Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekend Update with Dennis Miller

Ok, I know only you SNL fans like me will get the title of this blog, but it cracked me up! Really if you can't make yourself laugh, than what else is there? So Friday, the girls and I finally went to get our pedi's done. I had the best massage chair and nearly caught myself in a drooling daze. Our toes are all ready for Spring and I have vowed that it is flip flops from now til October! Stephanie got her eyebrows waxed for the second time and is a few pounds lighter today! She has the thickest brows of all time and she looks so nice when they are arched. After that we were out with the family running a million and two errands. We finally ended up at the mall to get some spring shopping done. We get some really cute outfits for Kristina and a few pieces for me for work. Stephanie looked at every shoe store to find some tennies, but only found one pair she liked (of the 380 pair we looked at) and they didn't have them in her size :( She does need shoes and a few pair of jeans and definitely some shorts. But we were all tired and running short of time. We had my favorite Japanese food at the food court and headed home. I worked on the 2 tons of laundry and caught up on Tivo. The writer's strike has been good for me this year since I've had so very little time I've been able to stay somewhat caught up with my shows! Sunday morning I was up early to read the paper, do 4 loads of laundry (we're down to 1.8 tons of dirty laundry now) and then we were off to church. We met Grandma there and headed off to a surprise for the kids.

My friend Carlene shared a buy one get one free coupon with me for Medieval Times and so we decided to surprise the kids with a trip there to cap off Spring Break! We found it no problems at all, but walking in to the place my MIL surely tripped on something unknown and fell from toe to knee, to hip, to shoulder, to head right on the sidewalk. Really her whole self was lying there in the walkway. I did really try not to laugh, and I actually was concerned that she may have broken something, but when I realized she was ok, I could no longer hold it in and the hysterical laughter began. After she got up I asked her if she could lay back down on the sidewalk so I could take a picture for my blog, but sadly she declined. I am sure she will be sore tomorrow. Poor gal. The rest of the show was quite uneventful, and the kids really really liked it. It was so nice to spend some time with my girls... And my guys...We got to see the dancing Stallions....and they were really cool.The jousting was especially cool and Brennan really loved it. He did really well considering we had to eat with our fingers. He only had to go wash once but brought his half of chicken home to "eat that when I have a fork" (I didn't take into account his sensory issues when I made this plan) But it all worked out well and the kids had a great time! We stopped on the way home to see Poppy. He didn't seem to know us and was busily walking his path around the nursing home. I told him that Kevin was with us and he shook Kevin's hand and acted a bit excited to see him, so perhaps he knew him. It's hard to tell. We headed home to work on too much more laundry (you see the theme hear?) Clearly I am learning to hate laundry and wishing more and more for the laundry fairy to make a visit.
I picked this up the other day at the grocery store for $4.
What a buy. Every Easter I really miss Kevin's dad. He faithfully brought me an Easter Lily every year and so having one always reminds me of him. After he passed away, for several years, we bought one for the alter at church in his honor and then took it home, but this year I was remiss in ordering one. I was however, very happy to get such a good deal on this one, and can't wait to plant it out in my garden. Speaking of the garden, my daffodils are up and my flowering trees have buds. I sent the lawn contract in this sure signs of spring are upon us.
I'm out of town a few days this week for training, overnight for School and then we're heading overnight my cousin's first birthday. Whew! I'm off to catch up on blogs now and heading to bed...
Until next time!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Hello Paris, Errrr I mean Zoe

My little friend Zoe is preparing for a trip to Disney World...she plans to don these Paris Hilton shades while she's there :)

Celebrity Apprentice

OMG!!!!! For all you apprentice fans out there....was that the best episode ever?!? Even though I I believe that Piers is evil through and through I also believe he should have won. There is one thing though....really, it came down to who you know...a little bit more than what you know or how you perform. Unfortunately, I believe it mirrored real life. AND, my man TraceSURELY could have won had he used his OWN celebrity to raise money. I believe that was his defining error in the game. If he would have asked his fans to each send $10---just think of what might have been raised! He absolutely displayed grace, loyalty, honor, humor, and integrity. There were a few moments last night that I thought were so touching....(and why I love him) The first was when his girls arrived and he started crying. What an awesome Daddy. And then, of course, when he sang the live version of "You're gonna miss this" which is available on itunes today as part of his charity fund raiser. He is such an awesome Dude...and so handsome! I about wet myself when he and Lenox Lewis had to go shopping for nail polish for the Back Street Boys! The search for Wheat Grass juice was even more odd. In case you find yourself in need of some Wheat Grass Juice....look here Barf!! Also, one of the BSB's (as Trace came to call them) also needed a knee brace for his poor twisted knee. Trace lamented that he had a stomach ache so bad one time but performed his concert anyway. He left right after the concert and had surgery to remove 18 inches of his colon! Now THAT was spoken like a true cowboy! Both of the finalists had awesome charities they were raising money for, and if your feeling the need, you can donate here It was truly a great season finale....and despite his crazy gotta love 'The Donald"! I, for one, cannot wait until next season! This show gets my competitive juices flowing, and if I was in a different place in my life, I would sure try to get on his show!

