Sunday, September 19, 2010

Not ever again....just sayin

Do you procrastinate ever? Well, let's just say I don't either. HAAA! Fooled you. In fact, this week I procrastinated in cleaning my house when I knew I had a whole house full of people coming over on Saturday. So, in my usual fashion, I got up at 7, ran my errands and cleaned like gangbusters for 5 hours oh and recruited a few less than willing teens to help me. Washing curtains, rugs, windows, scrubbing floors, toilets, showers, cleaning china cabinets, oiling the wood furniture, sweeping down the cobwebs outside. You name it, if it existed in this house, it got scrubbed, swept, dusted, cleaned, or otherwise altered. Even the man of the place said, "I was shocked when I walked in the house at how much you did." REALLY? So am I now that I think about it...but here's the thing, every muscle in my body is killing me today...even after two extra strength tylenol.

So here's my new dilemma: Do I continue to procrastinate, so that SO much has to be done in one day, do I pace myself, do I give up cleaning all together and just have get togethers at other people's houses, or perhaps hire a cleaning lady? Those are the important matters of life being pondered at the Ruchus today. By the way, they're being pondered in a clean house :) At least for today!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I was once was lost, but now am found

Picture it...Sunday...September...2010. "Mom, Have you seen my retainer?" "Um, No precious one, have you?" "I had it in the car last. I took it out to eat McDonald's" Fast forward AFTER searching through the garbage, calling gramma, Dad's searching through the garbage at his work, thoroughly examining every crevice in the Suburban. I look up from my blog fodder today and what do I see?
There! Do you see it? Plain as day? YES! So do I! The kicker is...the precious one sits at this computer for hours DAILY....Do you also see that it is about 4 inches from the mouse?

I can't go on.

It oughta be illegal...

17 cavities. Really? Have you ever heard of anyone having 17 cavities? Before they are 6 years old. Let's just say that proper nutrition and teeth brushing has it's in every child's life. This morning, I'm taking my baby boy great nephew to get 17 temporary fillings. That's the precursor to the hospital visit when they have to put him out to actually fill them. I am certain he will be less than pleased (even with the promise of an amazing toy afterward). I can say that I am less than please with the very tiny amount of sleep I got last night worrying about his adventure today. Please Pray. A lot.