Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The world of technical difficulties

Ah yes...the world of computer madness. After my 14 hour day yesterday, I thought I'd go home and have a wrestling match with my PC....Well, the PC won. After quite the struggle to get it to post pictures. After my 14 hour day today, I'll see if I have any patience left to fight with it again tonight. On Thursday, ATT is upgrading my DSL so it will be twice as as the last resort, I'll wait til Thursday to finally get the pictures up from the weekend.

Kristina..."Mom, have you ever had a polaroid shot?"

"Well, Gee I don't think you mean Polio shot?"

"Yes, that's it...Polio shot, have you had one of those?"

"Sure" said I, "And so have you, the whole series"

"Nooooooo, I'm too young for that, even Mr. Ash hasn't had it."

"Ummmmm, yes, you had them when you were a baby."

"Well, I don't have a scar from it."

"Oh, you mean a small pox vaccine...Yes, I've had one and No, you have not."

"Well then, where's your scar?"

"Right here"" (Showing her the barely visible disc shaped scar on my left shoulder)

"No Mom, that is not it, it's Polaroid, or Polio or something like is not SmallPox"

"Umm yes, I'm pretty sure that's what you're talking about"

The precious one let out a long sigh, and I believe rolled her eyes a bit at my stupidity before saying...."Nevermind..."

Until next time...

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Catherine said...

Like this dialog. Very true! I get the same somtimes at home.