Until next time...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

buzz, bake & blog

Aaaaahhhhhh, that is the sound of a night at home! I had a client no show today so that gave me more time to be at home! I quickly stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few items that I needed to make my potluck dish for tomorrow. I'm making yummy pretzel jello salad that sounds really gross, but tastes really good! I ran back to the center, picked up the kids (my girls + Robert) and headed home. I was determined to get Brennan a much needed hair cut. Before... and after... So much better! After that, I was determined to give Robert a much needed hair cut! Before... and after... I am not sure why he looked so crazy in both of these photos...So much for the buzz part...Then, I was on to the baking part of the evening. My honey always complains when I make something yummy for work, but not something yummy for I also bought ingredients for homemade tollhouse cookies. (Not the kind in the tube) I was busy making my pretzel salad and asked the girls if they wanted to make cookies. Steph was watching the apprentice and Kristina was busy playing with Robert, so they both declined. Brennan yelled excitedly that he wanted to! The only problem is the only think my son really cooks is Ramon noodles. So, it was time for a cooking lesson. In no time at all he went from here... to here... His very first cookies! He did a great job! Done with the baking part. I sat down to blog when all of a sudden my family keeps saying...gee are there any clean clothes? And I keep saying, unless someone around here (besides me) has done some laundry, gee I don't think the laundry fairy has stopped, well, I guess no there aren't any clean clothes! So...I threw in some laundry...while they were washing I found time to blog :)
Finally, two random photos to share...when I got home, this poor Robin was sitting in our tree in the backyard in the snow probably wondering where he went wrong in his migration pattern. It was about 4:30 in the afternoon and yes the sky was really that gloomy. I mean please, for the love of all that's good, could we pullleeeeeze get some sun shine?!? At least more than 1 day out of every 7....oh yeah, and please by all means make sure it snows on the 6 days the sun isn't shining ok? Great! Oh wait, that's the weather we have, not the weather I want! I don't want to freak out all the environmentalists, but really, there is no evidence of global warming here in Northern Illinois, where it seems we will have winter perhaps until the middle of May. All right, enough about the weather. Here's my final shot to brighten your day! Evidently he was a bit excited about the red eye reduction flash!
Until next time...


There is something to be said for working hard. At the end of yesterday I had worked 45 hours this week. Sometimes when I am on my way home, I just feel wiped, but not last night. Last night I just had that great feeling of accomplishment, that I am well on my way, and that yes I love my life! Even despite the craziness it sometimes brings with it. I love that the class I teach on Wed. nights has a great group of ladies in it. We have great discussions and debates and at times they even ask for research data to support what I'm saying. Gotta love that! I am always up to proving a point you know, and if it makes someone a better provider for children, then that is even better.

After class I ran to pick up the kids at a movie. They are having a great spring break. The girls have been volunteering at the center and Brennan has gotten in a lot of R&R. They all went to see Road Trip last night.

I have been working super hard at work to get caught up and am almost there. I hope to get my office cleaned out a bit and to take some things home to start preparing for my departure. I have two meetings next week to meet my new clients at my new internship. That will be exciting I hope. I believe there are a lot of learning opportunities there. I can't wait!

Finally, the latest blog news. I am looking for blogs that classrooms have set up. If you know of any good ones, please post a comment with the blog address. AND, if you could take a minute...please vote for my blog on Blogger's choice awards. There's a link to the right. You just have to sign up (which is easy), click on the confirmation email, and then you can vote! It's that simple! When you go to Blogger's choice, there are a zillion blogs in different categories. Check out a few new ones! I did and really found a few that I liked. I added a link to Blogtations which includes some of the best blog quotes out there. Check that out too! Oh! And HEY! Look to the right...someone from Blogher wanted to advertise on my blog!!! How exciting! Ok, maybe you don't get excited about those things, but I sure do!

AND Idol....bye bye Chickeze....'nuf said!

Until next time...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The top 3

OK all you idol fans. The competition is heating up! I'm feeling a but unwilling to name the bottom 3 this week....but I can definitely name the top 3. Brooke, Michael Johns, David Cook. WOW!!!! Weren't they awesome last night? By the time I got home, I sure had a pounding headache. I managed to sit my butt in the recliner though and get through Idol before heading to bed. It was a great night. Kristie Lee was good, but still needs to go...Chikeze, not good at all, in fact Boring... and Syesha...she was great too. David Archiletta was so cute, and I really loved the song he chose and the performance, but the judges....well not so much. So, time will tell. I do think they are all very good this year and can't wait to see the tour. My hubby said last night that he wants to go too this year! That's gonna be so fun and I can't wait!

