to be there for 3 years. Yes...3 years....1095 days. And now...I am down to 381 days. My husband nearly blew a gasket the other night when I mentioned getting my PhD, but really I must do what you have to do, to ensure your income remains at a level that can compete with this awful economy. Really, I try to not let this kind of stuff bother me, since it is typically things I have no control over...but you do really wonder how high prices can go and people will still be able to 'make it'. So for me, if that means 1095 days of school, then I must commit. And commit I have...

Until next time...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Administrative Professionals Day

Happy AP Day to my Admin Assistant ---- Cheryl! I must say that I have the best Administrative Assistant around! To prove a point, I nominated Cheryl in the paper. You can read the article about her here...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

My ever eco conscious daughter called me this morning to wish me Happy Earth Day! Gotta love her. Gotta love this beautiful Earth we live on. For all you non Midwesterners...I'll have to take some pics of the beauty that surrounds us. Right now the daffodils are blooming, the tulips have started, and the magnolia's are in full bloom. Once the red buds and crab apples are in bloom I'll get outside to take some pics to share with you.

Yesterday I had my final eval at my current internship. I was REALLY super nervous...and all for naught. It went really well and all I have left to do is finish up the next two weeks. Yesterday at work I set some goals that have put my life much more in order. I had a very productive day. I was home with my family last night for the first time in weeks and it felt SOOOOO good! Kristina and I went to Target, Steph went to school where she is helping as a stage hand for the 'Share the music' production coming up and I helped Brennan with his homework. I watched two episodes of Y&R and we grilled out steaks. OMG! Being home AND having a home cooked meal was like I'd died and gone to heaven. My new internship schedule is SO much better. I'll be home by 6 2 nights, home at 8 one night, and home at 4:00 the other. Perhaps that will facilitate me actually being able to catch up the laundry! (Yes, it's a long lost dream of mine!) Enjoy this beautiful day!

Until next time...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Merry Christmas

I just wanted to begin by sharing a few certain signs of spring... Yes, it's time to mow already...and I just LOVE how green the lawn is. The flowering trees are just on the verge of exploding into full bloom (my MOST favorite part of spring) and a little Mama Robin is in the process of building this....along side of our house. Yes that side will need painting again after the babies leave the nest...but it'll be really neat to watch. There are no eggs yet...she was just really busy building with grass and mud today. OK...onward to Merry Christmas :)

For Christmas this year I bought two of my brothers, my niece and her husband, and my family tickets to see the Blue Man Group....well last night was the big night. We began our evening with our Blue Dinner: Blue corn nachos, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Blue Cheese mashed potatoes, Blue Jello with fruit and Blue Bunny Ice Cream, oh yes, all served on Blue plates :) Kristina wanted me to buy blue Gatorade for the drink, but YUCK!!! looks like you're drinking Windex! It was (as always) so good to see everybody and it was so good to have the doors open. If I'd a been a little more prepared, we could have eaten outside. It was such a beautiful day. My little baby girl is getting bigger every time I see her, and seemed to be very tall this visit. Kristina and she played outside with the sidewalk chalk and blew bubbles, both of which she loved. Her mom and I played the role of the paparazzi :) After Ryan and Shana dropped the baby girl off at the sitters we were off to see the Blue Man Group....The general consensus was...they were good. I think seeing them one time was enough for me...although they were really funny ;) I'll leave you with of my favorite songs of all times....played on PVC pipe by men that are blue...

Until next time...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night

For all you youngin's out there, you surely don't get this title...but for us Bay City Rollers fans...hey! It's Saturday night. Last night at the hotel I got 9 yes 9 hours sleep. That's like 2 nights wrapped into one. I woke up at 3 evidently cuz my body thought it was done sleeping. Ohhhh contra ire! Back to sleep I went. Finished school this morning and then came hope to sleep 4 more hours. There will come a time, I am bound and determined, that I will feel rested. The last time I recall feeling rested was when I was on vacation at my mom's and I slept like 12 - 13 hours for 5 or 6 days and finally felt ok. That is the goal in May. I am into my last week of seeing clients and I have one class left and then our traditional bond fire on Friday Night. Then...sweet freedom for a month. Ahhhhhhh. Stephanie and I hit the mall today where I got the cutest sweater at Bergners for my internship. We oohed and aahed over the new Doonie's (I love the Miami print) and they had a super cute plaid bag with Canvas straps that I think is calling my name this payday. We went to Walmart to pick up all the fixings for our 'Blue dinner' tomorrow before the 'Blue Man Group' concert. Tomorrow morning I'm speaking at church about organ donation, then nap time, then dinner and the concert. Perhaps I'll forgo the nap and mow the lawn. Depends on the weather, but the lawn truly needs mowing. Tonight...I'm going to read a BHG magazine (truly a luxury these days) and then get some more sleep!