1st official driving lesson

Stephanie had her first official driving lesson last night. Let me back track a bit. Stephanie took the classroom part of her Drive Right course back in September. She had been a bit apprehensive though of driving with a 'stranger' (the Drive Right Instructor), so I hadn't scheduled her driving portion yet. (Oh yeah, and for those of you wondering, I did actually let her drive in the snowstorm last week and she did great! [whew]) Anyway...on Easter night at 8:45 this woman calls and says she's from Drive Right and wants to schedule Stephanie's driving time. She also said she would pick her up at home and where did we live? Hmmmmm....odd. This is not how I thought it would work. So I said to the you really work for Drive Right? Because don't you find it odd to be calling me at 8:45 on Easter night and wanting to pick my daughter up and not knowing our address? (You really can't be too cautious you know) -- To which she replied...I can call back tomorrow if you'd like. Ummmmmm, missed the point there I guess. So I said to her, really if you're from Drive Right you should have our address...Oh yeah, I do, it's...So I got her name and against my better judgement scheduled the lesson for Tuesday. I called Drive Right to ensure this person was in fact employed by them and that she was Stephanie's instructor. Yep, it all checked out. So...last night the lesson went well, she wasn't nervous to drive with a stranger after all. With about 20 minutes left of the lesson they were waiting to cross the street. There was a lot of traffic they were waiting for and there were cars waiting behind Steph too. As they were waiting, the car behind her decided to go (where I don't know) but promptly rear ended her! The instructor said, "Ummmmm, well this has never happened before!" Stephanie said it was an Asian lady that hit her and she kept saying, sorry, sorry! Stephanie was not hurt, but I think it might have been a learning experience and I am SOOOOOO glad I was not in the car! Stephanie's response was "Man, it was a really loud crash!" ....yep, same thing I thought the first time I got hit! Perhaps I have a bit of sympathy whiplash today cuz I have the stiffest neck in the whole world!

The two DJ's I listen to in the morning both have children learning to drive also and they said this morning...there's one word for parents of new drivers...Hair dye!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jonas Madness

Ok, so Jonas Brothers madness has struck our house again. The Chicago ticket presale is today, and although I hadn't committed before, I did let the obsessed one Stephanie join the fan club. The problem with that is...I suppose I'll be purchasing tickets again today. The good thing is, I actually have grown to like their music, so I guess attending yet another concert won't be a bad thing! I do not enjoy traveling to the Tweeter center because it is so far away from us and the traffic is usually nuts! I, of course, have traveled there to see Kenny twice ;) I guess the apple isn't falling too far from the tree huh? So, an update...despite our joining the fan club today, the site crashed repeatedly and by the time we were able to get in (2 1/2 hours after the sale had begun) they only had yucky tickets left. Yes, that is a technical 'concert' word...yucky. So, it looks like we're ebay shopping again! Oh and by the way, in case you're wondering, the presale tickets were on sale on ebay within 15 minutes of the sale starting. Gotta love free enterprise!

I have a crazy schedule this week...15 hours yesterday, 13 today, 15 tomorrow, 14 Thurs, and 16 Friday. I believe there will be serious napping on the agenda for the weekend. Since I have a 'short' day today, I hope to catch idol tonight. We were joking the other day about a few years ago how tired I'd be if I had to work a 12 or 13 hour day! Isn't it all about what you're used to? If I worked 9 I'd have to go home and take a nap! Now when I work 9 I go home, cook and clean and do 800 other things without feeling tired at all! After graduation, I hope to join a health club and use this built up stamina to lose some weight and get fit! If I could stop by there an hour after work, I'd still be working so much less than what I am used to!

One more thing...the weather...finally 55 today. And yes, I broke out the sandals, even without a pedicure! That is on the agenda for this weekend and am hoping to get all of us a hair cut and Stephanie and I some highlights! Hello Spring!

Until next time!

Monday, March 24, 2008

New Blog!

Hey all you friends of Anne Lambert! Check out her new for all the latest and greatest on our friend Anne!


This morning I must just reflect on the wonderful friends and family I have the privilege of sharing my life with! Really, who could ask for more? Certainly not me! A quick recap of the weekend...Friday night brought more pain in the butt beautiful snow. We had Robert over and had so much fun. He says Robert and now calls me Auntie instead of mama...he is learning a few words each day...he can run and jump now and is such a joy to spend time with! I post-poned scrap night until Sat, since a few friends ended up with conflicts and the weather was crummy. Saturday morning, I was up early to the Walmart...made all my Easter purchases and groceries for Easter dinner. I was happy to be there before the whole city turned out to complete their shopping. Kristina snow blowed the driveway so it would be clear for my scrap group. (Thankyou!) We worked on the house a bit and then Stephanie, Kevin, and I went to test drive a new van. They only had stripped down models which are not ok with me, but we did a test drive down what once was Alpine which is now more like a washboard to test the ride. AOK! We still want to drive an Odyssey and the Toyota Sienna before making our final choice. Perhaps we can get that done this weekend! Kristina and I were off to the mall where we found this super cute Easter Dress for her... It is so hard to find clothes for her, since she no longer fits girls sizes and really all the junior clothes are not for 12 year olds! Who thought Easter dresses should be sleeveless never lived in the midwest! After 4 stores we ended up at JCPenney where they had at least 5 dresses that she liked, they all fit her and they were all 50% off! With the sale price I was able to get her new brown flats to go with her new dress...too cute! Kristina died the eggs when we got home. We used a tiedye kit this year which was quite messy, but made cool eggs. The dye seeped through the shells a bit so when I made them into deviled eggs on Sunday...well let's just say they were colorful!

Saturday night...scrap night...9 of us in all and it was a great time! After everyone left, I told Kevin how I just feel so lucky to have such a great group of friends! We had baked potato bar, birthday cupcakes and lots of laughs. We even got a little work done! What a great time. Sunday morning I was up early to take care of Easter Bunny commitments. Kristina and I were off to church and then a Nap!! Yes a nap on Easter...since I had company the night before, I only had a little bit of picking up to do on Sunday to be ready! That made such a difference and it was so relaxing. Everyone arrived about 3:00, Shana, Aubrey, Ryan, Tim, and Deb...Gramma came later for dinner. My baby Aubrey just couldn't have been any cuter! with her chunky legs and be sure to check out the shoes...OMG! Talk about cute! She says her name now...which is just darling. Tim brought Guitar Hero which [gasp] I had never seen before...looks like fun and perhaps we'll need to purchase that in the near future. So the house was filled with Rock & Roll, laughter, kids, and family...what a good time! The kids all enjoyed the Easter Egg hunt, and I enjoyed that Tim Shana and Kevin hid the eggs! My little Aubrey had to get a head start on her egg hunt before the big kids joined in! My ham turned out perfectly (if I don't say so myself!) and Tim and Deb brought yummy Baker's Square pies for dessert! Finally, at 10:00 we had to call it quits as Tim and Deb still had to drive home to Kenosha. The 3 -4 inches of snow we were expecting ended up being only a dusting...and I am ready to take on another busy week! Hope you had a wonderful Easter too!

Until next time...

Friday, March 21, 2008

Moderated Comments

I just wanted to post quickly that I have added comment moderation to my blog. Unfortunately, I got a virus/spam comment posted on my blog yesterday. I have reported it to blogger. If you read my comments, do not open the comment from Kaghan...where it says look here or here. I have a great virus scan that promptly deleted it from my computer. So...please don't think I am monitoring what those I love have to say...but unfortunately, I do have to monitor what strangers do. :(

Jammies, Snow, and Prayers

Firstly, on a somber note, Denine Anderson's Father-n-law passed away suddenly yesterday, from complications from lung cancer...please keep her family in your prayers this Easter weekend.

AND, did you all enjoy waking up to the blizzard today, cuz I for one, did not. Although we're expecting 6 - 9 I surely hope it melts quickly. At least it was warm before it snowed, so the ground is warm.

So...last night my MIL and I worked and worked on my house. ALL of the scrap stuff is moved upstairs [HOORAY!] and although it isn't perfect, it is all sorted, and more organized than it has been in forever. I still need to go through my desk drawers and sort that stuff, and still need some more advice from Sarah on how to organize further, but I am very excited at what I have accomplished so far! Tomorrow I do plan to work in there some more and get my two walls painted. I only have a few more things to buy for organization (which I will do next payday) and then I think this long awaited project will be complete! OMG, I digress...anyway last night after a completely exhausting evening, I fell into bed at about 8:30 -- my husband came in to get ready for bed. He grabbed what he thought was his drag racing T-shirt to put on for bed. You should have seen the look on his face when he realized he had on my nightgown, complete with pink and blue flowered collar and sleeves and a big flowered heart on his chest! He looked so shocked and of course I just laid there cracking up!!! If only I could have grabbed the camera before he changed! I told him, man this is one for the blog for sure!! Unfortunately, he wouldn't pose for a picture :) I appreciate his good heartedness regarding the fact that every crazy event in our life is made public on my blog...bless his heart! I caught the tail end of the apprentice and can't wait to see the results of this week's task. I have it on TIVO and perhaps this weekend will get to watch the 1st half of the show too. Scrap night and Sarah and Anne's birthday party tonight at my house. The house isn't perfect, but the company will be good, and I have a lot of projects to work on! Until next time...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The bottom 3

Ok, yes, thanks for the accolades...Since I did, in fact, pick the bottom 3 on idol last night!! I was REALLY glad that Amanda went home. Since we are planning to see the idol tour again this year, I surely did NOT want to see her. She is so awful! It also made me happy because Amanda was 'vote for the's pick. So it's nice to see that they are having little to no impact on the show this year (as it should be!) I truly didn't think that anyone did a great job this week although David Archiletta was a lot better than he has been. And really, could he be any cuter? So, once Kristy and Carly go home, the real competition will begin. I can't wait!