Until next time...

Friday, April 18, 2008

Nothing to say yet so much to say

I was going to post today that I had nothing to say...however that is really not the case. There is SOOOO much floating around in my head today like...where did the work shirts go for Kevin that I washed? How am I going to get my school project done? Have I missed paying any bills I was supposed to? How many days of internship left? When WILL that scraproom project be complete? When will I have time to scrapbook? Have I mailed my Mom's Christmas presents yet? What about Mother's Day? Have I planned anything for Mother's Day? What about Brennan's that party planned yet? Where is my calendar? and many many other pressing and not so pressing issues. Why is gas $3.60 a gallon? Why has food gone up 20%, gas gone up 50% and my income gone up 2%? Will I get to watch or read over a debate between Barack and Hillary or do I just vote blindly? Why am I at least 20 hours behind in Tivo? Will I get to watch Idol from 3 weeks ago before the show is over? Is Tivo actually recording Samantha Who like I asked it to? With all these crazy ramblings am I bi-polar? Nope! I just don't have much to say...

Until next time...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I can't be sure if it's really here, but it sure looks, feels, and smells like it. In the past two weeks, the state line area has gone from brown, dirty, cold and ugly to green, fresh, clean, and growing with new life. Some of the earliest flowers are blooming and the next ones (daffodils) are just waiting for a warm enough day to burst into bloom. I am tempted to say that this is my favorite time of year, but the problem with that is...every season is my favorite time of year. For me...I love is all things new. I especially love the smell of the grass and the dirt and the warm wind. I realize that most of you that live here can't smell the grass or the dirt cuz we're so used to it. However, after I had moved to Georgia for a year, I distinctly remember coming home and being able to smell the cornfields and the dirt. I really try to pay attention to those things in life and to point them out to my children. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful country with so many choices of climates. I, for now, choose to live where there are 4 seasons, and I love it! Someday, perhaps, a house on the beach will be calling my name...but for today...Spring...and loving every minute of it.

Until next time...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


So, really if you order a dozen eggrolls and you only have this many left, does that make one indulgent? Well, actually I gave 2 away before I proceeded to eat the other 7. Did I just say I ate 7 egg rolls? Truly, I can't know what you are talking about! Got a busy afternoon ahead...a trip to UIC for more observations, pick up Stephanie from watching her 'non boyfriend' (more on that later) from a track meet, then drop the girls off at girl scouts, then an appreciation dinner at the Radisson....don't anticipate time to blog until next time...

Monday, April 14, 2008


For all you OCD counters out there like me...I have 24 days til I'm done with my current internship and 49 days until I start my next internship. For real...I find myself wishing my life away during grad school and just as often wishing for the days back that I am missing from my real life. Kevin said last night...why were you up til midnight? I said, "To enjoy my house, of course, and being at home, and watching TV, and laying around" Really, I just can't get enough of it. I mean I think I spent a whole 14 hours at home awake this weekend and I had no time at home Monday -, please bear with me if I seem to be wishing...

Although I hate the snow and the rain and the cold, the sunny days make it harder not living my regular life; the life I know and love. The life that invovles naps in the hammock and time spent in my garden not thinking about one thing, time at the pool with my kids, and time running them wherever they need to be. The good part of the new internship is that I'll be home Wed and Thur to watch my girls play softball. You can be sure you'll find me at the ball diamond definitely NOT wishing my life away.

Until next time...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Exciting News!