I sure feel as if I'm suffering from overload....the good new is, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yesterday I was not feeling well, as the fibromyalgia had really acted up the night before. I took a short nap at work and then found myself feeling much better. About 11:00 my friend asked me, now what time are you leaving for you meeting? I said, gee, I don't think I'm going, I just don't feel well. A few minutes later I checked my calendar and realized I had to do a presentation on Autism for the staff! 45 minutes! So, I quickly burned a CD, borrowed a laptop, and was off. I arrived, ran copies of my packets and was ready to do my presentation at 12:00. (I am sure that qualifies for something in the Guinness Book of World Records!) The presentation went well and I got some nice compliments from my supervisors supervisor. That was nice. I returned to work and later in the day was putting some finishing touches on the presentation I had to do last night for class. I was checking the dates for the class one last time and realized I was preparing to teach the wrong class. hour before I was supposed to be there, I wrote the class I was actually supposed to be teaching! all came off without a hitch, but geeeez. Just a bit too much stress for me. I have set a goal to catch up my notes and reports to finish up my internship. I surely want to leave with all my work in order :) I am done exactly 6 weeks from today. It sure seems hard to believe! I'll have 4 weeks off (although I do plan to attend a few groups to 'get my feet wet' so to speak), but there won't be any have tos.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Sarah!

I just wanted to take a minute to wish my friend Sarah a Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Vermin, panic, and other unrelated topics

I was busy moving my scrap desk last night (which is all moved upstairs by the way), when I started not feeling well. I continued to push myself to finish even though I was feeling more and more shaky. I ate dinner, but that didn't help. I just kept working. Finally, I couldn't go anymore...I was having a panic attack for no apparent reason. I am grateful that I recognize them in the early stages now before I end up in the ER because I can't breath or slow my heart down. Anyway, I thought it best to call it a night and go to bed. Just as I was beginning to relax, 3 long blood curdling screams came from Kristina's bedroom. Her Dad remained calmly in bed. I asked, "Gee, would you like to see what that's about?" (Since she tends to be a little dramatic, we typically don't get too alarmed at blood curdling screams) She ran upstairs for dear life, shaking and crying! Evidently, as she was getting ready for bed and was adjusting her blankets just right, a mouse ran out of her bed!! Of course, her Dad was on a mission, he sure chased that mouse around her room (Yuck, Gross, etc.) But wasn't able to catch him. So...he set a trap last night, and I am pleased to report the mouse issue has been 'laid to rest' so to speak, this morning. I would also like to note that the whole time this was going on, our fat cat was laying in our bed with a rather disgruntled look on his face. It seemed as if we were disturbing his R&R with all of our commotion! I told him, "Don't get up...we'll take care of it!" as he lounged peacefully.

We have had mice in our garage over the winter, which I haven't appreciated either, and I figured it was a matter of time before one got in. (And it better have been only one!) So, of course, now comes the task of cleaning her room. I have a 15 hour day scheduled today so the deep cleaning will have to be tomorrow's task. Stephanie and Kristina had a sleep over in Steph's room, so finally we were all able to get some sleep. Pardon the pun but there was quite a bit of Ruchus at the Ruch's last night!

Oh, I guess I should also mention that I sent the girls to girl scouts last night, except there was no girl scouts. Surely, the church bulletin said there was scouts last night, but the church was empty. Kristina said, "I didn't think we had them tonight." So I asked her, well why didn't you tell me that? To which she replied, "Well, cuz you're usually right." OK, Did you hear what I just said? My 12 year old said that I, Me, Moi, am usually right! That's one for the baby book right there! (And for me to keep tucked away in the back of my mind for all those times she tells me I'm wrong:)

Until next time...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's definitely not pretty!

Remember that beautiful lovely snow? Ah yes, well now it looks like this....
Ewwwww! Along with that, the streets are not pretty either. Our poor roads are so ridden with pot holes, you wonder if there is any street left. I had the pleasure (NOT!) of driving on Alpine yesterday...and this is today's result... A lovely flateness to my tire! Although the city claims that the holes on the main roads are filled, I must disagree! So...the potholes won for today and left me with this. Yes, here's where the husband comes in...I called him at 6:45 (brave of me since he's usually still asleep) and he said that he would bring over the air tank and fix the tire! Gotta love him! Gotta hate potholes!

Until next time...

Progress not perfection...

I did it! I came home last night and kept on going...just call me the energizer bunny! (no wait, Easter isn't til Sunday...) You ever get that feeling that if you sit down it's all over? That was me last night....I got home a bit earlier than planned since I had one appointment cancel. My son graciously did 3 loads of dishes (yes we were a bit behind) -- I did 4 loads of laundry (and watched Y&R while folding) AND worked on my scrap space...I got part of my desk moved and then sat for a minute to chat with hubby...and yes, then it was all over. It was 10:05 by the time I finally sat I thought it was ok. It was one of those nights that I could have worked til 1 or 2 in the morning had I not had to get up at 5. I gratefully have no clients I'll be home at 3:30---and can get in a good 6 - 7 hours of housework! Hooray. I found myself very close to letting these words come out of my mouth last !! AGGGGHHHHH! Ummmm, for real? Those words did not leave my lips...but I sure felt it and then I corrected myself and muttered....I love the house when it's clean, but certainly not the cleaning. Spring fever must have nearly overcome me last night for me to even think that thought! Here's hoping it stays with me tonight! My mother in law is coming to help perhaps finally tomorrow I can post scrap room pictures. I am so excited about the fabulousness of it all! Just wait til you see it!

Until next time...

Monday, March 17, 2008

The big to do...

So, Friday is scrap night at my house...I changed it from Saturday to Friday, evidently thinking I needed no time to prepare....odd thought wasn't it? So, after checking my calendar it appears I have 6 hours between now and then that aren't scheduled. Gee, what will I do with all that time? AAAGGGGHHHHH!!!! So, today I begged my MIL to please help me clean. But, the rest is up to me...I still have to get my desk moved upstairs. I have all my totes in place in my new scrape space...but really nothing sorted or put away. Today, I have only a 12 hour day on the books, and then I MUST, MUST, MUST...not lay down when I get home, but instead do laundry and work on the house. Better eat my wheaties! I did get up a half hour early today and folded two loads of laundry and washed another one, so that is a start. I tried to finish reading the paper last night but dozed off. I got through the sale ads and of course, that's what counts!

The exciting news is that my husband said last night...should we trade the truck in on your new van? What? Did I hear you correctly? Gee, why didn't I ever think of that brilliant idea? After he said that though, I felt a bit sad...and so did Kristina -- she was little teary in fact. She said, we have too many good memories in our truck to sell it. (Now there's a girl after my own heart!) True enough...that truck is by far the nicest vehicle we ever owned...and yes we do own it (no payments!!! hooray!) but it is at 120k and it's 8 years old, so maybe he's right. We have had the best family vacations in that truck, and birthday party excursions, and scrapbooking trips, and work road trips, and moving this and that from here to there...but alas... this may be able to change my mind! Seats seven, lots of luggage room, 3 sunroofs, built in GPS, TV's, and IPOD compatible :) Mostly what I love about it is this... You know I need a lot of sunshine and the Quest delivers! So perhaps this weekend we can cram in some car shopping. I told Kevin yesterday that NOW is the time to test drive a car to check the ride...since the streets have NEVER been worse, it is a great time to gauge performance!
Until next time...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Holy Week

Today marks the beginning of Holy Week for the Christian Faith. We had such an awesome sermon at church today, I thought I'd share a bit with you...may you be inspired!

My morning started off with this precious 6:15 in the morning...what a joyous happy face to share your day with! I told Kevin today that I am so glad she lives close, cuz Shana and Cassie lived far away when they were babies, and that was so hard. It is still tough that Gabe and baby Dylan live far away...but we still cherish our time together. We'll be heading to baby Dylan's first bday in just a few weeks...but I digress...After Aubrey's arrival, we played for a bit and watched one episode of the Young and the Restless. Evidently she's a lot like Kevin cuz she was soundly sleeping after that! We snuggled in Kristina's cozy bed for a morning nap. When she woke up she was cracking me up! She plays peek-a-boo, says oh boy!, uh oh, all gone, and still 85,000 words in baby that I can't yet understand. But she makes me laugh and it was a great way to start the day. We were off to church. The sermon was on Paul's Pattern for Success (copyright Dr. Rev. William Kerr) so as not to steal his material you know :) -- 1) Evaluate...inventory where you are & what needs to be improved. (Prov 28:13) 2) Eliminate...let go of your past and stop being manipulated by your memories. (Isaiah 48.13) To forget: your failures AND your success-- learn from them then let them go. 3) Concentrate- focus on the future...successful people are goal oriented. Do not suffer from 'fragmentosis'.. or being spread out too thin. 4) Determine: No matter what happens be persistent. What's important to know here is that less than 5% of Americans have a written goal. Do you? Next...How to be a persistent person.... 1) Fight to the finish... man am I living that right now! 2) Keep a teachable heart and 3) Be persistent...just do it. God, through his promises...tells us 1) Let us not grow weary of doing good for we will reap a harvest if we don't give up (thanks for letting me hear that today!) 2) God, who began a good work in you, will carry on into completion. What God starts...God finishes. And two closing thoughts...Nothing, absolutely nothing worthwhile happens without effort. If you are can be assured, your going down hill. OMG...can you even believe all that great information in one sermon? I believe I may need to get today's sermon on CD to reference when I am for sure feeling like quiting!! Pastor Kerr said Quit is a loser word, and then made a big L on his forehead with his hand. He cracks me up! The church was beautiful today. I love when the crosses are draped in purple... So pretty... Also today, we had a baptism. I was just thinking the other day, that is had been a long time since a baby had been baptized at my church. Well today, the candle was litwhich indicates that we had a baptism (or that someone has gone to be with God) but in this case it was a precious baby girl being Baptised. I always cry of course when the congregation quietly sings 'Jesus loves me' as Pastor Kerr is performing the ceremony. So beautiful. Finally, today was Palm we each got to take a palm leaf home. Kristina asked me what Palm Sunday was and as I was explaining how the people waved their palm branches at Jesus as he rode in on the mule...Aubrey began her own little palm waving in the back seat... (Hey Mom, don't you love that!?!)