Finally!!! Blogger and I have what is affectionately called a love/hate relationship. most days I love it...only because it will let me post pictures (even if only one at a time) which allows me to share my super exciting news with you. This... arrived in the mail this week! Although it is still sitting in the box by the front door I am so excited to have it. It is my new computer for my scrap room. I have really dreamt of this for oh three years now and finally own my own computer. Kudos to my bubba Tim for telling me exactly what to order and for finding a great deal that was well within my budget. Hope to get it set up in the next few weeks. Along with that, I have been searching for the last few remaining pieces for my scrap desk. The Rockford Target stores no longer carried them. I did an internet search and found that Janesville and Lake Geneva were the only close stores that had them. I wasn't able to get to either last week and when I searched again Janesville was sold out. I nervously scrolled down hoping LG still had them in stock. I was late to school Friday because I surely had to get to Target to make sure I didn't miss out. Sure enough, I breathed a sigh of relief when I realized they had just the final three pieces I needed. One more 3 drawer unit and two units like my friend Sarah has that hold books and little jars for embellishments. So happy to have those and now LG is sold out too, thanks to me! I don't foresee any time to get them put together any time soon, but the worry of them being sold out is behind me. Wouldn't it be awful to have a whole desk and not get the last parts you needed?!? So...grateful to have that off my plate. Or....on my plate waiting to be assembled. Just depends how you look at it I guess.

Drum roll please....My precious one has tried out for the gifted program for the last four years. She is a straight A student and is never absent and is super talented. For the past 3 years she has been on the waiting list, since our district only has 24 seats in the elementary gifted fine arts program. Well, I am please to announce NOT ANY MORE!!!! Shout it from the rooftops!! She made it this year and will be in the Fine Arts in Middle School! I am so excited to have her out of the 'general population' as I affectionately call it and on her way to a sound college bound education.
We have been watching the mail box all week. The letters were supposed to go out Monday. By Thursday I couldn't take it any more and called the school. Um yes, can you tell me exactly when the letters will go out? What's that you say? Friday? Thanks! So Saturday afternoon I raced to the mailbox as soon as I arrived home from school and low and behold there it was. "Dear Mr and Mrs Ruch, This letter is to inform you that Kristina Ruch is eligible to participate in the fine arts academy at HMS." For sure...that is all I needed to read. I filled out the confirmation form and popped it in the mail!! Much to my surprise, my precious one did not jump up and down with excitement. She said, but mom none of my friends will be there. I said, yes, but old friends will be there...and you will see new friends, and most importantly you'll be on your way to a good college prep education. Yes at 12 I am sure that she doesn't worry about that, but I as the mama surely do. Congrats Love! Mom is so proud of you.

Weekend update...I went to church this morning-- and it was so nice. I made cinnamon rolls this morning, which is our new Sunday morning tradition. I love to wake the kids up to a yummy smelling house. They seem to get up better if there is a yummy awaiting them. :) I felt very 'connected' and peaceful today. The church was packed to install our new worship pastor. All in all a very nice service. After that I stopped to pick up Ang and we were off to the family arts festival at the Discovery Center. We worked there for about 3 hours helping little ones with an art project. It amazes me how many parents say no...for fear of getting 'dirty' and how many children stand off and look at us like we're crazy. "Stifled" is all I can think of and hope that they'll find their creative side at some point in life. We saw 6 or 8 friends from my school there and my friend Stacie was there with Ben and Joey. After a minute I got to talk with Joey and he gave me a big hug. That was so nice. I think sometimes he can place me and sometimes he's not so sure. I told him that we'd have a chicken leg picnic soon and by golly if the weather ever gets above 40 [ugh!] that is the FIRST thing on my list.

I came home for a quick nap, picked Brennan up from his tournament, stopped at the grocery store and made yummy chicken and gravy, mashed, and California blend for dinner. I am sure it will be the only home cooked meal this week, so I am surely enjoying it. I got up at 6 this morning to try to catch up on a few TV shows and some laundry. I need to write out the schedule for the week, more laundry, and read the paper before crashing...

Until next time...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Thanks to those that continually bail out my butt...