After church we went out for a really yummy brunch -- it was so nice, because I really don't have a chance to do that often with such a big to do list...but today, the list waited and I enjoyed time with my family and the baby girl...I snuck in a quick nap when we got home. Shana came to pick up Aubrey sporting her new short hair cut! It's really cute, and I bet she will like it so much this summer! It's always nice to see her too, and we're busy planning Easter. Hard to believe it's a week away! After that we went to help Gramma move some furniture. Steph had her final performance today and then set tear down. We picked Brennan up from his tournament, and Stephanie from school and headed back to church for the 'Project Serve' spaghetti supper. The youth are earning money for their summer trip to go to Navajo Nation to help the Native Americans work on their reservation. A group from our church went last summer and today they had a lot of pictures posted of the work they did last year. I think this would be such a great opportunity for my kids...but time will tell if they feel the need to go. Brennan wasn't exactly about helping to serve dinner tonight, so I talked to him calmly and quietly about the importance of service, knowing he would choose to do the right thing....he still refused to being the kind, gentle parent that I am...I quietly whispered in his help me son, if you don't help tonight you will not go to a tournament for a month! With his renewed giving heart ;) he sure did offer to help! But, they had everything covered so he lucked out. (Now you know that I am going to have a talk with the youth pastor so that in the future if he offers to help...let's find him something to do, cuz it may be a once in a lifetime event you know!) It was a wonderful weekend even though the todo list remains largely undone. I have a lot to do this week with scrap night Friday night. Maundy Thursday on Thursday (of course) and Easter on Sunday...Better get some laundry in and get in bed...ready to start a great week!

Until next time...

Great night!

We had a great night, the food was great, the company great, the production great! It was all great! We all ended up eating together at a restaurant including Zoe and Jason...We ate at Angelo's our new favorite place...the kids all had cheese pizza, except Kristina who had lasagna and Kevin and I enjoyed Prime Rib and Au Gratin's for $13! It was so yummy! After that we were off to the play. First of all, Zoe and Jason were perfect! At 4 years old, so many people around us commented on how amazingly well behaved they were. We were fortunate that we had front row tickets (although they were on the side) so the little ones didn't have anyone to look over or around, and there was lots of singing, dancing and scenery changes to hold their attention. Harlem productions are always great and I never am disappointed! For $3 really, it can't be beat! The star of the show Izzy Flores, was amazing...her voice was great all night with every note on tune. Everyone's acting was terrific. The directors of the show Mr. and Mrs. Cain, will retire after next year, which I find so sad. They will definitely be a tough act to follow. Of course I am always overcome with pride when I see my daughter perform...she did a great job...look at that superstar smile! Angie let me know that Zoe had 104 temp when she got home....poor baby! I kept asking her if she felt ok, and she said she was just tired. At 10:00 she still chose to go to DQ for a quick cup of ice cream. Who can resist that when you're burning up with fever?!? Poor baby...she was really a trooper...hopefully she's all better today.
At DQ when Stephanie was sitting at the table with 20 of her closest friends...of course her Dad felt the need to share his latest blonde jokes with her friends...her face was beat red before I caught on to what was happening and ran over there to run him off! So crazy...she'll probably be on Oprah some day, recovering from the trauma of her Dad's terrible jokes!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Date Night

Tonight we're having date night...I have a date with my favorite people...Kevin, Stephanie, Brennan, Kristina, Zoe and Jason! Pizza for the kids and prime rib for us...then we are off to see Stephanie's musical. Photos and more on that tomorrow

Sarah and I went shopping today and I bought just about everything I need for my scrap room. I still want to get two quarts of paint and one more cube for my scrap desk. But we have gotten so much accomplished! I can't wait to get it done and to get my new computer set up. This has been such a long time process, I just can't believe it's near completion.

I have the baby girl Aubrey at 6:30 AM tomorrow! Church and then scrap room work. I also really need to get a lot of cleaning done, but other than that the agenda is clear. Stephanie has her final performance of Hello Dolly.

Look for many pictures tomorrow of this weekends accomplishments!

Until next time...

Friday, March 14, 2008



6AM work...
9AM mammogram
10AM work...
3PM Home to make dinner
5:00 Facilitate support group
7:30 Stephanie's school to take pictures of musical cast
9:00 Waiting at School to pick up Stephanie
9:30 Still waiting at school to pick up Stephanie
9:45 Still waiting...most everyone is gone except 3 - 4 parents
9:50 Realized forgot cell phone tried to use payphone @ school to reach Steph- payphone doesn't work
10:00 Drove to gas station to use pay phone
10:05 Called home using pay phone; Stephanie answered and said I'm home...where are you?
{insert note here...evidently her Dad picked her up, took her home and didn't bother to tell me, so there I sat)
10:10 As the steam poured out my ears...I drove home, put in some laundry, and went to bed.

Until next time...

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I almost forgot! I was on the way home with my son last night and somehow we got on the subject of age. He was saying something that they talked about in school that happened in the 80's and then said..."Mom, you were alive in the 80's right?" "Ummmm, yup, and the 70's, and the 60's" "What?!?! He said, the 60's! That would make you 40 something and I thought you were 20 something" Gee Brennan, let me pull over and do a dance around the car!! "No, my sweetest, most favorite son! I am surely not in my 20's, as my daughter is really was I 7 when I had her? Oh, he replied, I guess that doesn't make much sense does it. "So Mom, how old are you then?" Uh really I'm 23 :) Ok, you got me, I'm actually 27. No? Ok, how bout 41? "41?!?! You don't look nearly 41" Ok, fess up, who paid him to say those things? Whoever it was, thanks for making my day!

A dose of independence

Yes my 12 year old is now in full blown adolescence. She and her Dad have had a few disagreements lately and she is still a bit angry with him. I suggested to Dad perhaps a session or two with our family therapist would help. OK he I scheduled an appointment for the both of them. As I told Kristina this last night, her usual 12 year old pout came over her face and she replied, "What? You didn't ask me first? Then I'm not going!" OK, I said, that's certainly up to you...(a good dose of Parenting with Love and Logic never hurt anyone you know!) and the pout continued. In case I didn't hear her the first time (and probably wondering why I didn't argue with her), she said it again..."I'm not going!" To which I replied, "OK, love you...see you in the morning" Time will tell on this one, but it's sure nice to know she is exerting her independence right on schedule :)

Hello Dolly, Well hello Dolly...yes, that song is surely stuck in my head. Stephanie has her musical this weekend with the last 3 1/2 hour dress rehearsal tonight (the forth one this week!) She was quite sleepy this morning and it is obvious that it is catching up to her. Of course in addition to the rehearsals, she's had a ton of homework this week, so some nights she's gotten home at 9:45 and still had homework to do. Tomorrow, Grandma will go, then I will go Saturday, and Dad will go she'll have someone at every show. The show is at HHS, if you are interested in going. I think tickets are $5-- Friday and Saturday are at 7:00 and Sunday matinee at 1:00. There productions are really great. Perhaps I'll see you there!

Finally the snow is melting...the foot thick chunk of ice at the end of my driveway is finally gone, but it sure is a time of year when everything looks a bit ugly :( Soon, it will be beautiful...I just need a bit of sure was a rough winter...I hope that the potholes get filled soon before my suspension is shot!

Yesterday, my daughter had a threat at her school, written on a note found in the bathroom. The note compared the NIU event to what would happen at HHS on 3/27. The only glitch is there is no school on 3/27. It is sad that kids are so disturbed as to write threats such as these. The school was abuzz with police officers and news cameras :( It feels like anywhere you send your child is risky...that is where faith comes in. In church last week, Dr. Bill emphasized the importance of daily prayer. I have had a renewed effort this week to pray for those I love (and the list is long) -- but I've done pretty good with it this week. Sadly, I had gotten out of the habit of praying for my children. Kids today need a lot of support to get through the craziness and parents that love them despite their craziness. So, I pray.

Today, I have a mammogram, 18,000 errands to run, a group to facilitate tonight, and homework to do. If time allows, perhaps working on my scrap space....sounds iffy at best. I was surely going to do it last night, but laid down for a brief [or really a 2 1/2 hour] nap, and that was up in time to see David Hernandez get voted off idol, and really was a bit surprised. Yes he didn't do well this week, but really did people like the square dance version of 8 days a week better? Evidently! I think sometimes the girls' cuteness carries them through when their music isn't so good! The best part of Idol this season is by far...TIVO!!! No commercials, no watching the endless chatter when I don't feel like it, and no watching them sings songs again that weren't good the first time!

Have a great Thursday!

Until next time...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Some must go...

Last night was a defining moment for me with this season's American Idol. Although I have loved Kristy Lee Cook, I do not believe she can be forgiven for that square dancing version of whatever it was she sang last night! There's only one word to describe it....Awful!!!! Bye Bye Kristy Shyesha-- same story....boring! I truly believe that Carly and Amanda BOTH need to go home tonight...they could not be any worse, and I'm sure both of my daughters (and my husband) probably even my dog...can howl out a tune better than they can.

Now for the guys...Chikeze....bye husband liked him....I did not. David Cook was not impressive last night at all. I had to appreciate David Archuletta forgetting the lyrics multiple times...(perhaps he thought he was on don't forget the lyrics!) But he still must stay....So....these are my picks... I believe the final two should be... Yes, Brooke and Michael...that's my call. I didn't think Michael was particularly great last night, but Brooke...amazing!

OK, now for the funny comment from the Ruchus...After we watched the show, Kristina said, "I didn't really like the boy with the knots. He should go." So, that is our new name for Jason... The boy with the knots! Gotta love it!
Until next time...