This week I have reached a new height for needing help. Before grad school, asking for help was such a difficult task for me...but---not anymore. Picture this....I walk into class last night and it doesn't take me long to notice that everyone has a paper on their desk ready to hand in. Everyone, that is except me...should I run out of the room and feign illness? Should I make up some crazy story about my dog eating my homework? None of the above seems like a good option so I say to my buddy Carlene...ummm, yes, well, we have a paper due today? ;P To which she replies, "Um yeah, the article review." OOOOHHHHHH, the article review. As I think to myself...what in the h e double toothpicks article is she possibly speaking of?!? I know the class is 3/4 of the way over and probably now would be a good time to read the syllabus, but for real? Who has time? So, I sit through class pondering my options. I am grateful that on the board is written " Article Reviews, tomorrow" So, being the resourceful one that I am...I ask out loud...Uh yes, does anyone have an article I could possibly borrow to write a review on? As a matter of fact my friend Carlene had an extra! Now...some way to write it. Oh yes, the laptop my brother so graciously loaned me happened to be in the car...check. Now, how to get it to a printer. Uh yes, does anyone possibly have a memory stick I could borrow?!? What, you do? What, you don't know what else might be on it? Do I care? I promise not to look what's on it if you could just possibly loan it to me til tomorrow. Deal?!? PERFECT! I was set. Got the article, the laptop, the memory stick and one tired writer. I was way too wiped out last night to write a word, so I hit the bed. Got up at my regular time this morning 5A...had my paper done by 7 and was on my way to a relaxing panera breakfast by 7:15... OMG was I so glad I got it done, cuz when we got to class, we sure had to do a brief presentation about our articles...WHEW! One of my cohort members commented that, Gee, when I first met you I never would of thought you'd do homework the morning after it's due. Well, let me be the first to tell you...neither did I. I have two more weeks to get through before I have a month, a very much needed, a very desperately, if I don't get it I may self destruct, month off. So....for all of you that have bailed me out....a big thanks to you!

Now, on to other topics. I HATE BLOGGER!!!! Why are there times that we cannot upload photos? I hate that. I have great photos and great stories to go with them, but I cannot upload today for some reason and yes I've tried from 3 different computers, all with no luck. So, perhaps tomorrow. But here's a brief look at today. I got in a 4 hour nap, and feel human once again. I have to pick up Steph from her field trip into Chicago any minute, and pick up Kristina from a movie. Then we're off to my work to prepare for the family arts festival tomorrow. Church in the morning, then the arts festival, then a brief nap, then I AM GOING TO WORK ON MY SCRAP ROOM TOMORROW. I have a few new surprises to share once the photo thing is working. Tonight...I talked my son into catching up the dishes. I am determined to find the dining room table again, and to get some laundry done. I don't get to see my baby Aubrey tomorrow because of the arts festival...but surely am looking forward to having her in two weeks. I think Auntie may need to find some time between now and then to sneak her in, because she is changing so fast!! I did get to talk to her on the phone today. She is still speaking a language only understood to her, but is learning a new word every day according to her mommy. So sorry bout tomorrow fritzelcookie...I'll see you soon :)

The Tivo is full and deleting things since I am so far behind on hope to catch up on that early tomorrow morning, before church. Oh, and speaking of church...I'm speaking at church on the 20th regarding Organ Donation. Hope to see you there!

One final note....Cassie lass, if you're out there, I need a new email address for you...AND give Gabe a kiss for me.

Until next time...

Friday, April 11, 2008

Search Data

I always find it interesting, in my abundance of free time, to see what people are searching for that brings up my blog. Now, you know if you ever use Google, that you might get 10 relevant searches and about 2 million that are not. I have for you, the latest searches that brought up my blog. They are...

buzz hair cut
big ruchus - we have a lot of that to offer
her husband her braces -- yup we have one of those and are soon to get the other
what's holy week - really, someone doesn't know what that is?
Guinness book of records - bingo game -- ummmm, can't think of the last time I played bingo
meemp - Can you believe it??? Some one searched for meemp

And last but not least, my all time favorite ...

dry engine sound - I find this very ironic, since I try at all costs to avoid this by putting oil in my car about every 3 days....and truly, have never blogged about it! Perhaps my husband was searching?!? :)

Until next time...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

No Pain, No Gain

I have always considered myself a super goal oriented person. There are times however when you realize the sacrifices made to reach the goals and wonder if it's all worth it. Being that I am just on the brink of completing my second year of grad school, I am rreeeeaaaaallllllyyyyy feeling the squeeze of it all. I am in the process of finishing up internship #1 and starting internship #2. For the next two weeks they are overlapping a bit, which is just a bit overwhelming. This is one of those weeks where I have well over 50 hours in in 3 days and it just seems to really catch up with me. This past week, for some reason, every event of my life has not been written in my calendar (which is very unusual even for disorganized me) I typically don't make a plan or a commitment without checking the master schedule. Since my youngest is preparing to enter Junior High, her schedule is definitely picking up the pace: Auditions, sports decisions, class decisions, etc. I am grateful that she is super organized, and very seldom is a last minute kind of kid, but she also relies on me to be super organized (with the schedule at least) and this week I have let her down. On Tuesday, I had to miss her DDS appointment and mandatory Cheerleading meeting, because of overlapping schedules. Good thing she remembered the meeting an hour before it was to start and her Dad was able to take her. Wednesday, I had to miss her final Orff ensemble...since I work Wed. nights to pay for her braces. AND, next week on Wed. we were supposed to go see Wicked (her last grade school field trip) but, I can't get the day off work and I have to teach that night. So...she's been on her own this past week, which really pulls at my heart strings. Last night I was in bed and she said, "Mom, come cover me" To which her Dad replied, "Do you want me to do it?" And I said no, it's one of the few things I'm able to do, so by all means let me get my butt out of bed and go cover her. (This is the time also when I put medicine on all of her various breaking out sites and then lotion her up) -- It really helps her relax and gives us a minute to bond. least I got that done. I know I have only 13 months left of this part of the journey, but there are surely times when you wonder if it's all worth it. At this point in my life, I just can't imagine having a flexible schedule, and having choices with my time. It seems a far way off, but if that is the outcome, the pain will definitely be worth the gain. When my baby is in high school, just for the record, I do not intend to miss not even one moment!

Until next time...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My new blog list

So, I've been farting around on blogger draft and used their new blog list. This is a feature that tells me when all the 'bad bloggers' have updated their blogs. No more useless checking of un updated blogs for me! Love it! Check out the new list to the even gives me a snippet of your new blog title. Cool.

This is the one!

My friend Sarah emailed me this today! This is for sure my 4th of July bag! I love this pattern AND it's canvas...too cute!

Who's That Girl?

I'm not sure who this girl is... How do you like that new brown hair? I think it's super cute, and Stephanie was so excited after it was done. At first, she got me in the salon by telling me she wanted a haircut and 'low lites'... you know 'a few' darker streaks. When we got there, however, she said, "no I want it all brown." Ok, my love :) It's not a piercing or a tattoo, so go ahead and get brown hair. Actually I quite like it and think it enhances her skin tone AND her new hair color exactly matches her eyebrows....isn't that crazy? So, my blonde hair/blue eyed daughter is now a brunette! I said to her...Man! You really look like me now! I love that she's making her own choices and isn't afraid to take a chance! You go girl!
On a more somber is my husband's friend Brian's I will be attending that with him. Also, for you prayerful folks, my friend Carlene's Dad is real sick with heart trouble, kidney trouble and other ailments. His name is Carl. If you would please add him to your list, and keep praying for CF husband and Tricia (the double lung recipient) and Sandi Johnson. Thanks...
Until next time...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Couldn't be prouder...

Report cards arrived Friday...this quarter the 3 baby geniuses got....Stephanie...Straight A's before finals, one B after finals. Kristina straight A's and 3 A+'s in Reading, Science and Math. Brennan, 2 B's, 1 C, 1 D...but proceeded to point out that he got A's and B's in effort. "See mom?" he said..."I tried hard" :) Yes you did all tried exceptionally hard and I couldn't be more proud!

Ms. Senior Arizona

It's up! It's up! Finally!! After months of anticipation the pageant info is on line for my Mom's pageant!!! Check out the competition here... Good Luck're a winner!

Can you say fabulous?!?

So...yesterday, I finally had to do it...I could wait no more! I made the leap and purchased this... I just happened to be driving by Crimson Ridge and it said...Vera Bradley Spring Preview....well this 'Raspberry Fizz' pattern has been calling my name for a long time, AND with the purchase of the bag, you get the kiss lock coin purse for free, and then I had to buy the ID holder to match! So nice to have a nice new clean purse! My other one really took a beating. The trouble with going to Crimson Ridge is that they have the hugest Vera selection ever AND they have a limited edition red,white, and blue canvas collection that I absolutely adore. So...perhaps I can buy a purse to only use 4th of July week? Maybe that will be on my list for Mother's day. We'll see. It's either that or a floor scrubber! I also scoped out the new D&B for spring, and they too are the cutest ever. Although they are way out of my price range, my daughter really likes them. Maybe with her internship money she can get another one this year.

My friend Laura bought me this... Pretty cute eh? I've had an empty fish bowl in my office for about...well, really 2 months 3 years. So it's about time I took the plunge a got a new fish. I asked my friends Jason and Zoe (note new school picture :) to help me think of a name for him. First, they thought we should name him Pescadito (the name of the fish in their classroom). I told them I wanted something different so they thought Ethan Lambert would be nice...?!?! Ethan is a boy in their class. I told them certainly we shouldn't name a fish I sent them home with think of a name for the fish. So...time will tell what they come up with! I'll keep you posted...

My great nephew Robert had his school pictures taken at my center...look how cute he is!

Can you say handsome?

Until next time...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Dylan

Just returned home from baby Dylan's first birthday. It was so nice to see all our 'Pekin' family again! Dylan wasn't too sure he was happy to see us at first! He was real serious! We had a cook out and the weather was great! 65 and sunny. Who would think you could plan a cook out for April 5th and have the weather actually cooperate? Dylan had about 882 guests at his party...Brennan and the boys had a great time playing outside...These little guys thought they were tough stuff having the big guy trapped in the shed...but when Brennan opened the door...they all scattered... just to start the whole process again. They ran around like crazy outside for the best part of two hours! As it got chilly, we moved inside for Dylan to have his first birthday cake... His Mom and Dad made his cake and also made him his own little cake. His Gramma made him this cake...and when you pulled the flame out it had money cute! I think Dylan may have been the happiest cake eater I've seen to date! He just loved squishing the cake between his fingers. I think he ate cake for 20 minutes!! while posing intermittently for the paparazzi that had gathered around his high chair! After a very involved clean up by Dad, he snuggled up to Gramma for a much needed nap! What a sweet baby. Take a peak at this for all the action... OK, ordinarily there would be a video here, but stupid blogger won't let me today...perhaps tomorrow

After the party, we headed back to the hotel for swimming. Unfortunately...we stayed in a brand new hotel and the pool wasn't open yet. Kristina was so disappointed. I went to the front desk to inquire and the lady said we could swim at the Country Inn and Suites...which was across the street. So...we were off. Brennan, Kristina and I all swam. The pool was brand new and really warm. After I swam a bit...I was sitting along side the pool and noticed Brennan's goggles. Ummmmm, dude, what's on your goggles? Yes, I believe it says 'Remove before use' yes, yes, it does! After we peeled off the protective coating, Brennan said...Man, I can see so much better now! Go figure. After so much running and playing and swimming, it wasn't long before he pooped out We had a great night's sleep and met everyone for Breakfast this morning. Kelly, his girlfriend, two daughters, grandson, Deb, Sarah, Rob, Rebecca, Dylan and us! 15 in all. After breakfast it was time to hit the road...Bye Rob, Rebecca, and Dylan....Thanks for hosting a great party!

Until next time...

Friday, April 4, 2008

LB December KOM

Hey you guys!!! That super fabulous giant stamp kit from Lisa Bearnson is available again. Go here to preorder and you don't have to pay til July. After these kits sold out they were going for big bucks on the 80 - $100 range. I can't wait til it comes! I sure ordered mine today.

Jet Lag

Feeling a bit of jet lag today, which is sure to get worse this weekend. I will be leaving for school return tomorrow and then head to my great nephew's 1st birthday. Hopefully, upon our return on Sunday, I can do laundry, homework, and then collapse.

Last night I had a minute to watch Oprah's big give. FOR SURE!!! This is my show. If she has this show again, (and I'm not in school) I feel the need to definitely try to be a contestant. What an awesome experience!

Meeting my friend Carlene for dinner tonight at Chili's...Quesadilla explosion here I come!

Have you registered to be an organ donor yet?

Until next time...

Thursday, April 3, 2008


So. I'm out of town for two days at a state wide DCFS training. The info is really great, but my brain is FULL UP!

I just wanted to let you all know to check out the link to the right for CF husband. This is a blog I've been reading about a family who is waiting for a double lung transplant. Since April is Organ donor Awareness month....PLEASE pray for this family and sign up to be a donor if you haven't already. PLEASE don't take your organs to Heaven....Heaven knows we need them on Earth.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


What on Earth is a Meemp? Did anyone watch the Bachelor last night? If so, you know about the girl with the 'Meemps' It was the craziest thing ever. Evidently this girl on the show get's what they all call the meemps, which was a cross between the hickups and a Tourette's like tick. The girls on the show were just talking about it like it was totally normal. The one girl said, "well of course she got the meemps when so and so was talking about so and so" CLEARLY they are all a bit of a whack job! My husband and I laughed so hard and then proceeded to Meemp throughout the rest of the show. We probably have a bit of a sick sense of humor...but really? Meemps?!?